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    1 Review
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      27.03.2009 14:53
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      Nice sleek item which had good speakers for a cheap price!

      ~The Background~

      Before Christmas I needed a radio for my kitchen, something sturdy, black and something that might house My iPod. My lovely other half had said he would buy it for me as an early Christmas present, but he insisted I choose it.
      We had a quick look round the local electrical shops and found a couple I liked, and decided we would wait until he got paid. The next week I visited Curry's near where I work. They had a few different types of docking station and only a couple of choices that had a radio.
      Whittling these down to under £50 as I didn't want to spend a fortune my choices were impaired by -

      Colour - I wanted black as spills and splashes wouldn't matter as much as white.
      Wattage of speakers- I wanted to be able to hear above a sizzling pan and a washing machine
      Easy display and easy to use - it was only for the kitchen!

      So at £39.00 the IMODE IP1006 was picked. The stereo is shaped with a carry handle and has the capability to be battery and mains operated. It has CD player and AM/FM radio as well as an iPod docking station (which also charges the iPod). Wipe clean exterior for pan splashes. Excellent item, good price.

      ~When I got home~

      When I got home I had a massive fight with the packaging, there were so many bits and pieces, plugs and random bits of plastic , sealed in plastic, it was ridiculous. Packaging aside the product was sleek smooth and something that would look good in my kitchen. So, the moment of truth, it was plugged in and I inserted my iPod and switched it to the iPod selection.
      I tried again, and still nothing. I started to get quite distressed and thought that it was a cheap 'no name' bit of plastic where the iPod bit didn't even work. Typical. Until my other half came home, gave it a gentle wiggle and it worked! Hurrah! So the speakers - were pretty good, even quite loud, iPod sound was good. It came with a little remote control which worked well and had the basic buttons on it. I switched to AM radio. The clock section turns into the dial, and instead of the old fashioned ribbon, you can put it exactly onto the number you want this is also the case for FM radio. The numbers on the clock are black and the colour behind it is blue, which looks really modern and trendy.
      The CD player is on the reverse of the player in an upright position. I guess the makers were thinking that most people would use the radio and iPod station (they were right; I have only used it once!) It has an aerial - which doesn't pick up radio too well in my kitchen, but it is the location rather than the actual system, when it has been tested in another part of the house it works fine!


      From reviewing the internet and manual, this player will play and recharge all iPod's except iPod shuffle. There is an optional video out cable as well.


      When in the shop, I enquired how much wattage the speakers had, but there was no information on the box, the sales assistant even looked on the internet to find out. To no avail.
      I e-mailed the company distributing them and I was pleased they were a half decent 10w. They came back to me really quickly, which was brilliant. The player plays well, the remote does what it is supposed to. It looks good, sounds good and is constantly playing. As my kitchen is in the front of my house, I didn't want anything too 'expensive looking' that I would have to cover up or put in a cupboard every day. But this is small, convenient and smart, without being 'expensive'. At £39 it was a good bargain and does the job. It may not be the most prolific brand in the world, or have the most information on the web, but from first hand experience I would say that it was a good buy!


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