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Aves Air Handheld Digital Radio

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3 Reviews
  • Good design
  • Good sound
  • Sometimes the volume gets louder on some stations
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    3 Reviews
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      06.08.2015 01:05
      Very helpful


      • "Good design"
      • "Very simplistic to use"
      • "Good sound"


      • "Sometimes the volume gets louder on some stations"

      A very good digital radio

      I've got the Aves Air Digital Radio on my desk at work, one of the many radios I have access to over my working week as I work at different desks and in various rooms. This is my personal radio and I bought it after reading reviews saying how good it was, I wanted a truly portable radio that I could easily transport if I was needed in another office even area of the country as happens sometimes. Luckily my job description changed shortly after I bought the radio and it hasn't been moved from my desk.

      20 channels can be set and that's plenty to get me through an average working day, all controls are on the front of the radio and make sense just by looking at them. I haven't needed to refer to the instruction manual and that's a relief as the English part of the manual is less than two pages long and only covers the basics.

      Sound quality is good for the compact size of the radio, the built in speaker offers up a strong sound and you can also use headphones of any type thanks to the well placed universal socket. Some stations sound better than others and sometimes the volume adjusts upwards on some stations but overall it's a good quality sound.

      A good quality screen offers added ease of use, making it possible to see all aspects of the radio station in detail but on a compact screen.

      The price of £45 is about right, it can be found cheaper but expect to pay in that region. I have had no problems or anything bad to say about the radio as it's as good as any bigger digital radio I've used and as I was expecting a gimmick product from the small size I've been happily surprised.


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      20.02.2014 19:50
      Very helpful



      Good radio that fits well in hand

      I was looking for a portable handheld digital radio to use when watching by team play football. I like to see down the "match", watch and listen to the local radio station as they describe the game. My team is often on digital now.

      Firstly this radio comes a a good price under £50.

      It is handheld, feels light and works well.

      The earphones act as the ariel. I have uses a higher quality set of ear phones as find they sit in my ear much better than the pair that were supplied. Care needs to be taken to ensure that the earphone cable if picking up the digital waves... these can be lost is say on a train and I go through a tunnel.

      The radio comes with a small - but well sorted instruction booklet which explains how the radio woulds.

      There is scan and save buttons as I would have expected.
      I can pick up loads of stations, local, national BB world service and more - so really pleased with that.

      The batteries are AAA size and the radio uses 2. I was surprised how quick the batteries ran out - about 5 to 6 hours playing time. At this rate would get through loads of batteries as was also looking to use this radio when traveling to work once a week on the train/bus. So tried re chargeable and they have been find lasting also about 5 to 6 hours. So in the long run using rechargeable batteries will save loads of money.

      The radio does not have a cover. So the front seemed to get marked a little - I found a suitable very old mobile phone cover to protect the surface which has done the job well.

      Overall a great radio.
      That does use loads of power so rechargeable batteries are the way to go.


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      13.05.2013 17:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      I have a shorter version of this review on Amazon under my real name of M.J. Collins

      I was looking for a small portable radio for a while and really wanted a digital one so this seemed to fit the bill when it came up on the amazon vine programme. It retails at an RRP of £49.99.

      The radio is small and very light and so it fits in a pocket very easily. In fact the batteries (2 x AAA) which you put into the radio probably make up most of the weight of it in use. This makes the radio ideal to take running or hiking with you. Whilst the fact it is a DAB radio does mean the crackles of the FM wave radio has gone it is by no means a perfect item.

      It is fairly easy to use although switching it on is not immediately obvious, you have to hold down the on/off button down for a few seconds to either turn on or off. When switched on the radio searches for all the stations it can find and then produces the list which can be seen on the small screen and you can pre-set a few stations quite easily and they do remain stored even when the batteries are removed when replacing them.

      Whilst the radio is nice and clear this is only when it has a good reception which is a bit hit and miss. I especially noticed this when helping to run a recent Duke of Edinburgh's award expedition where the reception was a bit hit and miss. Also whilst changing channels from the list the radio will switch channels as you go through the list which can be a little annoying. The control buttons are a poor design and the 'rescan' button is easily pressed by mistake. There really should be a 'are you sure you want to rescan' option before the radio performs this. That being said you can lock the keypad quite easily in order to avoid this it is easy to unlock them as well.

      The screen is clear and has a backlight which turns off after a few seconds in an attempt to preserve battery life. After a while the screen does display not only the channel but also what programme you are listening to which can be very useful.

      The build quality is also looks very cheap and plasticky and whilst the front does have a protective film this is hard to remove. The back has a slip resistant coating but it isn't brilliantly non-slip. The item's aerial is the wire of the headphones so unless this is completely unfurled the reception is not very good and the station can drop out at times, even if you remain in the same place. An internal aerial would have been better even at the expense of it being a larger item overall. After all mobile phones have had internal aerials for years so I don't think this is impossible to do. The headphone supplied also the very cheap in ear type. They are not the most comfortable things to use for a long time. Fortunately I do have other more comfortable headphones which work with the radio just as well. So will any set of headphones with a 3.5mm jack.

      The batteries being the AAA type can also mean that this radio will be expensive in terms of replacing the batteries at regular intervals and I mean VERY regular intervals as the battery life is not good. Although it claims an 8 hour battery life I feel it is shorter than this. A built in rechargeable type of battery would have been far better, as long as you don't lose the charger that is.

      The instruction book is small but fairly well laid out and it is mostly easy to follow. Fortunatelly it does not read as if it has been badly translated and it is free from a lot of technobabble. The travel pouch provided is ok and it will save the screen from becoming scratched whilst traveling

      Weight (with batteries) - 87g
      Height - 10.2 cm
      Width - 5.8 cm
      Thickness - 1.6 cm


      A nice little radio but not without its faults.


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