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Brand: Mikomi / Type: Alarm Clock Radio

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2013 19:12
      Very helpful



      a radio alarm clock by Mikomi

      I think an alarm clock is an essential in every household, although not as much now since we all rely on our mobile phones to wake us up. I have had this Mikomi CT-318 alarm clock radio for quite a while now and it has lasted well since I purchased it. I have had it for a year or so now but in the middle of the night if I wake up, I can always rely on the red LED display to tell me what time it is. I can't actually remember where I bought it from but it is not the radio part I got it for, more just to have it sitting on my bedside table as an essential item. It isn't the smallest but it does sit well and doesn't get in the way.


      This alarm clock comes in black and it has dimensions of (H)4.5, (W)10, (D)11.6cm. It is a normal size, not too big but not small either about the size of an A5 book and as I said before, it has a red LED display on it. The alarm clock has quite a short cable which is probably why it annoys me as sometimes I knock it over as the cable gets in the way being so short. It can also run on a back up 9V battery but I don't see the point when I can have it plugged in all of the time. There are quite a number of buttons on it and it has a silver round shape on the top with three black buttons which are how you set it and get it working, it is all quite easy to work out when using.


      The alarm clock first of all has a sliding button underneath it which can be set to AM or to FM radio, there is a tuning dial on the side to get it set to the station that you want it to, the quality is ok, as I said thought I didn't use this a lot. The buttons on the top of the alarm clock are to set the time, to the right there is an hour and min button which is what you need to keep clicking until the time is correct on the LED display. You are on 12 hour clock so when the red dot shows next to PM on the front, you know it is 7pm not 7am the display is showing and also when the red dot is showing next to ALARM you know the alarm has been set to go off when you need to wake up.

      On the top of the clock also, is the button for snooze if you want a bit of a lie in, it is a big button you cannot miss it. To the left of this, there is also a button for time sleep and alarm, you hold alarm down to set it to the time you want woken up. These are all of the buttons you will need and I always found it easy to use really, when you have the alarm go off it is loud enough to be heard, definitely, quite a standard sound and you just turn it off at the side. It is very straightforward to use, nothing too fancy and I like that about it, it looks stylish at the same time as well as the fact that it works and always wakes me up. The clock has never had any faults since I have used it and is reliable enough.

      I have dropped this a number of times and it still works fine, I have never heard of the Mikomi brand until I bought this but it seems good to me. The numbers on the display are quite big and easy to see in the day or night which is good for all ages, even if you do need glasses like me and wake up in the night without them on, you can still read the time. On this you can also choose whether you want to wake up to the radio or the buzzing noise, it is up to you. I never found myself using the snooze setting, so I cannot comment on whether it is reliable or not but the alarm always went off at the time it was set and still does thankfully, so in that sense there are no complaints.

      I'd say for what I paid at the time I got it, this has been a great little alarm clock radio, it may not be the latest style or very advanced but it does the job and is simple enough and easy to use. I have never had any problems using this alarm clock and my only problem is what I've said above that the cable could do with being a bit longer as if you have a high up shelf behind your bed which is where I keep mine that the cable gets caught up sometimes when I reach up to the clock. This is good for all ages and I like the design of it, it is easy to see at all times of day and night and the silver disc on top shows up the black buttons very easily to know where to press.


      This alarm clock radio is not currently being sold on any shops but there are some models up on eBay at the minute for a bargain price so it is worth taking a look at them.

      I could not come across and official website for the brand Mikomi.


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