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Grundig Music Boy 51

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2013 13:17
      Very helpful


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      Not just a radio but a heirloom

      Head-Quarters: Nuremburg, Germany
      W x H x L 247 x 127 x 62 mm
      Weight approx: 0.9 kg (According to the Amazon vendor the actual box weighs 0.4 kg!)
      Portable Power accommodates AA size batteries - (4x1.5V, Type IEC, AM 2, LR 14, C size)
      Functions: FM Radio, Clock and Alarm
      Release Year: 2007
      - - -
      Music Boy, its namesake was a dodgy free media software download which organized your audio music data illogically via means only programmers of the software can fathom. Finding the required data file was a grandiose task in itself, ahh, the memories.

      I receive a nostalgic pang of warmth whenever Grundig is mentioned; if a brand was put on this planet to transmit to mankind, then the evolving Boy is the chosen one. Music Boy is viewed as a dinosaur of the world of listening; the Boy is a brand that defies death, escaped the grave listed 'electronic product obsolete' - in real terms modernity has galvanized the Boy; product morphing has become an art-form. Grounding and device manufacturing versatility notably the reason; naturally written in the 'Grundig Book of Survival' by German Founder, Max Grundig in 1930. A man from humble beginnings, whose extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit is with us today; nearing quarter of a century since his demise. Will the same be said for Jobs Apple? - I'm unsure.

      Remarkably, the product aesthetics of the Music Boy, derived from the Music Boy of 1964: the 'Boy' is a 'Peter Pan' - Yes, the radio has modernized, since the old fashioned fabric and metal combination of last century devices. As an infant I use to observe the mosquito net fabric move to the rhythm of 'Good Vibrations' courtesy of the 'Beach Boys' - Music Boy meet Beach Boy. For as long as I can remember, I've been perplexed at the ad hoc choice of material used for a Grundig radio handle; the only choice was either leather or a type of nylon used on deckchairs - leather-straps tended to be a pound more expensive in stores. Although design-wise, leather and metal were chalk and cheese. Thanks to the technical advancements of product design, there are no odd amalgamations of materials to inflict on the Grundig consumer. Hardened plastics have evolved to the point a radio can be made into any component, shape or electronic device. Smoothened curves have been introduced, a space-age silver for a digital generation of portable radio - another Boy was born to Grundig, named; Music Boy 51. One of a long family string of Music Boys, differentiated by numerical digits: 160, 60,210,85,71,65 and so forth. A form of product evolution, a natural selection Wallace would state claim to; a 'Grundig prophecy' or was it a promise to the wireless enthusiasts and collectors who 'whirl and purr' with admiration at vintage models such as a metal radiator model of a Music Boy 210? What is apparent, the Music Boy 51 resembles its forefathers via product design, by a disproportionate chrome circle; illustrating where the sound comes out of the device - on a Music Boy 51, the circular trait is evident by a crop circle collection of holes. An audible design emblem representing visual sound - an endeared product design policy that over the years has become part of the furniture, too the extent the symbolism is overseen or invisible, till of course you identify the illustrious Grundig product design traits.

      The Boy's five channel tuner is stingy - preset as much as you want, storage of frequency is versatile - then again, who listens to all the 600 radio stations, by rotating your allocated five channels? This accumulates to 120 rotations in all; I doubt even the radio friendly Tony Blackburns' are that enthralled to listen to every available station - AM or FM. My FM Music-Boy is permanently tuned into two channels at most - Radio Four and Five Live. Music Boy is also about eight seconds quicker than if you opt for online listening, therefore - you get the information quicker, well eight seconds makes all the difference if online blogging. Clarity of audio quality is 'the' most paramount when time is the essence. The Music Boy delivers at a frequency rate that my ears had adjusted too over the years; hence, the tuner default seeks better frequency signals when portability is taking it to the extreme - ah, the wonders of wireless and portability i.e. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio. You'll be pleased to note, the underlining radio sound of electric rain is still evident, the Boy hasn't eradicated it totally, but that's radio - one of the deliberate charms of frequency tuning - a noise instantly identifiable to the 20th century, along with a telephone tintinnabulation.

      I'm instructed to wipe the Music Boy with a moist leather cloth instead of any cleaning agent use; an example of Grundig's product care; perhaps pedantic, albeit - first grade after-sales product care. The casing will suffer, get mottled and prone to discolouring if the Music Boy 51 is subjected to solvent abuse - Only the clean freaks among us, with kindest will harm the Boy's curved, soft exterior - "killing me softly with this solvent, killing me softly..." Cleansing neglect is my default mechanism in regards to 'on-the-shelf' devices so suits me fine. I generally do not engage in flicking polish cloths in the direction of the Boy, or in the vicinity just in case any airborne cleansing agents floating haplessly towards the Boy.

      Mode Settings are easily set, Alarm, FM Tuning and Clock. On/Off button is self explanatory as well as the Volume option. Functional simplicity is paramount; typical of Grundig and the main reason for the brand's longevity. Ideal for a consumer seeking a standard portable DAB Radio - the fact the Music Boy 51 is a Grundig; carries buying impetus. A future collective item, that'll no doubt have increasing value as time goes on. Worth tuning into and buying for a measly sum of 40 pounds stirling. Recommended.


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