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Yarvik Run PMP022

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2012 23:28
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      If it's simplicity you want then it's simplicity you'll get

      I like to listen to music, and I know that my choice of music is not to everyone's taste, so I tend to listen to a bit of music through a set of earphones rather than blasting my music out of the speakers so that everyone around me has to put up with it, (considerate of me I know. It's a shame not every one is like that?)
      Anyway, the earphones that I use have to be connected to a half decent music system, although I don't want to spend a lot of money for the privilege, which means I don't look down the ipod road.

      So over my time of listening to music I have found several lovely music systems, with one or two bad ones as well. My latest one being a lovely little red number that cost less than a night out and has lasted quite some time, giving my ears the pleasure that I desire whilst keeping those around me from giving me funny looks, (until I start singing that it..??)

      This lovely little red number that I am referring too is in fact called the Yarvik, but not just any old Yarvik but the Yarvik run, which makes it sound like a Russian motor vehicle from the 1960's.

      So what does this car... I mean, music player look like..?

      It's square, and I don't mean that in the 1980's way for boring, or was that the 70's?.
      No, I mean the player is a square shape, or rectangular really, to be precise, measuring in at 29mm wide by 44mm high and a mere 12mm deep, weighing in at just over 10 grams.
      The front has what looks like a white cross inside the lovely coloured casing. On this cross there are the controls, those being the back and forwards button to browse through your tracks, together with a + and - button for the volume. In the centre of the white cross there is a play/pause button which, as it says, plays and pauses the tracks you have put onto this little player.
      Look on one side of this and you'll see the mini USB port, together with a small on/off switch and a tiny little LED light which glows when the USB cable is connected to your PC.
      On the other side there is the 3.5mm earphone jack socket which will house your favourite earphones so you're not stuck with the ones that come with this one. Plus, there's another little light that lets you know when a track is being played or is paused, indicating by either flashing or staying on.
      Then on the rear of this there is a solid feeling clip which, when closed, has a vice like grip so that when it is attached to a belt or the like it is not going to flick off as you jog along the road.

      Some technical bits...
      It connects to a PC using USB 2.0, with the supplied cable being a good length so that you're not having to stick that close to your PC when charging it up, or transferring your data over.
      The earphones (supplied) have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz with an impedance of 32 Ohm, (Yes, I know, sounds like a song I once heard on Red Dwarf. not that I was actually on the mining ship). Together with the fact that they have a cable length of over ¾ of a metre there's plenty of cable to stop you having to have you head bent down when you're listening to your music with this player sat in your pocket.
      It connects to a PC using the USB cable and once connected it can charge the battery and transfer data using most operating systems, Windows that is, although I'm not so sure about Mac but I can't think why it shouldn't work on it. (If you try first the please let me know if it doesn't as I haven't tried as yet).
      It supports MP3, WMA and OGG music formats, which covers most tracks these days
      It has a playing time of up to 5 hours from one fully charged Li-Ion battery, which takes about 2 -3 hours to fully charge.

      There are several versions, colour wise and storage too, with the one I have being the 2GB version, which will hold many songs to get you through that workout, or, if like me, that sitting around doing nothing.

      My opinion...
      As I said earlier I don't like to spend too much money for the sake of listening to music, so I tend to go for cheaper music players, like this one. Sometimes I get a few months out of them before they decide to pack up, but that's not too bad as I have spent a lot of money on players in the past and they have only lasted a matter of months themselves.

      This one is not a lot to look at, and it won't turn heads when it gets spotted in the street, (which means that you won't get mugged for it). But if you're anything like me and don't really care what other people think about the equipment you have, (easy now ladies), then something like this is a blessing in disguise.

      Using it is so simple, getting easier with each use. The controls on the front feel firm enough and are very responsive when pushed, be it changing the volume or the tracks. It's not touch screen type control and does need pressing with a bit of force, (but only a bit).
      The clip on the rear is strong and when it grips what ever you attach it too it doesn't move very much. It may slide a little on certain size belts but it has never fallen off anything that I have attached it too, which is good, especially when running up and down somewhere or other.

      The earphones that come with this aren't the best although they are good enough to hear the music clear enough. But as I have a favourite set of buds I tend to use those instead, which gives me a better sound and, more importantly, a very comfortable fit inside my ears

      Then there's transferring tracks onto this little device, which takes no effort at all and, depending on how many tracks you want to put onto it at one time, can take a matter of minutes to do so.
      You do have to remember that once your tracks are on the player they will play in order that you put them on. There's no way of changing the order just using this player, you'll have to plug this back into your PC, swap them around there, then unplug the USB cable. Either that or just keep flicking through the tracks until you get to the one you want.
      But then again, if it's you putting the tracks on the you will most likely only put the ones that you want on in a particular order, the order that you actually want.
      Plus, when you have this connected to your PC it automatically goes into charging mode, so the longer you take putting tracks onto it the more power it will gain.

      It comes in a vast array of colours, such as black, blue, green, silver, purple, gold, white and even pink, so there's got to be a colour for everyone to match their outfits.

      I do have to mention that when I saw this in the box I just couldn't believe the size of the box itself, it was in fact over four time the size of this little player, which was a bit over the top in any ones eyes.
      Inside the box there was the player itself, which you can see through the window ¾ of the way up. Then there's a set of earphones, which luckily are a standard 3.5mm jack so that you can use your favourite ones if you don't like the sound quality of these.
      Also, there is a manual, which is the reason for the size of the box as it is in the form of a booklet... this booklet has several languages including English, (yippee), French, German, Spanish and more, which is why the booklet is so thick.

      In all, this is a cheap and cheerful little player that you can listen to your favourite tracks on without worrying that it may get damaged. Whilst it's small enough to hide away it's big enough to fill your ears with delight.
      So, if you like to listen to music whilst wanting to keep your money in your wallet then this is well worth looking at as it will certainly make you happy.

      So what about the price of this little music player?
      This sells on the open market for about £14.00, with prices varying depending on the GB size. But the colour of the unit doesn't change the price at all, just the GB storage size.



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