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Sony NWZ-W263 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2013 16:40
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      Great bit of technology which takes your swimming to another level.

      *Why Did I Buy*

      As part of my summer fitness regime I've started going swimming for a hour 6 days a week. Now swimming is a great form of exercise, and for the first few weeks is mightily fun, but the monotony of doing lengths does take its toll after a while. It becomes like running long distances, jut a little samey and boring. Fortunately there are now solutions to this problem with a range of waterproof mp3 players being introduced into the market.

      *About the Mp3*

      My inspiration buy one came from the gadget show, in which they reviewed 3 different waterproof mp3 players. The Sony NWZ W273 came out on top and convinced me this was the one to buy. I only got around to buying it around a week ago and have used it 5 times since. Sony have 2 models of waterproof mp3, the w273 and the w272. The 273 is the higher model I purchased and boasts 4gb of memory compared to the 2gb the other model has.


      This mp3 comes in a range of colours, I chose the all white version as it was cheapest for some reason at £41.99. The Sony mp3 is wireless which means the mp3 is on the headphone, it doesn't need to be strapped to your goggles or anything fancy like that like some of the other mp3s on the market do.

      The device is very slim line which it needs to be prevent it moving in the ear whilst swimming. The earpieces sit right inside the ear and effectively create a water seal to improve the crispness of the sound. They fit my ears really well which is lucky, as I could imagine they may not be as effective on some other peoples ears which may cause issues.

      *Sound Quality*

      The sound quality outside of the water is quiet which is a shame as I'd have liked to use it when running in the gym. But under the water the mp3 really comes to life. The tranquillity under the water means the mp3 seems a lot louder, you can still slightly hear the water around you when swimming but that's quite a comforting feeling. The music level is decent enough on full volume, it would be nicer if it went a bit louder, just so you had the option, but its certainly functional and brilliant to overcome the boredom of lengths.

      *Upload and Controls*

      Putting songs on from the PC is really really easy, plug and upload and your away, same as most mp3's. The controls on the mp3 are very simple to use, switch it on and change tracks up and down with two buttons and volume with two buttons. There is no menu or screen to confuse you or to go wrong in the water.


      This really is a great idea and if you are a keen swimmer its definitely something to consider if you get a little bored at times. If it can keep you fitter and enjoying your swimming then I only see it as a positive. Really love this mp3 and would count it as one of my best purchases to date.


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