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Morphy Richards Internet Radio

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2007 19:49
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      Awesome product - buy it now!!!

      "Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Consumers Choice. In today's show I will be discussing an internet radio made by a well known brand; Morphy Richards…"

      Radio Times (of joy)
      Excitement is one of the emotions that springs to mind. When I opened the box of this brand spanking new radio from Argos.

      I find it hard to understand why this internet radio isn't offered on a wider market and publicised more. I found this radio at the bottom of a page in the Argos catalogue almost hidden!

      I don't know any one else who owns such an item. Perhaps at £149.99 it's quite a hefty price. My impulsive buying is a dangerous habit. Fortunately most people are more sensible than I am.

      As with most of my reviews I like to do research. To date this radio has been more difficult to review than any other item. To my dismay I was unsuccessful in finding any extensive reviews. I hope what your eyes are about to read is helpful enough for you to make a decision about purchasing this radio.

      If you do buy one 'write a review' it gets kinda lonely being the only one! I think it's incredibly important to read several peoples opinions before spending a large amount of money. It's just a shame I don't follow my own advice!

      Internet Radio checklist
      Before you can use this radio you need to make sure you have a wireless internet connection setup at home. You'll also need to know the key for this, in order for the radio to share your connection.

      Secondly and probably most importantly make sure you have enough money!!

      Ah this is another important point - make sure you have a mains/plug socket free. This smashing product does not run on batteries nor solar power… shame!

      Why this radio is so blimin' great!
      So why would you want to bother with the hassle of setting up a radio which has to connect via your broadband router? Well how does 4,000 radio stations to choose from sound to you? Mighty impressive huh?

      Yes, I did say 4,000 radio stations. You can listen to a local station, or perhaps you fancy something a little different. As soon as I returned from a Caribbean cruise I was tuning into a radio station in Barbados - it was incredible! Turn up the heating, close your eyes, lay on your bed and you think you're still there. (Well not quite). - Sorry I get a little carried away sometimes!

      Picture this…
      I realise most of you can see the picture so I will not go into to much detail about how the radio looks but I'll describe the buttons and their functions to you.

      There are two dials on the front left hand side of the radio. (Just below the display). One is the volume adjuster - turn right for louder, left for quieter. Although I must add the volume isn't that loud overall - I can just about hear it from the next room. Not enough to sing along to the lyrics though - probably a good thing!

      You can apparently plug in an mp3 player. I must admit I haven't attempted this because I think an extra wire is required to do so…

      The second dial is your select key - imagine it as your computer mouse. You just scroll and click (push dial in) to access next menu or play radio station. This is a fairly easy facility to use. Some times it can be slow, carrying out your selections but 'us' British people have a good tolerance to delays. I can't see a couple seconds waiting time causing a problem!

      The lcd screen is blue with black text. The power button (on top of the radio - left hand side) is blue when switched on and red when switched off (on standby).
      There is a SD Card slot (for recording on your internet radio). See this device is getting better and better! I am yet to buy an SD Card but I'm sure it's an amazing feature. Obviously the size of the card depends on how much you can record on to it.

      Three buttons placed to the left of the radio screen are 'Reply' 'Back' and 'Shift'. You use these in conjunction with the dial which acts as the mouse. These help complete operations such as going back to the previous page.

      The buttons to the right of the display are your preset buttons. Rather than having to search for your favourite station every time you switch the player on. You can save it and play at the touch of a button. Cool huh?

      So now we know how to access the different features on the radio let's get down to the nitty gritty; the Genres.

      I was amazed to find nowhere on the www has a list of all the Genres available for this model of internet radio. Hence I have worked overtime on this review to provide this information just for you. So here it goes:

      60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Adult, Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Bluegrass, Blues, Bollywood, Christian, Christian Contemporary, Classic Rock, Classical, College, Comedy, Country, Contemporary, Dance, Discussion, Easy, Electronica, Experimental, Folk, Gospel, Greek, Hip Hop, Indie, Indie Rock, Jazz, Kids, Latin Hits, New Age, News, News Talk, News Update, Oldies, Pop, Public, Punk, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Religious, Rock, Soft Rock, Sports, Talk, Top 40, Unknown, Varied, World, World Asia, World Europe, World Mediterranean, World Middle East, World Tropical,
      (phew I can come up for air now!).

      So we have looked at the Genres available a very varied and large selection right? Well perhaps you'd rather search by the country in where a radio station is based. I would so love to type all these stations out for you. However it would take me hours - which at the moment I just don't have. However, if you're curious about a specific country, please feel free to leave a message in my guest book and I'll let you know.

      (I've just read this review back to myself. As I reached this point it crossed my mind - someone, somewhere will say "Well you could at least mention a few of the countries". So here are few, but let me just say any country you can think of will probably be listed!).

      UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia, Algeria, Brazil, Chad, China, Cyprus, Fiji, Ghana and the lists goes on....
      The radio says that the UK has 778 stations. The USA 2660 stations - wow!

      Alarm Clock
      Yep, wake up to relaxing Italian Music or perhaps you just want to be like me (although I wouldn't advise it) - waking up to Chris Moyles 06.55am - so this is another great feature. However not my favorite as this is under my next subheading.

      You can set the alarm clock to just go off on week days (this is what I do). Just remember to switch it off on bank holidays - I always forget!

      When you have the radio on standby the time is displayed in quite a large font on the display!

      On Demand
      I'm not a demanding kinda girl. However isn't it annoying if you really love a radio show but you have to work? Some of the radio stations offer an on demand service. What's this? Well it means if you've missed a radio show you can listen to it again - no recording just use that dial mouse thingie! If you click on a BBC Station it most likely provides this service so for example I've clicked on Radio 4 - the radio asks me if I want to listen live or 'on
      demand'. In this instance I choose 'on demand' a list of shows from the week are on my screen. I scroll the list, click the button and there you have it I'm listening to a show broadcasted 48hrs ago!

      The quality of each radio station depends on its bitrate. Unfortunately I'm not that technical. I know that the kbs are displayed and if you look at this you should be able to tell if it's a good speed (the lower the number the worse it is) but you'll work that out by your own ears!

      I am yet to experience a bad quality broadcast. - I hope I haven't just jinxed that!

      The radio's text can be displayed in eleven languages. An example of some of the languages available; German, English, French, Italian and Portuguese…

      A great product for a varied age group, although it comes at a high price. Some individuals may prefer to just listen to stations via their PC. However if you're like my parents, unable to grasp the daunting world of modern technology this 'wireless' is a perfect solution.
      With Christmas coming up and the gift selection process becoming more difficult. Perhaps I have found an ideal solution for a family member. I can not fault this product and hope if you do decide to purchase one that you have as much pleasure out of it as I have.

      e-tradecounter.co.uk £ 141.70
      argos.co.uk £149.99
      ---Over and out---


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