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Nevada ND-01 Portable DAB Player

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Convenient and easy to use. Compact package and light weight means you will never be without your radio. Digital display. Dynamic, immediate information through the text display. NiMh rechargeable batteries, give up to 10hrs use

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    1 Review
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      31.07.2006 23:25
      Very helpful



      An easy to use DAB radio

      Have you ever won anything on the Radio? I had been considering asking for a DAB radio for Christmas as I quite fancied being able to listen to digital stations such as BBC 6 and 7. Luckily I did not have to wait as I won the star prize on Ken Bruce's Popmaster music quiz on Radio 2 which was a Nevada ND 01 portable DAB radio.

      I am really pleased with my freebie. It is a quality device being voted Best handheld radio in What Hi Fi magazine's awards last year. It looks classy as it is metallic white with a large blue backlit screen and only five buttons and switches to give it a streamlined minimalist look. It is small but not minuscule as it is about the size of an Ipod. It comes with a neat little pair of comfortable earphones, rechargeable batteries and a six-volt charger/adapter. I am glad that it has rechargeable batteries included so I do not spend a fortune on them. My only gripe on the presentation front is that there is no belt clip to hook the radio onto my waistband.

      The radio is pretty easy to use once I had a quick look at the fairly detailed instructions sheet that came with it. I also found it easy to use once I had plugged it in for the first time. Like a freeview TV, it initially scans the frequencies so you do not have to worry about tuning it. If you need to retune it is also easy. You just toggle to the menu screen where you are presented with three choices (Local scan, Full scan and Manual Tune). I am not too sure of the difference between local and full scan and have not needed to bother with manual tune as the automatic ones have tuned in over 60 stations (in London). There is a small joystick, which acts as a station select, and volume control. It is also an FM radio but I do not usually switch to this mode much. I find I get better reception with the DAB radio and do not have the hassle of tuning it just so as the DAB does the hard work for me. I am really pleased with the range of stations I can receive. It's great. I get a full range of music and discussion from heavy rock to easy listening. I even get stations I never knew existed such as Funradio (a station for kids). The reception is usually good but it can get blocky sometimes. Some stations have fainter reception and I find myself waving the radio around to get better reception. The sound is usually very clear, and does not distort at high volume. The radio can store up to six presets on each mode so it is even easier to find your favourite stations. I found this easy to do. You just select your station and hold down the preset button to save. The only thing I have found is that sometimes I cannot select the presets using the enter button on the joystick. I find that it ignores my command and carries on playing the previous channel. I find this a bit annoying, as I have to scroll through all 60 or so channels to select the one I want.

      The screen is pretty user friendly. You have signal bars and a battery indicator like you would on a mobile phone. I like the extra information you get on screen with digital radio. The display tells me the name of the station, the type of programming and the frequency. Most stations have a scroll of text highlighting things such as the program, the DJ or the song that is on at the moment or coming up. The local BBC stations even display the weather and travel news. The radio also has a very handy key lock so you do not lose your station or deafen yourself when you accidentally move the joystick when it is in your pocket.

      I am a little bit disappointed with the battery life. I find it needs recharging after about five or six hours but I think I may decrease the battery life by changing channels quite a lot. It usually takes about three hours to charge fully.

      Since writing this I have found a couple more faults with this radio. Firstly it is not ideal for non city dwellers. On trying to retune it at my parents house in Dumfries I could not receive a signal at all thus when doing a\scan no radio stations appeared. Secondly the ear phones wires have become a little loose and thus i might have to replace them sooner or later.

      I have seen this radio on the John Lewis website for £80 but if you have a good musical knowledge try your luck on Popmaster and it might be winging its way to you free courtesy of the BBC.



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