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Yarvik Joy PMP202 4 GB

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2012 15:24
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      music on the move never got any simpler.

      I've used this brand of MP player before, quite recently in fact, and found them not too bad indeed. One particular device resembling a very well known, and very high price brand that everyone knows, and some people dislike. The Yarvik device being the Run.
      So when I got a chance of using another player from the same company I didn't hesitate, and I'm glad that I didn't as it is as good as I expected, if not better.
      This product I have been using for a few weeks now, probably using it more than the other yarvik if I'm honest, is called the Yarvik joy. And believe me, for the price and what it offers, is certainly a joy to use.

      Firstly, I have to say that the box it comes in stand very tall indeed, comparing it to the player itself, which sits on the top section behind a clear plastic screen so that you can see what it looks like. The rest of the box contains such things as the earphones, USB cable and the user manual, which all lie below the player.
      Although to be honest I have seem this modal, or a very similar one, in one of those finger slicing, head busting plastic packaging case that tend fill up the countries A&E departments when it comes to stitching fingers back on.

      But which ever packaging it comes in there should be the player itself, together with a USB cable for charging and transferring data. Then there's the earphones and a manual which covers a few different languages.

      Now, let's get the specs out of the way with...
      It has a 1.8inch colour screen with 128 x 160 pixels
      It has a 4GB internal memory which is not too bad if it's just music you're using it for.
      Capable of playing not only MP3 format but also WMA as well
      Plus, it can play AMV video and can show BMP and JPG pictures.
      It has a voice recording facility which record in WAV.

      Other features include...
      Shuffle mode
      Repeat once/all
      Tempo rate setting
      8 preset equalizers

      So does this look like that very expensive player with the daft name?
      No. Not at all, which is good in a way unless you want one that looks like that one but don't want to spend that amount of money.

      This one looks in a world of its own.
      It's a good size, being about 44mm wide by 85mm high and a mere 20mm thick, weighing in at less than 30grams.
      It comes in an array of colours, such as pink, red, black, silver and possibly more. It is the red one that I have which looks nice and bright, but not excessively bright so it doesn't stand out like a flaming match in haystack. It is housed in a firm yet smooth looking plastic casing which not only feels nice in the hand but can with stand a few knocks, believe me.

      The screen. Or more the front where the screen is.
      Well, firstly there's the 1.8inch screen which almost touches the sides, although when it is actually on it is not the full screen that show the images as there is a black frame around the usable screen.
      Anyway, below this screen there are the simple to understand and even easier to use controls. There are the fast forward/next button with the reverse/back button. Then below these there are the play/pause button in the centre and the stop button to the right, with the menu button, represented by the letter 'M', on the left.
      The right side, as you look at the screen, there is the micro USB port, which is there to connect the supplied lead to your PC so that you can not only transfer your data across but so that you can also charge the internal battery up.
      On the other side there is the 3.5mm earphone jack which, well, which explains itself really doesn't it?.
      That's all the controls look like. Simple to understand and simpler to use.
      The on/off button is actually on the back of the unit and slides from side to side, with the tiny little hole which is the microphone directly below this.

      How about using it then..?
      The first thing you should really do is charge the battery fully so that you get the best out of the battery life, this should take about 4 hours to fully charge.
      Once you've charged it up and have got a full battery you set about transferring what ever you want onto it, such as music, photos or videos. The transferring is done by connecting the larger of the USB connectors to your PC with the smaller one slotting into this player. Your PC should find the drivers in no time, and once done a screen should show up to let you know that this yarvik is seen as an removable disk? Or external drive?
      Once this is done it is then a matter of transferring the data you want to and from the player and your PC. You can use what ever method you want as this can handle 'drag and drop' 'copy and paste' or even 'send to', the choice is all your. I
      I prefer 'drag and drop' myself so that I can get the files exactly where I want them without any messing about but as I said, it's a personal preference.
      Anyway. Now you've filled your player with those Bros albums, (or should that just be 'album'), or maybe Aqua's greatest hits, (which will leave a lot of room from the 4GB that this player offers). Or maybe you have transferred your collection of Rick Astley songs onto it, padding the rest out with those many Buster Poindexter number 1 hits?
      Whatever your choice of music, (I'm not here to judge), once it's on here you're ready to listen to it at your leisure.
      You simply go into the menu, by pressing the 'M', scroll through the features on the screen and select the album or song that you want to listen too.
      Job done. Slot in your earphones and away you go.

      It is the same method for which ever format you want to use, be that music, video, images of even what they like to call E-Book, although the E-Book is more text reading but it can still be classed as a E-Book reader.

      It is the 'M' button that allows you to open up the menu section and then it is a matter of using the forward/backward button, together with the 'M' button and the play button.
      It sounds a little daft but it is so simple and once you've done it a few times you'll be doing it with your eyes shut...(we're still on the music player aren't we?).

      My opinion...
      I like this player very much indeed as it does exactly what I want of a player of its kind. It plays tunes, videos and shows me images when ever I want to.
      The way it is made is remarkable well thought out and, as for style, rivals the more expensive players on the market without a doubt. The edges are curved, well, when I say curved I mean more tapered, giving it a smooth feel in the hand.

      The screen is clear, even if it is a little on the smaller side, but everything on it is easily read so that using the player is as simple as it can be, which for me is a god send. The screen not only lets you know what track is being played and who is singing it but it also tells you how long is left to play, plus, it show a rather pleasant 'graphic equaliser' sort of image with lines flashing about everywhere.
      And to top it all it shows the battery power level clearly at the top which gives me a good clue as to when I need to charge the battery up.
      As for the video footage. Well, what can I say about this? I have watched short features on this screen but I don't think I could sit and watch a full length movie on it as I don't think my old eyes could cope for that long.
      Don't get me wrong. The screen is good and, depending on the clarity of the video file itself, it isn't blurry. It is the size of the screen itself that can be a little tricky on the eye after watching the same small space for a period of time.
      Then again, I supposed you could take a break every so often if you wanted to watch Ice Age 23 on it when it comes out on DVD???

      I do have to say that initially I thought that it was a bit of a pain when it comes to video footage as it only plays something called AMV, which is a very popular format in certain countries. Basically AMR is a watered down version of the well known AVI format and this player, together with many players of the like, will only play this one format.
      But all it takes is a quick download of a well known and very free format factory, (other converters are on the market and some are just as good), to change your MP4, 3GP formats into AMR.
      This takes no time at all and once done this player will play it with ease, losing very little quality at all from the original video. In fact, to be honest, as the screen is a good size the quality loss it not even recognisable.

      As for the E-Book, or text reading. This is not too bad but I tend to stick to my 'proper' E-Book reader or even my smart phone as I have just got used to the system of those.

      I can't really go into the sound quality as there is no internal speaker so the sound quality is down to the earphones you are using. The ones that come with the player aren't the best but they do a good enough job in helping you enjoy quality audio coming from this player. I do tend to have a favourite set of earbuds which I use on any music player as I find them so comfortable in my ears, almost as if there not actually in there, which is good.

      There are a few functions that are there to be helpful but I don't tend to use them that much, although I have tested them and discovered that they do what they claim to do. There's the 'speed selection' which can change the speed of the MP3 tracks, although when I've used this on I haven't noticed any difference in the songs as they played.
      Then there's the synchronised lyrics display which, when the correct files are present, those being .lrc, then the lyrics of that song will scroll along the screen.
      I don't use this at all really and I haven't actually uploaded any .lrc files, mainly due to the fact that I don't really intend to sing along in a karaoke fashion, I just want to listen to music.

      All the other features you can find on most players of this kind, such as repeat play, previous and next, random tracks playing replay a track and others. And all these are easily controlled when I go into the menu settings, pressing the 'M' button.

      The battery may take about 4 hours to fully charge up, but as it can then last a good 5 hours, maybe even 6, depending on what you are doing with the player. What I mean by that is that watching videos will take up more battery power than say looking at images or listening to music.

      The one thing I do have to say is that this does not have a clip on it so it will not clip onto a belt or anything like that. If you want to use this on the move then it's a matter of carrying it in your hand or slotting it into a small size pocket.
      Maybe there's some form of case that this can slip into, you never know. Then there may be a chance that this can clip onto a belt or something.

      So now for the most important bit about this player, especially in these days of high cost and low wages. The price of this player.
      This is where your wallet won't take that much of a battering. This cost about £25.00 which, in most peoples eyes, is almost next to nothing for what you get. It is not just a music player, it's a video player and a photo album all in one. So for £25.00 you get the lot.

      I've knocked off a star due to the fact that this lacks some form of clip which would make it easier to carry especially if you want to use this at places like the gym. That's the only reason as the player itself is well worth all five stars, shame about the lack of the clip

      ©Blissman70 2012


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