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Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 16 GB

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    4 Reviews
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      02.11.2012 16:25
      Not Helpful


      • Reliability


      A good mp3

      I've always used Walkmans, and when I knew that I needed one with more space I saw this and bought it. 16gb first of all is a really good size, but only really if you're mainly about music. I have almost filled mine with a over a thousand songs and about five videos under five minutes.

      I'm the sort of person who goes for sound quality when buying an mp3, and will buy one not just because of the mp3 sound quality but because of the headphones too. The headphones that come with the mp3 are of quality and have a significant programme on the mp3 which also adds another noise cancelling feature.

      The product is about music more than anything although the video quality is pretty good too. I believe the amoled screen makes the picture really clear and so good to watch things like ten minute shorts. I have watched films on my Walkman and although the screen is a tad on the small it is really nice to watch. The radio is also pretty nifty and useful too.

      The only niggles I've had is that after a day the player turns itself off, and I've got no problem with this. But whenever I turn it back on it forgets what song you were listening to and starts back up to the first song in your music library. The battery as well lasts long enough but could be a little better but the high quality of the screen pulls it down a little.

      Other than this, the NWZ-A845 is a brilliant music player. And if you care about music and sound quality above anything then this is the mp3 for you.


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      11.09.2011 18:42
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      THE mp3 player for sound quality!

      For my daily commute on the Tube a MP3 player is a MUST! I owned the old Sony Walkman and was extremely happy with it, but after a few years of constant use and the 8GB capacity was full I upgraded to the newer 16GB version.

      These retail for around £130, so not the cheapest, but for the quality of the item you get it is worth it!

      The player is thin but quite long, with a very large clear screen. Big enough to watch music videos but I wouldn't attempt to watch anything more. The casing is a matt black with the silver coloured buttons. It has a quality feel with very little plastic. It looks very stylish.

      The 16GB is enough to store hundreds of albums with no reduction in the quality.

      It does come with a FM radio, but I have never used it as you don't get very good reception in the Tube!

      You can store photos on there, its good to keep some of your favourite pictures of your kids on you, with a brilliant resolution screen you can view in good quality.

      When it comes to music, I have never found as good a quality sound from any other player I have used. The sound is crisp and clear, you have a good range of settings to fit the music style you listen to.

      When the music is being played back, you can display the album art, which I love as that is something you miss with mp3 vs CD's.

      The headphones that come with the player are excellent & provide crystal clear sound. It also has noise cancelling technology which is brilliant if you listen to music in noisy environments i.e. the Tube, it cancels out the sound around you. Not for use when you need to hear other sound, i.e. cycling etc.

      I am extremely happy with this player, I could never go back to Apple!


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        22.06.2011 10:05
        Very helpful



        If you want the best sound quality in music, you should have this one

        When I decided to buy a MP3 Player, the first features that the MP3 must have is the high quality of sound. I like listening to musics so much. So, there must have an excellent quality of sound. I've tried the Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 16 GB. It is in OLED screen. Well of course, the sound quality is excellent! It emphasizes high tones and mid range in its default state, but you can change the equalizer settings to your liking or choose from a selection of presets as you wish.

        One of the features that I like is the noise-cancellation. The cancellation profiles that are available is plane, office and bus. For the bus and plane, it works well, it mute the familiar engine rumble and replace it with eerie electronic silence, but in the office, it still can't eliminate sound of the squeaking of chairs or the click-clack of keyboards , which are very noticeable in the otherworldly silence.

        But if you want to use the noise-cancellation features, you must use the bundled EX ear-buds. It has to be insert deep into the ear, some users won't like this, but they must use it if they want to feel that noise-cancellation features. For the other features, I feel that the the menu system is good, simple and easy to navigate. The other things that I'm not really satisfy is about the picture. The picture and video is actually looks good in this A-Series but the only picture format supported is JPEG. The bad part, I can't zoom into images.

        When it is plugged into a computer, the device can't be used for listening to music, watching video and browsing photos. It has no gap-less playback and it also forget the last song played before it was plugged in. But, the only way to charge this device is hitching it to a computer since it doesn't have AC adapter. The price is also a little bit costly.

        But for me, it still good, I still love it.


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        01.02.2011 01:36
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        This will make you proud


        I think it will be a great idea to get on with this review after considering what you expect from a real quality mp3 player both in terms of sound quality, features and whether it can take your low quality mp3 files to a level when you can wonder 'I never thought it could sound so good! It is accepted that the performance of medial player depends immensely on the quality of the headphones but if the basic input is not upto the mark what would a good pair of headphones do?

        I am generalizing all these features because with Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman you experience them all for sure. That's why it's so impressive and probably gives Apple iPod Nano a run for the money in the media player consumer market. The first and foremost plus of a real quality mp3 player is that it should not make you feel uncomfortable at even a very high volume, which implies very little or zero distortion. Its performance across the whole gamut of the audio spectrum must be consistent. Saying technically it should be eloquent through out the 20hz-20,000hz frequency range not doing injustice to any pocket of frequencies.

        If the technology and its execution of the mp3 media players are perfect then you can hear the singer taking a breath in between lines. If you are listening to an orchestra there will be no problem in identifying which instrument is coming to the for, at same the others instruments that are being played along side are distinct. Although not quite an example of real orchestra music if you listen to "Go South of the boarder" by the inimitable 50 guitars arranged by the great Tommy Garret in Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman the experience is mind-blowing, at least it had been like that for me.

        In a typical mp3 player the background music and the voice of the singer tend to coalesce but a quality mp3 stuff like Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman will make both distinct.

        In a super quality mp3 player like Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman you can even hear the sound of the impact of fingers and the strings of the guitar while changing chords.

        I am an ardent admirer of 'Pink Floyd', they have made a habit of dishing out quality songs. Whenever I think of this group the first album that comes into my mind is the 'Dark side of the Moon', to my mind their best ever creation But believe me when I heard "Gig in the sky" in Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman, it was whole new experience. Again you hear Ian Anderson's 'Jethro Tull', you will never have realized the breathing of Ian Anderson while playing the flute. I am quite sure that every body who loves classical music rendered in flute will immediately recognize Haripasad Chaurasia, listening to him in Sony NWZ-A845 Walkman had been a whole new experience for me and I realize what amount effort he puts in while playing the instrument, you can hear him breathing.

        I don't think Billy Joel and especially Elton John requires any introduction to any body. They are not only class vocalist but also great pianists. "She is always a woman to me" is to my mind one of the best Billy Joel numbers. I never realized such great equalization when the bass guitar and the piano goes, none over rides the other and when you here this number in Sony NWZ-A845, it's so euphonious.
        Listen to Elton John and fill that he is both banging and kissing his piano with his fingers as the emotion of the lyrics and tune require and the piano felt hammers hitting the strings, absolutely amazing.

        The Sony NWZ-A845 has been able to incorporate the surround effect so perfectly that it stands out as one of its most outstanding qualities. In this particular media player they have that technology nearly if not absolutely perfect, which speaks volumes of the incredible quality of Sony NWZ-A845. A comparison of Apple iPod nano and Sony NWZ-A845 is bound to crop up; infact the news that is buzzing in the media player market is that Sony NWZ-A845 has been launched to counter the Apple iPod nano. That's fine since healthy competition always benefits the consumer but what must be said is their technology is not really the same. But I would definitely say, comparing the default headphones of both these superb media players, Sony NWZ-A845 stays way ahead. The noise canceling is far better, I haven't tried Nano but I have tried Shuffle air-buds in buses, you can hardly hear the sound, but shuffle gave far better performance even with cheap Panasonic over-the ear heaphone with a noise canceler.

        Coming to point of poor quality of music files, it's only natural that the great "Beatles" performed during the early sixties and late seventies (mostly), there is no argument that quality of gadgets used during that period was vastly inferior to what it is being used now. It is true that extreme efforts have been taken to improve the quality of those immortal creations with recently available technologies. But to what extent can they be improved? Don't you think there is a question mark on that? But sometime ago I was listening to "Hey Jude" by the 'Beatles' and believe me it sounded pretty heartening as far as the quality of reproduction was concerned, the magic of Sony NWZ-A845?

        Better not talk about Brian Adams and his "Summer of 69", "Straight from heart" or "I do it for you", just put them on in Sony NWZ-A845 close your eyes, promise you will get blown.


        I think I will put Apple iPod Nano ahead of Sony NWZ-A845 in terms simplicity. No doubt the Sony NWZ-A845 is probably the best, both in terms of brightness and contrast, may not be that detailed with a 400x240 pixel resolution. But both photos and videos in the unit are rescaled without any hiccups and you can not really complain about the clarity.

        But the Sony NWZ-A845 interface is bit of a problem compared to the simplicity of Apple iPod nano is much friendlier than Sony NWZ-A845, not that navigating with Sony NWZ-A845 is difficult, but my point of contention is that nano is simpler to use and more friendly. You can not call Sony NWZ-A845 navigating parameters brilliant.


        Why don't you visit?
        http://www.tracyandmatt.co.uk/blogs/index.php/ sony-nwz-a845-walkman-unboxing-video/
        They have given it nicely and in detail:


        I must say that Sony does everything in great style, the presentation of the box is excellent, and unwrap it you get:

        *First of course the Sony NWZ-A845 (Flash memory 16GB)
        *Docking Adapter
        *3.5mm Audio input cable
        *Headphones (Noise cancelling ones)
        *Large and small extra ear buds.
        *Sync/charge USB 2.0
        *PC software

        And other stuffs like booklets get started (as they always do in different languages); Precaution booklet (gives you 'dos' and 'don'ts'). Then the Product Registration Info and how can they forget to give you their warranty information?

        MY LAST WORD:

        Well if video and music quality are what your priority, it's for you. Go for it blind folded but then if affordability is a factor, you may have second thoughts consider the nano:

        Apple iPod nano: £124 (rounded off)
        Sony NWZ-A845: £150 (rounded off)
        Thanks for reading.

        '''© roktimdutta, May, 2010
        Also on other sides under the same user name


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