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Sweex Clipz MP310 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2012 20:04
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      Overall a great MP3 for a Teenagers first MP3 or for using for the gym

      I bought this for my son who has been nagging me for a "grown up" MP3 and before i went for a more expensive model i wanted to test him out with a "loseable"one. I went online and came up with this one for a tenner. Now for the money you cannot expect this to be up to the standards of the more expensive brands out there and to be honest i wasn't expecting much.
      This is a small ,black, light weight model with a sturdy clip on the back and basic features. It doesn't have a shuffle feature on it and it is only 4GB But once again i repeat for ten pounds your not going to get alot more.
      When it arrived I decided, before giving it to my son i would download some tracks on it. To charge it you just plug it in with a usb to a laptop or i have found my phone charger works on it. It took me about 90 mins to charge it fully and then the strangest thing happened, as the battery was full it turned my computer off?!?!? I decided it must just be a quirk of nature and after turning the laptop back on and downloading some songs i wanted to check out the sound quality. I go to the gym a lot so if it was acceptable i would get a second one for me,one that i didn't mind getting thrown around the gym bag.
      When i tried to listen to the music the sound was only coming out of one ear-piece. Thinking that it must have a dodgy set i plugged in my (very expensive) ear-phones and was very surprised to find the sound still coming out of only one ear set. Now to say the least, i was a VERY unhappy lady. So after ringing and complaining i got a second one sent out. After the whole charging, downloading process again, i placed the earphones in and i was very relieved to find it worked. Now the sound is actually quite loud but the earphones that come with it just doesn't do it any favors. The bass sound is actually ok and i found that it did quite happily drown out background noise when used with a slightly better headset.
      The battery life is about 6 hours so not really that bad and it soon charges up again. The one annoying thing is that because you don't have a shuffle feature it gets very tiresome forwarding tracks one by one.
      For my teenager this has been perfect, it has survived skateboarding accidents, being dropped etc etc. He likes it and for the money i paid if it gets lost on the bus i am really not bothered. All in all for the money i think its great but if your an adult i would recommend a slightly more expensive one that has a shuffle feature and better ear set. I need to point out though that when the battery is full it still turns my computer off- this doesn't bother me now as i have got used to the little quirk, but don't use it if your doing something really important on your laptop otherwise you'll lose it!!!!


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