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Yinlips YDP305 MP5 Touch

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2011 09:50
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      Don't think I will ever get that iPod

      *Why did I want this product?*
      I have been looking to purchase an iPod for a long time now due to the fact we don't have a stereo and I have been using my computer for a long time to play my music. My Father in Law has one and has had for a few years, which he docks and of course carries around with him, which is exactly what I want to do. I used to have a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, which I loved due to the radio stations and music I could download to it and listen when ever I wanted. Although I have a Blackberry I feel I don't want to clog it with music files and wanted a device that was separate and for music only and that was when I decided I wanted an iPod.
      Unfortunately with recent events my Father in Law has been having real problems with his iPod, which promptly changed my mind about wanting one. He has said many of times of things he can't do and things he would like to do. However I was still on the look out for a good portable music device even if an iPod wasn't to be.
      So with that in mind my husband was browsing the Internet for something for him and came across an MP5 player he thought I might be interested in and with more features of an iPod. Needless to say I was pulled in and quickly found myself wanting one.

      *What did I find?*
      Well I found a brand that I had never heard of before called Yinlips, Yinlips are made in China and one of their best media player manufactures in China. The product I had my eye on is model number YDP305.
      A 4GB, 3 inch touch screen, which is a true MP5 player with built in radio, what more could I ask for?.

      Although I had never heard of this brand before and would normally go for a well known brand name in electronics I found some people who bought this product and was surprised at the quality and I have to say the price persuaded me.

      *What features does this MP5 player have to offer?*
      Yinlips come packed with features including:
      * 3 inch LCD touch screen
      * True MP5 music player that supports MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, OGG and AAC formats
      * Video files such as MPEG, RM/RMVB, DVD, WMV, DivX, ASF, AVI, MP4, SVCD, 3GP, FLV and MOV
      * The ability to view picture formats in JPG, BMP and GIF
      * Highly sensitive gravity sensor
      * E-Book, support multitask reading (read while listening to music)
      * FM radio
      * Recording feature, where you can record your own voice or anything else
      * Supports various EQ and 3D setup
      * 4GB built-in memory (expandable via Micro SD card, max 8GB)
      * Built in Lithium battery
      * Calculator
      * Built in processor called Rockchip RK2705

      Upon my package arriving super quick I was surprised to see Yinlips name was no where to been seen, instead the writing on the box says Digital Media Player, which made me think if I received the correct product.
      The box itself is sturdy and shiny in black and white backgrounds. It opens via a magnetic strip on the front of the box for easy opening and closing.
      Boxed product weighs a total of 399g.

      *Opening the box, what do you find?*
      The first thing I saw was my MP5 player staring back at me with a protective wrapper on it. Removing my player and its protective box around it I was left with some cardboard, which once removed houses my earphones, UK charger, USB cable, English manual on mini disk and warranty card, which gives you 1 year cover from purchase date.

      *How does my new shiny MP5 player look?*
      Fabulous, seriously I didn't realise it would be so small in size. It is so slimline it measures 8mm thick. The whole dimensions are: length 101mm and width measures at 56mm.

      The MP5 player comes in black, which the front of the device is shiny the back is matte looking, at the front you will also see a circular button with a red dot in the middle this is your on and off button. Above the button you will see Yinlips in silver writing. 3 inch screen nearly covers the entire device, which is easy to see when switched on with sharp quality. Bottom underside sees a left to right button, which turns the device off completely when not in use and saves battery and on when music is playing.
      The whole device is die-casting, which means there are no unsightly screws.

      *What does my new player feel like?*
      I honestly thought for the price this MP5 player would be a little on the tacky side, but how wrong was I? It feels quality made with a sturdy feel. There are no unsightly screws in sight and weighing in at 69g it is light enough, very portable without realising you have it on you. It looks very sleek and expensive looking.

      *What do I need to do before using?*
      Taking your user manual, which has been supplied on a mini CD disk it is advisable to read the manual fully so you get to know you're new device properly. You will soon get to understand how to work the device without being too technical. Even though the manual is there to help you this MP5 player isn't hard to work out so great for minds who aren't so technical. I would also recommend fully charging your player before playing so you can get the most out of your new music player.

      *How do I get music onto my device?*
      This is very simples indeed without having iTunes in sight. Very simply connect the USB cable to your device and USB connection on your PC, turn on your MP5 player and straight away your PC will detect a plug and play device, you can either click on the box to say its been detected or fire up My Computer. You're MP5 player will be detected as Removable Disk F: and this is where you will drag and drop your music files.
      Locating your music files on your PC you can either copy them or drag them across to the allocated folder.
      Once your music files have been copied over you can then make a new folder with the artists name if you haven't all ready done so. Drag and drop any supporting file and the device will recognise them as audio, video, image or a text file.

      *How easy is the player to navigate?*
      Turning on my device I find it loads very quickly and before you know it you're at the front screen deciding to play music or watch a video first among other things. With sharp resolution of 400x240 everything seems crisp quality. Yinlips MP5 player is very easy to navigate around, the front screen shows you nine different logos you can go into including: music, video, other functions (which you will find your calculator), eBook, radio, record, photo, explorer and settings.

      Going into the first logo music with a simple touch on the touch screen takes you to another world of music at your fingertips. Here you are able to view all the music you have on your player, you can search music via the artist, or search via an artists album, you can search genre (which is categorised under dance, electronic and pop), my favourite and you can find your own recordings here. Your music once transferred in the folder automatically categories itself into the above folders for easy access and navigation.

      *What to each of the categories (logo's) have to offer?*
      Apart from music above going into the folder video here I am able to view, listen and watch a video I have transferred across. A simple double click on a particular video plays straight way with such ease. While watching a video I am able to mute, stop, pause etc and a clever part is I am able to widen the video to original or widescreen.
      You will find this device comes with features other MP5 players just don't e.g. calculator and gravity sensor.

      * Other Function sees a calculator in this folder, I am sure you are able to download other functions into this folder but this is something I have not tried yet.
      * eBook is a clever little function, here you are able to read a text file that has been transferred over like the same way you would a music or video file.
      * Radio is another great function that I like a lot and missed this once I didn't have my Sony Ericsson anymore. Here you can search your favourite station automatically or manually.
      * Record, you are able to record you're own voice or anything else you want.
      * Photo, unfortunately you can't take a photo with this device but you can transfer pictures across and view them in perfect quality. When you have a few pictures to view to see the next picture simply slide your finger across to view the next photo.
      * Explorer, you can explorer all your files in one easy place.
      * Settings, here you are able to change the desktop picture of your choice, language (which there is an array of languages to choose from), display settings where you can change backlight, brightness, system settings let you do a factory restore and key lock. System information tells you how much memory you have used and left and how much memory is left on your TF card (Mico SD) if you're using one.

      *What is the quality like when listening to music or watching a music video?*
      I find the music quality is second to none with no distortion even on the highest volume, which is 31. I find volume 18 is high enough for me.

      Videos are of perfect quality but it does all depend on your video quality. I have three videos to currently choose from, two from the Pussycat Dolls (my daughter loves to dance to their songs) and one from Lady GaGa. All videos never jump or skip while running very smoothly.

      *How long am I able to play music before the battery runs out?*
      Play time you're looking at an impressive six hours for music and three to four hours video playback with the built in lithum battery.

      *How long does it take to charge the battery?*
      I haven't actually timed this but I would say at least an hour, which I think is brilliant.

      *What is music quality like when working out?*
      As there are no moving parts I am able to run or do any other type of workout without worrying my music is going to be distorted and jump while playing a track.

      *Price and availability*
      You are able to find this brilliant piece of kit from eBay for a whopping £34.99 with free postage.

      *Overall opinion*
      I find this device and its snazzy touch screen makes Yinlips stand out from the crowd for the money, the sound and video quality are second to none.

      I absolutely love the brilliant gravity sensor, this means whichever way up the player is, the screen will rotate to the correct orientation. As soon as you change the position of the device the screen will change accordingly.
      I am able to delete tracks, files and videos directly from my player without the need to connect to my PC.
      You can charge the device from the USB connected to your PC port while downloading files or charge from the mains with the supplied UK charger.

      If I don't want to listen to my music via my earphones I can simply connect my MP5 player to speakers, which I have bought for especially using the 3.5mm earphone hole, unfortunately the lead to do this came with the speakers and not the MP5 player.
      Even though I think the earphones aren't of brilliant quality they still do the job well with no problems for me.

      Because Yinlips aren't a popular device in the UK I am finding it hard to purchase a case but I will keep looking.
      This player is able to take knocks and bumps well, especially when in the hands of my daughter, my pocket or handbag with no case to protect it. There are no scratches on the screen or surrounding case.

      *Would I recommend?*
      Absolutely with a capital A. If you are like me that want a portable music player but don't want to pay a high price tag of an iPod then this beauty is for you and one I would recommend highly.
      iPod? What iPod?


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