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Sony Walkman NWZ-S638F/S 8 GB

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    3 Reviews
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      01.06.2010 21:08
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      There are so many benefits to this baby, I definitely recommend it!

      This generous Sony MP3 player allows you to hold hours of songs and videos, along with thousands of photos. I was sceptical about watching videos on it when I first bought it 2 years ago, and still am. Although the screen is a nice 2", you're better of watching a feature length film on a computer of tv. You tube type videos though (short ones) are safe, and the terrific sound quality also helps.

      The sound quality for this tiny baby is incredible. Before I went to Sony, I stuck with the Apple IPod's, and I can safely say Sony do a much better job at the quality of sound from their MP3's. You also do not have to worry about the battery life - it gives a generous +30hours of listening time, without the need to charge.

      The features are also great. For instance when you're tired, and need to be energised, you can simply skip to the automated play-list (done for you), on the MP3, entitled 'Up Beat'. There are also more "Sense-Me" play-lists, such as 'Classic', and 'Pop'.

      Unfortunately, there are downsides. Whereas on an Apple IPod, you can make your own play-lists on the MP3 player itself, Sony does not allow you to do this on this MP3, and to make play lists you have to do it on your own computer, and upload it later.

      However, this is a small fault to a relatively easy to use, and good quality MP3 player. I would definitely recommend it!


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        12.07.2009 20:19
        Very helpful



        One of the best there is

        I payed £87.99 for a 16gb model of this device from play.com. This is the second proper MP3/MP4 player I have owned after a Samsung YP-Z5. This device has the most memory of the two as well costing just over £10 less, but I would contribute that to the time difference in buying the devices. Sony MP3/MP4 players are well known for having a great sound quality that is superior to most other MP3 players. I quote this comment from a customer who bought the device from the play.com website 'I just laugh at my mate who bought a 16gb Nano and paid double, sound quality wipes the floor with it.' I agree with this comment, I-Pod are really nice to use but the Sony NWZ-S639F because of the headphones and many audio enhancers built in to the MP4 player it's sound quality is great.


        The MP4 player is surprisingly light, its slightly bigger than some MP3/MP4 players but is quite light, only weighing 64 grams.


        * Screen Size (inch): 2
        * Width (mm) : 42.9
        * Height (mm): 89.5
        * Depth (mm): 7.5

        The screen of the MP4 player is 2 inches from corner to corner which is a great size for watching videos and displaying images.The width and depth of the device make it a comfortable fit in your hand for using. The interface of the device is very simple so you can pretty much pick it up and use it without reading any instructions. The nine things on the Home screen are all things you will be using most often and so the most suitable shortcuts to put there. I particularly like the Album search screen (as long a you have the option set to album art only) as it just displays the Album arts in alphabetical order and looks very nice.


        The device can play/display many file types on pictures, music and video:

        * MP3
        * WMA (Non-DRM)
        * AAC-LC (Non-DRM)
        * Linear PCM
        * JPEG
        * MP4
        * AVC (H.264/AVC)
        * MPEG-4
        * WMV 9

        To get videos into a file format that will play on the Sony NWZ-S639F use this program called tubetilla.


        The device has the following features built in:

        * Repeat (after finishing a song either plays it again or re-plays the album once it has finished; depending on which option you choose)
        * Shuffle (shuffles all the music on your device randomly or via the Time Machine shuffle which picks a random year and plays any songs you have that were released in that year)
        * LCD back-lit (watch videos in darkened areas)
        * Hold (stops you accidentally pressing buttons when you have the MP4 player in your pocket for example)
        * DSEE
        * Clear Stereo
        * VPT Surround (alter the sound so it sounds lie it is being played in either a studio, a club, live, an arena with a matrix effect or in karaoke situations which does not work perfectly)
        * Theme Settings (10 themes of all different colours)
        * Wallpaper Settings (set your own Wallpaper from any image you have on your device)
        * Sens Me channels (scans your music and puts it in a suitable category)
        * FM Radio (enter up to 30 presets either manually, via scanning or both)
        * Noise Cancelling

        Most of the features are to enhance the sound quality which they do, depending on the type of music you listen to you can change different parts of the equaliser to make it sound the best it can. The FM Radio works very well, if you have a Radio receiver for a Walkman Mobile you will get that kind of quality of sound and signal which for such a small device I think is very good. The back lit LCD can be very bright so this device is suitable to be used outside or inside. If you have a good background that matches one of the themes (I have a silhouette of Slash on an orange background which looks great with the orange theme on the Device), the background for your MP4 player looks great. I would like to comment that the Noise Cancelling feature on this device works amazingly. What it does is try and block out any exterior noise so you can only hear your music. The best example of the Noise Cancelling working for me is at a football match, I was in a stand with five thousand people and chatting or cheering and put my headphones in both ears and listened to music on volume 18(/30) and could not hear any exterior noise.

        I do not own any accessories for this MP4 player at the moment, however inside the box I received the item in there is a small booklet of all the accessories that can be bought for this device. You can buy:

        * Speakers (A speaker that connects to the USB port of the device)
        * Bluetooth Sender (A Bluetooth sender that plugs in to the devices USB port and sends the music via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth enabled speaker; bluetooth headphones can also be bought)
        * Charger (A 5v charger that you connect your MP4 player to via the USB connection and then plug into your Mains supply to charge)
        * Many Silicone and Plastic cases and armbands (for protecting and holding your device)
        * Car Charger (for charging it in the car)
        * Cradle (for holding your device in and upright while connected to a USB port)

        With the device you get:

        * MDR-EX082 headphones with three interchangeable ear pieces (either Small/Medium/Large)
        * USB Cable (for connection to Computer or Sony mains Charger)
        * Media Manager for Walkman (Only really needed for pictures so you get a Thumbnail for them, Windows Media Player and drag and drop can used for Music and Videos)

        Bad Things

        When trying to charge this device it will only appear to do so when connected to a Computer or into the mains via the actual Sony Charger. I have connected it to a Charger that I used for my old Samsung YP-Z5 and also works for a Goodmans MP3 player, and no luck, I have done the same with the Mains charger for the I-Pod Touch and it does charge, finally. However you can only charge like this if you have this charger already, I only have access to one because my brother owns an I-Pod Touch and got this charger when he got his Video output cable. Finally I connected it to my XBOX 360 however it was not even recognised to play the music on it, the battle between Microsoft and Sony has left me with the best Games Console but a dead MP4 player (unless I plug it into my Computer) Please no fan boy hate comments about me saying the XBOX 360 is the best games console, but you have to admit that it is.

        After five months of heavy use the plastic coating around the cable on my headphones next to the jack has split so all you need to do is make sure you don't fold the cable around the jack which is what always happens to mine whenever it is in my pocket.

        Thanks for reading my guide hope it helped you on what you needed to know about the device


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        01.04.2009 22:51
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Wish Id bought one sooner

        Review for Sony Walkman

        Having never really been a lover of ipod I decided it was time to jump ship and revert to using an MP3 player. I went on a mission to find a MP3 player my requirements were simple .I wanted to be able to use the player with a docking station, simple to add tracks to (eg no software program needed like I Tunes), also something that played video. If I didn't want a player that I could dock I would have had a massive array to choose from but the only manufacturer I could find that made docking stations for MP3 players was Sony. This player is from Sony's S series which as far as I know is S for superior video

        Features Quicklist

        8 gig storage capacity
        FM Radio
        Sense Me Technology
        40 hour battery life
        Plays MP3, MP4, AAC, WMA,

        The Price

        I paid £80 for my walkman which is a current price at March 2009 I bought it online at Amazon

        First impressions

        On taking this player out of the box it seems so light however I would say no more or less than it competitors. The player looks sleek in my opinion and the menus easy to navigate.

        What do I get in the box?

        The player comes with standard in ear headphones which are fairly comfortable. I also received a 3 month free trial for Napster which I have been putting to good use I thought this was an excellent bonus to quickly build up my music collection. Also there were some audio & video tracks preloaded which was great for the enthusiastic buyer who wants to instantly try the player to see what it's like.

        Getting started

        This player is plug n play so I didn't need to install the optional software that came on the provided disk. This for me was a huge bonus as this was the main reason for my dislike of IPOD its very easy to drag and drop your files in to the player using windows explorer you can also use Windows Media Player.

        The Features

        Although this may sound a little obvious but the sound is excellent this MP3 player delivers what I would consider to be the kind of standards that you would come to expect from Sony


        This model is classed as having superior video & I would agree wholeheartedly the only thing is if you are a heavy video user this players 2 inch screen may not be enough for you. Cant fault the quality though its sharp QVGA

        FM Radio

        I have tried the radio function the only thing I found is that it is difficult to pick up weaker stations even on the high sensitivity setting. This could well be dependant on where you are when you try as I was indoors. Managed to pick up a couple of the biggest stations eg Radio 1

        Sense Me Technology

        This is a fun addition the player scans your songs and then adds them to categories which you can then select dependant on your mood eg Rock, Smooth and even by time of day eg morning and evening. I didn't think I ever use this feature but have found that he player really does intuitively know where to place my songs accurately and have found myself selecting evening if I want a laid back set of tunes.

        So whats wrong with it?

        Couple of niggles a holder even something basic would be good as I use mine in the gym you can buy one but a no frills one could be supplied

        Sony don't make a large choice of docking stations for their own walkmans strangely they make a fair few that are IPOD compatible

        In Summary

        If you are looking to make the move from IPOD/alternative MP3 then I would highly recommend this player as its simple to use but as the expression would go "its a serious piece of kit". I bought a docking station from Sony at the same time and use the player with it as often as I use it standalone its great to have the option to dock the player as you can then change tracks from a distance etc.


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