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Veho VMP-008 Sports 2 GB

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2011 13:17
      Very helpful



      Simple but useful

      I received this as a gift two Christmases ago from my lovely aunt. She had noticed that I was partial to a gadget or two. When she first saw this she was amazed by how small it was. Then when they told her it could hold literally hundreds of songs she must have thought it was something amazingly futuristic. When in fact it is amazingly simplistic. I was very happy and touched by the thought that went into this gift so even though it is just a basic MP3 player I love it more than some of my high tech gizmo's.

      This is designed for use mainly when out and about or exercising. It's pitched as the light weight alternative to more heavy music players. I have reviewed the ipod shuffle previously which i think is far Superior but still quit similar idea.

      The VMP-008 Sports is very lightweight at only 20G. It's about the size of a USB stick so not overly small at Dimensions (WxHxD) 1.71 x 0.60 x 0.35". It is designed to be worn around the neck on the black string provided. You then either wear it outside your shirt or inside. It had a small memory of 2G but for what it's designed to do and where it was designed to be used that was plenty. I actually did bring this to the gym on a few occasions and it was fine. I just popped in the little earphones in to the jack and off I went, singing along in my head.

      The 2G capacity was described as being able to hold around 1000 songs, and I'm sure it could, but if any of the songs are over three minuets like most are, then that number will decrease.

      In order to charge this, I would simply just plug it into my PC using the USB head on the MP3 player itself, straight into the USB slot. So while I was reading emails or looking something up on the Internet, it would be charging away by my side. Once charged it was said that it would last four hours of continuous playback. I never listened to it for that long and never let it get to the stage of draining completely, seeing it was so simple to charge I would always just pop it in whenever I was using the computer.

      Function wise it was quite simple, it had the usual play, skip, pause, stop and of course volume up and down, nothing more There was no radio and no screen on this like there is on an iPod mini or anything. It was just a simple black plastic covering with a lid on one end covering the USB connector head. The string was looped through this lid, and the control buttons where on the front. Very simple little gadget.

      Sound wise it wasn't outstanding and it wasn't bad. It had a clear, crisp sound. It was a little lacking on the base side, but what do you expect from this little fella.

      I thought this was a lovely thoughtful, practical gift and it worked just fine.

      This can be purchased online at :
      for £12.40 + shipping


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