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Logic3 iStation Alarm Clock Radio for iPod

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    2 Reviews
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      04.10.2010 22:02
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      The best you can buy for this price

      I went for a few years without actually owning an alarm clock which actually ended up driving me completely crazy, waking up and not knowing what the time was, and having to fumble around in the dark under my pillow for my phone! I decided to buy an alarm clock, which charged and played your ipod too, so that I could listen to the radio, or my music before I went to sleep and so that I would have something nice to wake up to, rather than a generic irritating alarm beep.

      After much research into the hundreds of different ipod alarm clocks I decided to go for the Logic3 as it seemed to be very good quality, had lots of different features and was reasonably priced too. I bought it from my local Dixons at a price of £64.99. I got the black version, and the whole system is black as opposed to white which is shown in the picture of the product above.

      The product itself is quite large for an alarm clock. It has dimensions of 30 x 20 x 20 cm and weighs approximately 2kg. If you only have a small bedside table then it may take up most of the room, so that is something to consider. It is powered via an AC adaptor, or you can also choose to power it by batteries. It takes 4 AA batteries.

      The screen which displays the time is actually quite large and the numbers are displayed in a large font. The screen brightness is actually very bright indeed. I am one of those people that needs complete darkness to sleep. The brightness can actually be altered and there are 3 different brightness settings, but even the lowest setting was too bright for the room, and I ended up sticking a piece of cardboard over the screen. This was a bit disappointing, as the whole reason for me buying was for the time, and now I was covering it up every night!

      The alarm clock comes with a remote control. It is a bit annoying to use as you have to be pointing it very accurately towards the device, so you spend lots of time waving your hand around in the air trying to get the song to switch! The buttons on the remote are also quite flat too so don't really go down much when you press them.

      On the top of the device is a dock where you place your ipod/iphone. Once you do so your ipod will immediately start charging.

      Just below the dock are all of the buttons. Starting with the left hand side, the first one says preset/display, which is used for setting the alarm. Setting the alarm is really easy to do. Simply press that button and us the up and down arrows to scroll through and set the time. Underneath that are the tuning up and down buttons. These are used for the radio, to change the stations easily. To move up one decimal place on the frequency band, simply press the button once. If you hold the button then it skips through the stations quickly until you let go.

      On the right hand side, the top button is labelled memory. Below that are the volume buttons. I find that the volume level is really great for such a small device. It is quite powerful, and could easily be used in a very large room. You can go very loud without much distortion of the noise, and is fantastic to use for parties, etc.

      In the middle of the istation are the main buttons. There is a large play/pause button, which is used to play and pause the music on your ipod. There are also 4 buttons around this, which are placed at 12, 3, 6, and 9 O'clock around the central play button. The first of these is Time/Sleep. I use this when I am listening to the radio to help me get to sleep. You can set it in 15 minute intervals, ranging from 15 minutes to 135 minutes. The second button is labelled Source. This is describing the souce at which the music is coming from, either radio or ipod. Press this button to skip through the options. The other two options are A1 and A2, which I have never used and have no idea what they do!

      At the bottom of the istation, there in the on/off button and the dim button. As mentioned before, I don't like the brightness levels on this alarm clock, and the lowest setting is really not dim enough for you to use in a bedroom and still be able to sleep in there! Below these two buttons is the Snooze button... The largest button on the device, it is right by the edge of the product, very easy to find and press when you have just woken up and are still in a daze!

      All of these buttons can be found on the remote, so there is no need to keep getting up to press buttons, which is handy.

      There is one major disadvantage to this product. It doesn't charge my iphone!! Well, it did in the beginning, and it charged it really well, I never had any problems. After about 6 months of owning it, I suddenly noticed that when I would remove my iphone from the dock, it would have really random battery levels. It was sometimes as low as 9%, and other times it would be 40 or 50%. Sometimes it would charge the whole way!! It was really sporadic and completely unreliable! i put my phone on charge when I go to bed, so that it is fully charged for the morning! To do this, and then wake up with only 9% battery is extremely frustrating, and I have to spend the majority of my day without access to my phone.

      It was particularly complicated to program in the time I found. I had to go and find the instruction manual which I very very rarely had to do! It is not common sense, and even now I have no idea how i managed to do it, and couldn't do it again. The instruction manual is helpful though and provides detailed instructions on how to program various different things and tells you what all the buttons do, etc.

      Other than this, the sound quality is very impressive, a lot better than I would have expected it to be. It does tend to have quite a high level of bass, which could be annoying to some people.

      The radio signal quality is fairly good. The ariel consists of a bit of wire, that i normally tuck around the back of the product, but sometimes i have had to wiggle it around a lot to try and get decent reception. I don't know why it doesn't come with a proper arial that I could place on my windowsill.

      As it is made from a really shiny plastic it does show up marks easily and attracts a lot of dust. Mine always seems to have greasy fingerprint smudges all over the top.

      There are two different alarms on the clock which is great if you live with a partner and you both have to get up at separate times like we have to at home! You don't have to wake up, re-program the alarm, etc.

      Overall, this is a great product and really good value for the price, probably the best you could buy! It is a shame that my ipod charging dock stopped working, but I'm sure that's just a one-off for me! The sound quality is excellent, and I am very impressed with this product!


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        16.07.2010 14:42
        Very helpful



        A great little iDock/radio with a range of features at a price that won't empty your pockets!

        I think this is a fantastic product with only a few minor flaws, which would be expected in any similar product. Rather than rabbit on, I'll list what I think are the main pros and cons.

        Great value - you would struggle to find a similarly powerful playback/radio device for less.

        Excellent quality sound - the sound output really is very good for a reasonably small device (which, I might add, packs 8W into an object smaller than a shoe-box). The music sounds really good even at low bitrate, volume is sufficient even for a party-type atmosphere and the bass quality is particularly notable.

        Easy to use - some reviewers have commented on the complicated layout of the units buttons, but I find that once you get used to them the device is perfectly easy to use and range of functionality provided by the remote is more than sufficient.

        Material quality and appearance - I think the build quality of this item is commendable, it feels robust and well built. It is also quite pleasing on the eye (though i'm not too fond of the colour scheme on the other model!) - it will sit nicely in any TV cabinet or on any bedside table.

        Though the cons are relatively minor, they do make for an annoying detraction from what could be a perfect product.

        Remote - though I think the layout and button-resistiveness is fine, the signal range is terrible! Anything short of pointing it directly at the unit, and it won't receive the signal. This can be really annoying if you are at a different level to the unit, or if you're too drunk to point the remote steadily.

        Display brightness - other reviewers have commented on this, and I am inclined to agree. Even on the lowest brightness setting it is very luminous. Though this isn't really a problem for me given that I keep it in the kitchen as an iPod dock/radio, I imagine it could be annoying in a dark room when used as an alarm clock.

        Radio antenna - though it picks up stations acceptably well, the antenna is huge, fidly and a bit of an eyesore if you're having to straighten it out to get signal. I don't see why modern devices like this can't cope with an internal antenna.

        No memory - I was also a little disappointed to find that if you cut the power to the device entirely, it loses all settings. It is irritating to have to re-set the clock and alarm every time you flip the switch off at the wall, but it's not a massive issue.

        Ok, so over all I have been very pleased with this product. Were it a little more expensive I would probably have been a little more disgruntled at its drawbacks, but you certainly get a lot for what you pay for. I also like that they provide you with a variety of dock adapters to suit any kind of iPod.

        I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple iDock with good sound quality.


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