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Yarvik Run PMP038

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2013 02:33
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      Overall great value for money, does what it says, simple and easy to use

      =Cheap, cheerful but does the job=
      The way I go through MP3 players, not quite that bad, but over the last couple years, I either broke them or lost them, so after that I vowed to buy a cheaper product that does the job, and plays my music, so if I want to leave it in my bag by the pool not worried if anything happens to it.

      That is when I came across this model the Yarvik Run PMP038, in purple with a 4 GB memory, which is roughly 1600 songs, depending on the length of the song. The player is a small shape, about 4cm in height, about 3cm wide, and about 1cm in width, it's really lightweight, and has a built in clip.

      =The MP3 player=
      The main MP3 player is purple, and the controls are on the front lower part of the unit, the controls have a black colour way, and the buttons are simple, well laid out and easy to use, the centre has the play/pause button, there is no liquid display on the MP3 player, so when you are using the browse / play the music is coming through to you. There is also a plus and minus button for the volume. It has a good range of volume, not ear-blasting, but then you don't need it out loud to hear the music.
      What I found was slightly confusing the on/off switch is on the side of the unit, there is also the USB port and a little light this comes on when you have the USB cable connected. On the other side there is a earphone socket.

      Included with the MP3 player is a basic pair of headphones with a 3.5mm earphone, the headphones are ok they have a good length of wiring, and is about 75cm in length, this gives me as the user enough of a length that I can clip the MP3 player on my belt, inside my jacket pocket, on a bag. Yje headphones are black in colour, which contrast well with the purple unit and the black of the controls.

      The clip is the same colour as the unit and this I have found to be strong and clips to a good selection of fabrics, ranging from leather belt to a demin jacket pocket. The clip is the same size as the MP3 unit.

      =Connecting to the computer=
      Included in the box is a USB cable, you need this for transferring music from your computer to the MP3 player as well as charging, the MP3 player. I have Windows 2000 on the computer that I use for storing music on as for some reason my newer laptop doesn't like music. It is simple to transfer the music, you can do it track by track or by album, I found it takes about 5 minutes to download an album, the cable is again a good length, so you can get comfy when your downloading anything. It takes the standard MP3 music formats.

      It is simple to use, just switch on at the side, press play and then you're up and running, as mentioned earlier if you want a particular track then you need to go through them by listening to them, but for the price I paid which was about £15, then I don't mind.

      =The Battery=
      The MP3 player is powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, and this takes about 3 hours to fully charge and from this you get around 6 hours of play, to charge you can run off your computer, or as I did I use a plug that you slot a USB cable in and use a standard power supply.

      =Instruction Booklet=
      I'm sure the instruction booklet weighs more than the MP3 player, but this is because it comes in many languages, so you just search through for English. In all honesty I didn't use the instruction booklet as it was simple to use, and I'm am the less technical person there is.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would recommend this MP3 player, if you are not after an all singing, all dancing iPod then this is good enough, very basic in terms of no liquid display, buy for 4gb then its value for money, I remember when MP3 players were still new on the market paying £50 for a 256gb model, how times have changed. It's cheap enough to buy and if you lose it, or give it to someone on holiday you would have had your money's worth from it.

      If you were buying for a child as a 1st MP3 player, a spare for travelling or as a present for someone who just wants the basic music then this is suitable for that purpose.

      There are other colours available in this system, including, red, black and green but to name a few and a selection of GB sizes.

      =What would I change=
      The only thing that I have changed, bar using a plug for charging was a new pair of headphones, the others were a bit basic, they were ear-buds, but for me felt like a pair that I would have picked up in £1 shop.


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