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Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 2 GB

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    10 Reviews
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      03.04.2012 20:40


      • Reliability


      Cheap and perfect for music on the go or whilst running.

      I received the Sony Walkman as a gift and have been using it when running and cycling. I have had no problems with water from rain or sweat so for me that is a big plus.

      The sound quality is decent, around what you'd expect from a £20 to £30 pair of headphones which is good considering the cost of the player. I also liked that the earbuds are soft and interchangeable so they are very comfortable in the ear.

      Battery life is excellent, it has been lasting me around 10 or 11 hours on a full charge and it also charges very quickly. As i only use it for around 30 minutes a day that means I don't have to charge it very often at all.

      I usually keep it on shuffle as it is too much hassle to look for a particular song. You can however organise the music into different folder using your PC and can switch between these folders.

      The only problem I have had is the cable connecting the two halves is a little too long, this means if it is knocked sometimes one of the halves will fall out of your ear, I suppose this is as it is one size fits all but it is a little inconvenient.


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      23.03.2011 22:48
      1 Comment



      A practical music player at a VERY COMPETITIVE price.

      Bought for 50 GBP from an official Sony Store in my area.

      Service at the store was excellent; direct, approachable and fast.

      I have used this for jogging and at the gym

      Rugged, fairly water-resistant, although it has 'blacked-out' on me a couple of times after my more sweaty runs; only after laying it by the window to dry did it start working again.

      No problems with battery life - easily 4-5 hours on a full charge - you can also charge to 90min capacity in a matter of 5 minutes.

      Average; much like a normal 10GBP pair of earphones. The sound variability isn't great; i'm usually up to the max volume if i'm running my the roadside and listening to mellow jazz or piano. Difference between volume settings is not wide either.

      Zappin - a new feature which lets you preview tracks; not too useful - i would presume this function was for those who are looking for a particular song ; but having to scroll through the large number of songs, listening clip by clip, is no replacement for a screen which lets you READ through t he song list.

      Buttons are intuitive, standard issue.

      Compatibility with your computer is also fairly simple - drag n drop works, as does the Sony Walkman software which is a variant of it; but slightly easier to use as you do not need to select any folder whatsoever.


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        24.02.2010 17:52
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great music device for the sporty outdoors person

        WOW, that's all i can personally say.

        From a review point though, they are great, very comfortable and reliable, I do alot of running, snowboarding, biking and other outdoor activites and it helps increadably not to have something in your pocket bouncing about or wires flying in your face, these have been the most reliable source of music so far,

        No matter how much i shake around they stay in place very comfortably, infact i almost forget i'm wearing them most of the time, it has a very simple to use button layout in the form of a scroll wheel, 2 volume buttons + and -, and a shuffle switch, to skip threw your songs you simply just run your thumb on the wheel in the derection of the next or previous song, to play pause all you have to do is push the little scroll whele down as if pressing a little button,

        The player also comes with a great feature from sony titled ZAPPIN, if hold the play button it will activate ZAPPIN and you will here a lovely voice telling you this and it will then proceed to play 5 seconds from the chorus of your next song's and once it play's a song you like just click the play button again and it will start the song from the begging, thus removing the need for a screen, excelent!

        At first i was a bit weary about how they would sound and as it is an in ear set for health and safety i couldn't test them out, however i took the gamble and glad i did, the sound is great, not noise cancelling perfect however you can increase the volume enough sometimes too much, although i'd prefer it too loud than too quiet as you can always lower the volume,

        Another great feature is its magnetic power saver, once you are finished listening to your music just remove the headset put the earpieces together and the device powers down, to turn it back on simply press the play button and it will continue from exactly where you left off,

        The battery life is great, easilly a full days worth, and if it isn't enough for you well a few minutes plugged into a simple usb slot with sony's standard mini usb cable and your good to go again. Whilst the device is charging you can see a nice glowing light and once fully charged the light stay's solid, never takes long to charge at all,

        If you have an xbox 360 or playstation 3 then you have those extra feature, you can plug it into the usb ports as you would controller with power cable and it will charge the player, but you can also go to your music folders and play the files from your wonderfull headset whilst you play your favourite games,

        Getting music onto the device is just as easy, simple attach to any windows media player enabled PC and you can drag, drop and sync with your media player library, and for those that dont have media player, you can simply browse to playes location and paste/drop your files onto the player manually,

        Finally, you may be thinking this may be it seems a little expensive or looks to nice i may damage it, wel you can also get a 4GB version for a few pounds extra which is just perfect for on the go shuffle music and the device also comes with a great plastic cover, so you can put it in your bag or pocket without any worry of scratches, and if your like me and like to show off your latest gadgets then it comes with a ovely usb dock as pictured above and can sit very nicely next to and usb enabled device, xbox playstation computer etc.

        Note : If you have an ipod or usb charging phone you may have recieved a plug with usb support, yes that's right this device will also charge in a plug socket with a usb plug in a matter of minutes.


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        19.01.2010 19:11



        The new much-hyped Sony Walkman Unwired is finally here and it doesn't disappoint.It is an innovative gadget with decent sound quality.The sound quality is good with smooth highs and clear mids.Bass is disappointing as it is tight but lacks punch and depth.It includes a Zappin feature which is a boon as this player doesn;t has a screen.The main feature of this player is portability as there is no extra wires other than the headset.Its one-of-its-kind player and will be liked by people who are tired of the hassling wires and want a stylish,unique player.Battery life is good with actual running time of 11.2 hours.It will fit in nearly everybody's ear as there is 3 earbuds provided with different sizes.It is ideal for listening to Accoustic Pop,Bollywood Pop or Trance but disappoints in Rock,Hip-Hop genres.Overall a nice,unique gadget with good sound quality and stellar design.


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        01.12.2009 15:46
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Should know better

        I never had the faintest of ideas that buying a Sony product could be that mess, I had to get one replacement but even then I was not sure whether it will last a reasonable length of time. But ultimately the solution was so damn simple. But I wonder the professionals, that they are Sony's R& D should have addressed to it much earlier. Just read on, the mess and the solution to it will both unfold. For once I was very weary of Sony's customer support but all is well that ends well and I am as happy as ever.

        Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 is really bereft of hi-tech features but the best part is that it's 100% wireless, nicely mobile just sits on the ear. The idea of directly building it into a set of headphones is quite ingenuous and of course works perfectly.


        The design is marvelous and it looks real cool, trendy and even I might say sexy. The color choice available is black and pink. The whole idea is to attach a pair of audio models, very tiny ones at that, by flexible, twisting neckband. The audio modules are two sleek rectangles 2inch x 0.8inch x 0.4 inches. Tiniest possible mp3 player to my mind. It is just the sort of gadget one can carry to a gym, take a walk with or may be even do a jig never mind it will stay put up there. It is remarkably light weight at just a mere 1.3 oz. Let me call it an mp3 player cum headphone. The ear buds are quite comfortable and just in case you are missing out on the bright dig it inside a bit tightly.

        Let us have a look at it is


        No abundance of feature but capable excellent audio.

        PC interface(s): supported USB
        Flash memory installed: 2 GB Integrated
        Digital storage: None
        Weight: 1.3 oz
        Dimensions (W x D x H): 7.4 in x
        Color: Black
        Available body colors: Pink, Black
        ''Included accessories:''' Stand, 3 ear tips
        ''Supported digital audio standards:''' AAC, MP3, WMA, Protected WMA (DRM)
        Playback modes: Repeat shuffle
        Response bandwidth: 20 - 20000 Hz
        Audio Features
        Sound output mode: Stereo
        CD system type: None
        Digital audio standards supported: MP3, AAC-LC, WMA, WMA-DRM
        Tuner type: None
        Headphones type: Binaural In-ear ear-bud (with behind-the-neck mount)
        Connector type: 1 x USB
        Battery / Power
        Battery: Lithium ion Rechargeable Player battery Integrated
        Mfr estimated: battery life 12 hour(s)
        Recharge time: 90 min
        System Requirements
        Peripheral / Interface devices: USB port
        Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP1 , Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 , Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic SP1 , Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 , Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2 or later , Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or later.

        There are no issues with RF, Bluetooth and FM radio. But the tiny machine performs and that it does with amazing aptness. Sony has done a wonderful job with the W-series Sony Walkman NWZ-W202. The 2GB flash memory is reliable and enough. Since the ear buds are integrated Sony has taken care to include three different sizes of silicon ear strips. So to my mind the issue of comfort has been eloquently addressed to.

        I was wondering that there is no screen but then it sits on the ear how would I look at it anyway? Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 plays music in simple alphanumeric order. This is so as default with the option of activating the shuffle mode which is done by accessing the shuffle switches right inside the right hand side earpiece so that you can play your music randomly. The other two in its short list of controls are 1) a volume rocker and 2) a jog dial. The Zappin is a wonderful integration to it by Sony. Listen to the snippets of the chorus of each song and browse through the tracks. If the songs hits you just press the jog and the machines plays it from the start. The Zappin has two options first the 10 seconds long one and the other 4 second long.


        It's very impressive, there is no customizable equalizer but the performance is mind-blowing through out the audio spectrum. I was singularly impressed by its performance at low volume. The bass and the treble balance is excellent, it's never too shrill neither does it sound subdued. The only problem is you got to be just that much careful to dig the ear buds enough in so the there is no dissipation of volume level. If it is securely dug into the ear the bass is good and the high frequency response is comfortable enough. It is immensely gratifying that the distortion level is negligible and the background hiss hardly exists.


        A quick charge feature gives our 90 minutes playback. But the rated battery life does not impress at 12 hour. The transfer of audio is done via standard Mini-USB. It is provide with a bottom stand/docking station for transferring and song and charging the device.


        The Sony Walkman NWZ W202 is basically an audio only device. Naturally it plays mp3, ACC (unprotected only) and WMA (including subscriptions) files.


        *FM radio
        THE BIG MESS:
        Now when you go for a jog or to a gym, even while you take a walk one is bound to sweat. The Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 is extremely prone to water and moisture. The moment there is accumulation of sweat or water it starts misbehaving. It dose amazing jigs like the volume maxes out, the jog stops functioning properly and quite often than not the Zappin does not work. I had to get a replacement once until I realized the whole problem is with the USB mini port. My suggestion is; get rubber plug or a similar sort of thing and after removing the device from the docking station insert the plug. Once you do it the mp3 player behaves remarkably well.
        At a price of £59.99 (including VAT) it is reasonable palatable. It's a good buy except the mess you might just get into.

        (First published at ciao.co.uk under the same user name)


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        24.07.2009 11:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        One of the best player to be used during sporting activities, but not as a primary player

        The clutter free Sony NWZ-W202, is a fresh approach to MP3 players which is ideal for the user that does not want to mess around with wires or carry around a player that is large.

        Considering that the headphone is actually the player itself, it does fit quite nicely. There is just enough elasticity to make the headphone fit comfortably without being too tight. In fact, when using the player, it does look as if you are simultaneously using 2 Bluetooth headsets which might get you some odd looks from other people. The task of transferring music is rather straightforward and simple, with no complicated procedures.

        The buttons are placed in what is probably the most ergonomic place, which is onto of the player, meaning that it is not that noticeable. However, the tiny buttons are not the easiest to press/use. This is true even when sitting down, let alone when jogging. But realistically, its quite a small setback for its ultra small size.

        Due to the nature of the player and its size, it is not possible to house a display screen, which means that the only way of finding it out is listening to the song after you have skipped the song. The player uses a function that works by playing short clips of the individual songs, which is supposed to make it easier to scroll through many tracks. This is great when you think about it, but it does not work as well as expected.

        The sound quality is reasonably good and acceptable, however this is especially crucial and vital for a player such as this one, because you can't just swap new headphones if you are not impressed with the sound quality. But thankfully, the power output and signal to noise ratio is quite good.

        However, there is a fixed build in memory which limits the amount of songs that you can put onto the player. It would be useful if you could actually increase the capacity, since its not huge.


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          12.06.2009 18:38
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A good alternative to the Ipod range

          I bought my first MP3 player in 2005 when I finally had the cash to ditch my outdated CD walkman and join the white ear bud brigade with an Ipod Mini (remember them?) the predecessor to the Nano. I upgraded (or should that be downgraded?) a year later to a shuffle and thought that would the last digital music player I would ever need, that is until a month ago....

          I'm a member of a forum dedicated to running (yes laugh all you want!) and one day they ran a little contest to give away a new Sony Walkman MP3 player that had been donated to them, all you had to do was write about whether music helps you when you exercise and which types of music are better than others. I gave my little contribution and week later was thrilled to learn I was the winner! I still don't see how my answer was better than anyone elses but who I am to complain?!

          All I knew about the player was that it was the latest offering from Sony and that it retails at around £59. I excitedly waited delivery of said item whilst my other half started to plan what songs to put on his "new" ipod, see, we like to recycle in this family!

          I was surprised when I received the MP3 player at the shape of it, it looks like a gadget from Star Trek and I struggled at first to figure out how to wear it. The ear buds rather than being separate pieces are attached to the body of the player, a short cable joins them together and also fits behind the head preventing the player from falling off when you're wearing it. To put the player on you simple detach the two pieces of the player put the cable behind your head and position the ear buds in place. It stays put really well and didn't budge an inch even when I went out for a brisk run.

          The player is comfortable to wear though does look a little odd, the body pieces of the player attached to the ear buds are quite large and stick put a couple of inches across your face if you see what I mean? it's not easy to explain. I had some strange looks when I went out in public with this on.

          Setting up the player was a little difficult initially, I had to read the instructions 3 times before I fully understood how to set it up on my pc and to transfer songs onto it. To do so you need to connect the player to your pc using the cable supplied, wait a few seconds until your pc recognises the player. You then need to find a folder that automatically uploads to your pc containing software called Software Transfer. Once you open this for the first time it automatically opens itself every subsequent time you connect the player.

          Transferring songs to the player is slow work, you can drag and drop songs either in groups or individually direct from iTunes. Each song takes a good couple of minutes and a whole album earlier this week took a good half an hour, unfortunately the process slowed down the rest of my pc so I had to walk away and do other things whilst it thought about it. Once the songs are on the player though listening to them is a joy, the sound quality is fantastic and I think better than the Ipod, songs sound clearer and sharper plus louder as well.

          The player has simple controls, a click wheel to scroll between songs and two little buttons to change the volume in addition to a switch to change to shuffle. The player doesn't have an on/off button as it simply doesn't need one. To turn the player on simply detach the two parts of the player and depress the click wheel, you'll hear a beeping noise telling you it's working. To listen to the song you want move the click wheel until you hear another beep, then the song will start. You cant unfortunately choose which song to start with but if you fill the player with songs you enjoy then what's the problem? To turn the player off just attach the body parts together again, it really as simple as that.

          The player can hold around 2000 songs which is more than enough for me. It also has a little stand to sit on whilst it's charging up.

          I'm thrilled with this player especially as I got it for free, but I would also be more than happy to buy one either for myself or as a gift. I prefer it now to my old ipod and wouldnt change this for the world


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          13.05.2009 12:03


          • Reliability


          an excellent choice for those who want a simple to use mp3 player

          I was recently lucky enough to win one of these mp3 walkmans. I found that is extremely simple to use. To charge it up you simply plug it into your computer, it takes roughly 20 minutes to charge for the first time. To transfer music onto the walkman, which you can do whilst it is charging you simply open windows media player, load a cd into the computer and drag and drop the tracks that you want onto the walkman. There is no requirement to use complicatd download packages such as sonicstage. It is simple and takes seconds. The quick start instructions that come with it are easy to follow and accurate. The sound quality is awesome. The earphones sit well in the ear and are comfortable, they are much better than traditional headphones. The pack comes with two sets of replacement ear pieces, which is good as I imagine they could get mucky! I use mine whilst runing, as there are no wires with this it is great as you are not constantly getting tangled. I would recommend this to anyone.


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          13.05.2009 10:42
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Overall great little mp3 player and I love it!!

          I bought this MP3 player first day it's released from Sony Style UK website. Dispatch time was very quick (2days) and was very excited to try it on.
          Here are things I have felt after using this product

          Sound: sound quality is amazing. Nice base and easy to handle voice adjustment. (You can tell by touching little button on the side. Increasing volume button is more protruding.. :) ) Ear phone is snug fit as well so, it gives you almost noise cancellation effect. Zapping (playing each tune about 10sec -1min) in and out & Shuffle features are also interesting.

          Design: I love the design. Everyone looks at me when I use it at the gym. Wireless design is second to none. I love it and when it's folded back with magnetic ends when it's being charged too.

          Use: Very easy to use. Just drag and drop or you can synchronise with Window Media Player. Battery life is great too. Battery life for all Sony products I find is great.

          Quality: Initially, I wanted to give 10 out of 10 but my first dispatch has been playing up in 10 days. Button didn't work properly and zap-in and out features went crazy. I called customer service and they sent a new one in no time. So, Sony style support team was good. Touch wood second one I got was good so far.

          Price: I bought it for 59 pounds. I think it's slightly pricy for 2G player but considering groovy design without wire you will forgive this gadget.

          Recommendation: I recommend this mp3 to everyone especially, gym goers, street joggers and everyone who fed up with wires being tangled up.


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            10.04.2009 23:58
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Your new gym buddy!

            I love this, I really do! - The perfect device to spur you on to renew you gym membership and actually do more than 4 sessions a year...

            "New 2GB Wearable WALKMAN MP3 Player with high quality secure-fit headphones, outstanding sound quality, and up to 12 hours battery life.
            With the new all-in-one Wearable WALKMAN®MP3 Player from Sony you can experience total freedom. Available in 5 gorgeous colours, this unique MP3 player fits compactly around your head so you can be free to move without the constraint of headphone wires"

            In the box

            Sony Walkman NWZ202 (Built-in headphones)
            Quick start guide
            Software CD
            Rechargeable li-ion battery
            Charging dock (USB cable 1m)
            Plastic protector case



            Internet - play.com, amazon.co.uk, hmv.co.uk, comet.co.uk, currys.co.uk)
            Shops - Argos, Comet, Currys, Sony Centre, HMV

            First impressions

            I've had my eye on this since seeing a preview image a few months ago on the internet. I own many Sony products, great build quality, reliable, high performance and innovative, with all this in mind, this made purchasing the NWZW202, or "Walkman W" for short, an easy choice.

            Upon opening the box you discover what a great price this is, the unit is nice looking (I have the black and silver version) and small enough to fit in your pocket. Firstly I wrapped around my head to check it fit's, thankfully it does, my head is rather large by the way!

            It's worth mentioning at this point that headphones are in ear, meaning these won't dislodge when running/jogging etc...It also comes with 2 other sized ear pieces to fit all ears.

            Left in the box was some manuals, some software, a plastic dock that charges the device and is used for transferring audio and last but not least a plastic cover, this clips onto the main unit and stops it scratching when in transport.

            Good start

            The device clips together with the use of a magnetic strip in-between the two headphones, when the magnet is engaged, the power shut's off, a nice feature, meaning rather than using an on/off switch, you just clip the headphones together and hey presto.

            I place the unit on the supplied dock and connect the USB lead to my laptop. I'm using Windows Vista; my laptop detects the device and does all the work for me! - Within 60 seconds it's installed without the need for the CD.

            Transferring audio

            The main reason I went for this is because you can use whatever software you like to put music onto it. Unlike an iPod where you are tied to iTunes...

            You can use the supplied Sony Walkman software, this installs a small widget to your desktop and you literally click and drag the files you want added and drop them on the widget.

            If you don't like this then use Windows Media Player to sync your library of music to it, surely everyone with a Windows based machine has this!?

            Or even cooler, Windows recognises it as a mass storage device; you can just open my computer and drop files onto the device from there.


            Best of all, music transfers very speedily...An album took around 25 seconds to put on it.

            Charged already!?!?

            I had the device plugged in for half an hour whilst I was messing about with transferring audio and eating a sandwich. I did not realise at first but this next feature alone warrants a purchase.


            How fantastic is that!?

            Picture the scene, you get back late from work, you have 10 minutes to get ready for a gym session, by the time you have put a dozen or so songs on this baby, she's ready to go for the whole of your gym session!

            Sound matters

            Bare in mind, this is an MP3 player. Now what is the primary use of an MP3 player? - To play music.

            Most people forget about this and just by an MP3 player because, it looks nice or you can download cool applications.

            Surely if the sound quality is poor, there's no reason to purchase?

            Thankfully the NWZ does not disappoint. Loud enough to keep you running that extra mile, bassy enough to keep you motivated and clear enough to...clear your head...oh I don't know! From Trance to Country, Jazz to Metal, it performs surprisingly well.

            How to play

            The unit has 3 playback modes....

            SHUFFLE - There is a shuffle switch on the device, this mode basically sets your unit to random, so your songs play in any order.

            PLAYLIST - Create a playlist; listen to your songs when you want them to be played.

            ZAPPIN - Plays 3 second clips of all your tracks at the chorus part of the song, you listen to what track you want to hear and tap the wheel when you like the sound of the clip to hear it in it's entirety.


            Another Sony success, I had an iPod shuffle before this, that iPod is eBay bound!

            Great sound quality, very easy to use and transfer songs to, stylish, practical, everything you would ever need from a gym buddy.

            For the money, this is number one!



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