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Sumvision M18 2 GB

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    2 Reviews
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      09.02.2009 09:21
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Overall i think this product shows sum vision as a cheap MP3 player

      Advantages: Compact, Cheap, excellent music quality, Radio, USB storage
      Disadvantages: lack of instructions, Poor headphones .

      I am really into my music and have always wanted to get an MP3 player of some description, but whenever I look for one I am always put off by the price of the Ipod or items by Sony for example. I was getting to the stage that when I was on a train everyone would look at me strangely when I pulled out my trusty Sony CD walkman - it was time for a change.
      First impressions

      I started looking around for a reasonably price player and I found this one by sum vision on ebuyer.com which cost me only around £25 - which really is a good price compared to the prices I was put off by for an IPOD. The sum vision 4gb player comes in a wide variety of colours, I own the white player. This looks really quite appealing. This is approximately 10 centimetres long and fits perfectly in to a trouser pocket. The player is powered by a single AAA battery, which provides between 6-8hours of music playback. When you turn on the player, by simply pressing the play button for 2/3 seconds, a flashing rainbow MP3 message on the screen prompts you. This flashes seven colours and then gives you the menu option. In here you can select to play music, listen to the FM radio, record sound or listen to any sound recordings you have made.
      The player is really easy to get set up. It slots into a USB port on my computer that is built with Windows 2000 or above (which in the modern society means that 99% of computers will recognise the player - for those still running 98 and ME and driver disk is included in the packaging) and is built using the USB 2.0 format, which means that transferring songs from your computer to the MP3 player is extremely quick. For example I recently copied 5 albums from my external hard-drive to music folder on the player, which only took about 10minutes to do. It literally is a case of dragging and dropping your files on to the player. The player also supports WMV file format which is the format of tracks copied from media player
      The player's advantages

      I have found myself been one of those annoying people who have headphones in wherever they go. The sound quality of the player cant be faulted. With handy buttons controlling the volume towards the bottom of the player. It also has a hold button which I always find most useful on things like this as it stops the player skipping between tracks whilst you are walking when listening to the player.
      When listening to your music if you click the button for skipping tracks in towards the player it allows you to select different equaliser effects such as rock, pop, jazz and classical. It also allows you to put songs on to repeat while also allowing you to play with the tempo rate of the player.

      Within here it also allows you to scrolling to find your favourite songs. This time instead of pressing the button in on the player, hold it for a few seconds. It will then bring up a screen asking you to select a folder. This is of course Microsfot speak and a folder is created for each of the albums you have on the player, so simply browse to the one you want to play. It must be said though that it was quite tricky to find this and I have only found this tonight whilst writing the review. One of my colleagues at work has asked me the same question as he owns a 1gb model of the player and couldn't find it either.
      The player comes with an in built FM radio. This can be selected from the main menu on the player's introduction screen. To search for channels are nice and easy as well, simply tap the music selector a couple of times and this will then. This found enough Radio channels and picked up Radio 1 and the local radio station in the area, which is really all that I am concerned with.

      I also find this good to carry around within my job, I provide Desktop IT support and as the player is USB enabled I can simply place any files that I need onto the player and carry it from my machine to the problematic machine and transfer to them if required. As I said the Player cost me around £25 and it the device was used for solely this purpose it would probably cost more then that.
      So how does it lack vision?

      Do not get me wrong I think the advantages of this player far outweigh the disadvantages. There are a couple of things I don't like with the player. The first is the headphones. The wire connecting the headphones to the player isn't quite long enough for me to hold the player in my trouser pocket. However must of the time I have a shirt on with a top pocket, which means that I can store the player in the pocket. The headphones also come with a foam cover, which regularly drops off. This is really annoying and I have lost one of the protective covers. I think the headphones is somewhere where the player lets itself down.
      I was also going to say about the fact that it is really hard to browse through your music. It has taken me over 2 months to find how to skip an album. Now you might be asking yourself "why didn't I just look in the instruction manual?" well I probably would have done except the one, which was provided in the nice design packaging, that the device arrived in was not worth looking at.

      Would I recommend the player
      Yes, It is a really good cheap alternative to the expensive Ipod or Sony players and it is good for people like myself who wanted to really to get to know if the music quality is good on these digital players - this one certainly proves that this is the case. This is certainly a player for the less experienced of us out there.

      In my opinion this device does show sumvision for the future for the mp3 music playing market

      ***** Please note this review featured on Ciao.co.uk under the 4gb player category.


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        20.11.2008 19:54
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Overall A Good MP3 Player

        Sumvision M18 2GB

        The Sumvision M18 is a brilliant MP3 player, which makes your music very portable.

        This MP3 player is very easy to use and with 2GB of memory you can hold about 600 songs.

        - Normal
        - Rock
        - Pop
        - Classical
        - Jazz

        This MP3 player is not that fancy and doesn't have many features but if you want a simple MP3 player just for listening to music on then this is the product for you.

        The Sumvision M18 MP3 player is powered by a single AAA battery and you normally can listen to audio playback for about 8 hours.

        Memory Capacity
        - 2GB (About 600 Songs)

        I would strongly recommend that you use rechargeable batteries otherwise you end up spending a lot of money on batteries.

        You can buy the Sumvision M18 2GB is five different colours, which are listed below.

        Available Colours
        - Black
        - Red
        - Blue
        - White
        - Pink

        This MP3 player supports MP3 audio playback and WMA audio playback.

        The Sumvision M18 is a very durable MP3 player however with my old one the screen cracked on it.

        Other than the screen getting cracked I have never had any problems with this MP3 player.

        - MP3 And WMA Playback
        - Voice Recorder
        - FM Tuner
        - Can be attached to a neck strap
        - LCD Screen
        These little MP3 players are very cheap and affordable and they can be purchased for about £20 online.

        Putting music on the Sumvision M18 is also very simple.

        On the end of the mp3 player it has a removable cap, which you take off, and you then plug the USB into your computer.

        Then your ready to start transferring music to your new MP3 player.

        When you buy the Sumvision M18 2GB you will get
        - Sumvision M18 2GB Mp3 Player
        - Earphones
        - AAA Battery
        - User Manual
        - CD Rom

        The Sumvision M18 is definitely a good MP3 player to have if you do sporting activities or any other outdoor activities.

        Like most MP3 players this one has a hold switch and when you use the hold switch it will stop the song changing when it is in your pocket.

        I recommend this product to all potential buyers.

        This Review Is Also Published On Ciao.


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