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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2010 10:44
      Very helpful


      • Reliability



      My wife and I purchased this JVC Boombox about 2 years ago from Comet (Festival Park, Stoke-On-Trent). We paid £99:99 for it on special offer.

      There were 2 reasons why we were out looking for a large, powerful CD player, the main one being that my wife was about to start her own dance teaching lessons, by going round lots of local town halls and community halls to teach children and adults, a range of dance lessons in ballet, tap, disco, jazz, and hip-hop. To do this she needed something to play her music on - something potable, and powerful enough to be heard in the larger rooms, even when they were full of screaming kids!
      We also thought this would be very handy for taking on holiday with us, for using at the beach, or at a caravan that we sometimes go to.

      After a long search around the electrical retail shops, our search was looking a bit of a waste of time.
      Most shops had stopped selling these type of 'ghetto blaster' models, and only small kitchen radios were available (pot powerful enough), along with full hi-fi units (not portable), or Ipod docking stations (too expensive and fragile).

      Eventually we did discover the JVC Boombox, and although it was priced a lot higher than we wanted to pay, there was no other choice.

      *** About the Boombox ***

      The Boombox is a very 'cool' looking piece of kit, fully complimented by its 'boombox' title. It is silver and grey in colour, and has a good strong and sturdy feel to it. The strong feel to the boombox is however reflected in the weight, which is a hefty 9.5kg, and this is a bit of a negative, but JVC have reduced the inconvenience of this weight factor, by positioning a fold-out handle at the top, and also a built in handle at both sides, and so it is very easy to carry.
      The boombox contains a top loading CD player, a Cassette player, and an AM/FM radio tuner.
      All the controls are very simple to use, and big is size, which is ideal for my wife when she has a class full of children to attend to.

      In terms of the sound quality, it is superb for a portable unit. It boasts 2 left and 2 right built-in 5 watt channel speakers, along with 2 built in 15 watt subwoofers, which provides a full range of sound.
      The volume is tremendous, and I doubt if we have ever had it higher than about 25% of its maximum output, but the sound is crisp, and clear, and powerful thanks to the exceptional Bass.

      *** Technical data ***

      Width 69 cm
      Depth 29.6 cm
      Height 23.9 cm
      Weight 9.5 kg

      Features include:

      Built in LCD display
      Preset Equalizers - Beat, clear and pop.
      45 preset radio stations.
      Sleep / wake timer.
      CD random play, programme play, shuffle, all track repeat, and one track repeat optional modes.
      Auto reverse cassette system.
      Carry strap.

      The JVC Boombox is powered by an electrical lead for most of our use, but occasionally if we take it outdoors, then the batteries are used, but beware these are expensive to buy, and don't last all that long - especially if the CD player is being used.
      I would recommend buying some re-chargeable batteries, if this is to be the intended use for the boombox, as it takes 10 x type D batteries!

      Overall this has been a very good purchase for us. It has been transported all around Stoke-On-Trent, and carried in and out of different buildings hundreds of times, but has never suffered any damage. The only slight issue is the weight, but the carry strap and 3 strong handles, do make it easily portable. My wife now has her own dance studio, and so the portable requirement of this music player has now disappeared, but the JVC boombox still sits proudly in her studio!

      Thanks for reading.

      © L500589 2010


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        01.10.2008 22:21


        • Reliability


        Overall, it's a very good system. The only thing that bothered me (whitch is very minor) is that the bass isn't directed to one direction or at least at an angle, but they are at opposite directions. Therefore, one can't position the system to feel the maximum bass possible.


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