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Envivo DAB & FM Radio

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3 Reviews
  • good sound quality
  • picks up stations well
  • thin plastic casing
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    3 Reviews
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      16.07.2015 16:55
      Very helpful


      • "good sound quality"
      • "picks up stations well"
      • "easy to use"


      • "thin plastic casing"

      A simple, low cost DAB that does what it's supposed to do ...

      It is about 4cm deep, 18cm wide and no more than 8cm high.

      It has the standard FM radio and also the more up to date Digital Audio Band, or DAB as it is more commonly known.

      It has a built in alarm clock that lets you wake up to the normal annoying but very good at its job alarm or even a more gentle setting of your favourite radio station.

      It has a small easy to see LCD screen on the top which gives you simple information such as the station you're on or the time it is. This helps when it comes to setting the alarm too.
      It runs off the mains, or, if you want more mobility, it can run off 4 triple AA batteries.

      It has a single speaker, which is at the front. It may only be a single speaker but it manages to give out a good amount of sound without crackling or distorting.

      It can store 6 radio stations, which is a good amount for my favourite ones so, at the press of a button, I can go straight from the sports station to the heavy metal station, without having tot go around the houses finding either of them.

      It has one of those thin metal extendable aerials that comes out of itself on the back. The ones that are thin sections of metal tubes with one tube being slightly narrower than the next on it goes into. This not only helps when it comes to slotting this out of the way, it also helps when it comes to getting that perfect radio station locked on, especially the DAB ones.
      The only downside, if it has one, is that there is a reason why this Digital radio sells for about £15, that is basically because it is made of the thinnest plastic I have ever seen, and i've eaten my fair share of Milk Tray chocolates from those posh boxes. When I first held this I honestly thought my fingers were going to shatter the plastic casing. The plastic just seemed to almost crush in my grip. So I put it down before I did anything else.

      But apart from the flimsey plastic the actual radio is as good as it gets. It plays music from the radio world as clear as any other more expensive radios do and it is so easy to use that a monkey could sort it out.


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      05.11.2013 15:02
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      An excellent sub £20 DAB radio

      **What is it, and Why Buy?**

      I am a regular reader of Hot UK Deals, and when I saw a post on there stating that Aldi would be selling a DAB radio for £16.99, I decided to treat myself. I'd wanted a DAB radio for the kitchen for a while but I didn't want anything expensive - under £20 is great for a DAB radio in my book.

      A DAB radio is a digital radio receiver (DAB stands for Digital Access Broadcasting) which gives easier tuning, superior quality and more features than a standard analogue radio. I was sick of having my old radio needing to be tuned in to every channel and having no presets, and it varying in quality depending on if I was near the aerial or whether a lorry went past!


      The Envivo DAB & FM Radio has the following specifications:

      6 Preset Channels
      Auto Tune
      Backlit LCD display
      Built-in front facing speaker
      Extendable silver aerial
      Headphone port
      Ability to run on mains power or 4 x AA Batteries (Not supplied, though it runs fine on cheap Kodaks from the pound shop)
      Analogue FM tuning for non DAB areas or channels

      I think for £16.99 the Envivo DAB & FM Radio is pretty well packed with features, in fact there really isn't anything missing from this model which you might get on a high end DAB radio which actually I'd need. So 5 / 5 for features especially for the price.

      **What's in the Box**

      In the box, you get:

      The Envivo DAB & FM Radio
      Mains adaptor
      Instructional Manual
      2 Year Warranty

      The box itself is a nice full colour box and the overall presentation of it is of a high quality, meaning the Envivo DAB & FM Radio would make a nice gift (not like some supermarket value items which you might not want to wrap up in their basics packaging!)


      The Envivo DAB & FM Radio is available in a matte black or a matte white finish. The finish is undoubtedly plastic and can feel slightly on the cheaper side but for a budget DAB radio it's absolutely fine and the build quality doesn't feel flimsy at all.

      The unit has a curved front with a flat back, meaning it's great to use against a wall, on a windowsill or as a bedside unit. It has a silver extendable aerial, and the buttons (tuning, volume and presets) are all on the angled top of the unit along with the backlit LCD screen. For a sub £20 DAB radio I think it looks good (I went for the white version as it's for use in my kitchen).

      **In Use**

      I tend to use my radio with batteries and I find that I only need to change them every three months or so, and I use the radio for at least 20 minutes most days whilst I prepare meals. Tuning it was a breeze (the screen tells you what radio station you've tuned to) and I've got my six favourite channels as presets, so it's as easy as switching it on and going to which channel I want. No more fiddly tuning or static sounds!

      The sound quality for me is excellent through the little built in front facing speaker. No tinny sound, no distortion - I'm really pleased with it. Voices are easy to hear and bass is sufficiently deep. For most people it will suit them down to the ground.

      The clock feature is handy as it has an alarm on it, which I can hear better than my oven timer so I actually use it quite often if I have something in the oven, again another handy little feature.

      It's wipe-clean, which is a bonus, for use in the kitchen. Overall I am really happy with it, never had a moment's trouble with it and it has the added bonus of a 2 year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

      **Any Downsides**

      For the money I think any downsides I could state (such as a rechargeable battery or a USB input for playing mp3s etc) would defeat the object of this being a budget DAB radio.


      Overall I am very happy indeed with my purchase of the Envivo DAB & FM Radio and I'm glad I waited it out for DAB radios to get to a reasonable and affordable price which competes with that of analogue technology.

      Since I purchased my white one I've bought a black one as a gift and it was very gratefully received. I can't fault it in terms of price, looks, quality and sheer ease of use. I'm really happy with it and if you're looking for a little DAB radio for use as an alarm clock, for in the kitchen, garage or just around the house, then you can't go far wrong with the Envivo DAB & FM Radio.

      I'm going to give it 5 stars out of 5 because I can't really find any fault with it personally. Highly recommended. Keep an eye out in your local Aldi, because these can and do sell out especially around Christmas time.


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        15.08.2013 17:32
        Very helpful



        OK for the bedside

        The fact that I was the last person in the world to own a DAB radio was not down to being a technophobe. Much as I like to savour the nostalgia for steam radio, magic lanterns and the abacus, I think I've been fairly good at embracing technological change and celebrating the new opportunities it brings. No, it's not that. I'm just mean.

        DAB radios have seemed rather expensive up to now, and I didn't feel I could justify the expense when I had several, perfectly good analogue radios around the house. However, when shopping in Aldi one time I noticed that the Envivo DAB/FM radio was selling for £16.99 and having been quite pleased with the Envivo range of products in the past I thought this was a well-priced opportunity to find out what DAB had to offer.


        The Envivo DAB/FM Portable Radio comes in black and white and at 180 x 78 x 41.5 mm is slim and sleek to look at, but the plastic casing goes with a plastic feel, so that you know you're handling a low-end product. A cheap feel doesn't always mean a cheap performance, of course. I don't buy a radio to look at it, but to listen to it. With other Envivo products I have found that the performance has been better than the build.

        It comes with a mains lead and plug, but also takes 4 x AA batteries, which are not supplied. The on/off switch is at the back and there is an extendable, fold-down aerial. On the top, there is an array of buttons for switching between DAB and FM, for pre-setting stations and recalling them, raising and lowering volume, and for moving backwards and forwards between stations. There is also a standby button and a headphone socket.

        A potentially useful feature of this radio is an alarm clock facility, along with a backlit LCD display, making it a possibility for the bedside.


        While that lightweight, plastic feel might not be everything, I have found it difficult to get away from; and even setting that aside, I have not been completely happy, I have to say.

        When I set it up and put it on automatic search it "found" 63 stations, but many of them were unclear and they took some sifting through before I was able to pre-set the ten of them that this radio allows. There were still some that I couldn't find. Recalling them seemed a bit of a nuisance as well. You have to press the pre-set button for a couple of seconds and then press the forward and backward buttons to find the station you want. I have an old car radio that Noah didn't want and I find it easier to find stations on that while I'm driving than I do on this thing.

        Once you've found a station with a good signal, the sound is clear, but not very loud. This is not a radio for the hard of hearing, unless you're going to use the headphone socket, either for an earpiece or to connect to an amp, but if you have to do the latter, you're largely defeating the object of having a small, portable radio in the first place. I don't find the tone very robust, either. Somehow that "plasticky" feel seems to extend to the sound as well.


        Looking at the market now, I have to say that I made an unwise impulse buy. I'm sure that if I'd looked around a little, then for the same money, or perhaps a little bit more, I could have found something better. I can't honestly say that this is any better than the battered old analogues I've got around the place. In fact, I think it's worse. If this were pink and had big buttons, I might have considered giving my very first DAB radio to my six year old granddaughter.

        I shall probably end up using this as a radio alarm by the bed. The difficulty there is that the present incumbent is over thirty years old and still going strong. I think I got it with Green Shield stamps!

        If there are just one or two stations you listen to all the time, you want a clear signal, you don't want to spend much money and you don't have a hearing problem .....this could be for you.


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