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P SB7 ITC Research Spirit box

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2014 20:50
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      Amazing piece of equipment for paranormal research


      I begin this review aware that everyone has different views on this subject and I do hope that it does not offend anyone. I have a reasonable amount of experience when it comes to researching into the Paranormal because it is something that I have spent a considerable amount of time on but I am by no means an expert on the subject and do not have all of the answers because no one really does. The concept of life after death is something that has intrigued me for the longest time. It was always going to be of interest to me because I grew up hearing quite a bit about it. Researching the Paranormal has become a much loved hobby and luckily my wonderful fiancé shares my enthusiasm about it.

      I have been on two Paranormal tours of the Crumlin Road Jail with my Fiancé, Sister and Mum and witnessed some unexplainable things and these only intrigued me even more and made me want to purchase what some would refer to as "ghost hunting equipment." I do not like the term "ghost hunting" and I do not see it as "ghost hunting". I am simply seeking for evidence that there is more to life and death than meets the eye. The aim is not to convince anyone that the afterlife exists because everyone has their own belief's. My only aim is simply to note the evidence that I have gained using the P - SB7 and explain how it works.

      Hopefully my experience & advice on how to use the P - SB7 will make for an interesting read, if nothing else, to the non believers out there. I have personally found that the P - SB7 is not always required to make contact. My Fiancé and I both believe that it does work, and I have found it to be a very useful paranormal research tool. The P - SB7 is a great place to start for beginners who may want to test the water in Paranormal Research, but are not sure where to begin. It is very easy to use and provides a way of obtaining evidence with minimal effort and equipment.

      I do like to have a look at what is believed to be pictures and videos of paranormal activity. Such as spirits allegedly manipulating things via electromagnetic fields (An electromagnetic field is a physical field created by electrically charged objects). However, I find that I prefer to investigate the E. V. P side of things which is why I got the P - SB7. Why is this, you may ask? Well quite simply I am a chicken and my fiancé is an even bigger chicken than I am and so it is rather ironic that we like to investigate this stuff at all but nevertheless we do.
      Given the choice, I would rather hear a ghostly voice, than having things flying around our room or ghostly faces appearing in our mirrors or be witness to full body apparitions as these can replay horrible scenes of how they met their end. This is why I chose to buy the P - SB7 and not go down the video evidence route. I have actually seen things fly off shelves when no one was near them and there was absolutely no way they could have just fallen. It happens quite frequently actually. It happens to Me, my Mum and Dad and Sister and Fiancé and probably has happened to you.

      How to Record E.V.P with the P - SB7?

      Although I am greatly intrigued by this subject, I do rationalize things and if something can be explained in a perfectly rational way, then I always choose the rational explanation first. If you are taking part in any form of Paranormal Investigation, then I recommend that you do this too. When I record an E.V.P I have several people listen, including skeptics in my family, especially the biggest skeptic, my brother Trevor and I do not suggest what I think I hear. I wait for them all to tell me what they hear and if it is the same as what I thought, I know then that I am not simply hearing things.

      To begin you have to turn the P -- SB7 on by holding in the on button until it comes on. Once it is turned on, you can choose to scan at different speeds. You will probably find that you need to test each speed to see what suits you best, but I personally recommend the fastest one for one simple reason. The reason is that when you are scanning at the fastest speed, you may get a tiny bit of radio coming through, like half of a word, but you cannot get full sentences.

      When you record your EVP on the fastest scanning rate, and receive full sentences, then you can be confident that they are truly genuine responses to your questions because they could not possibly have come through via the radio. The slower you go the more the possibility presents itself that you will get radio voices and conversations that could confuse you.

      Turn the volume up as high as possible, I recommend speakers because they make life so much easier. In my opinion speakers are only required if you plan on listening without recording though. I do not recommend doing that because in my opinion, it is a waste of time. Not because it does not work, it does work but you end up without proof of the excellent responses you get and you miss some great ones.

      I downloaded Audacity, which is a free, very high quality, sound editing software. Audacity is easily acquired by doing a quick Google Search with the words "Free Audacity Download."" It is the best software of its kind and is completely free. It is used by professionals and one of the favorites of people interested in Paranormal Research. Once you get used to using Audacity it becomes a breeze, sometimes we used P - SB7 and sometimes we used white noise. Always make sure all electrics that could cause unwanted noises to ruin your E.V.P recordings are turned off.

      You can choose to sweep forward or backwards. I recommend backward sweep because, if you are sweeping forward, there is a chance that you will pick up snippets from the radio. I would like to add one more time that sweeping at the fastest rate makes it impossible to get full sentences and that is regardless whether you sweep forward or back, but I Sweep backwards, do this and you will see just how well this really works, when you begin to get answers spoken forwards.

      Use this when you are in a good mood, in my experience your mood affects what you encounter. If you are in a bad mood, negative energies and basically bad vibes will come. If you are in a good mood you will find whatever it is you are speaking to is much more pleasant and friendly. If you are very, very frightened by this I do not suggest ever trying it because it is not for the faint hearted. Remind yourself that you are safe and nothing can hurt you and it won't. During the experience we have had with this device, I honestly believe nothing will physically hurt you.

      Ghostly Encounters

      Some people acknowledge these things and some won't. Sometimes people are understandably just too frightened to accept it and other times they are skeptics. Sometimes it is pure coincidence and sometimes I cannot accept that it is just pure coincidence. Such as when something very heavy lifts up and fly's off a nearby shelf, even though it was placed far back, and the shelf was a good sturdy one.

      Of course there are non paranormal moments that could easily be mistaken for one. Such as If a picture falls off a wall that it has been hanging on and the nail is crooked. It was just a crooked nail, but might still cause a fright with the unexpected crashing to the ground.

      Does It Work?

      I am 100% convinced that this does work and actually sometimes it works too well and scares the crap out of both my Fiancé and me. Something that gives us more evidence that the P - SB7 genuinely works is that curse words come through at all times of the day and night. At daytime local radio stations do not allow foul language. Even if they did, they would not account for some of the foul responses that come from this thing. With the P - SB7 we can ask questions receiving several yes and no answers in a row. We can hold an item that would be difficult to describe at best and have it described by whatever it is that is answering us, and when I say described, I mean in amazing great detail.

      What Are You Communicating With?

      Personally, I do believe that Spirits are answering us, they sound as though they are just people who use to be alive. Some are good, some are bad and some are evil. When I say evil I do not mean demonic though, in my opinion they are just evil as in being corrupt. I do not believe it is Demons or things that have never walked the earth, but a lot of people do. I could hardly say for definite that Spirit is communicating with us because you can't see what is providing you with answers but something is answering. I will admit it is a tiny bit frightening at times. I have received messages that are quite frightening, some that are clearly warnings about people around me. A brilliant response I received in reference to this question was that recording E.V.P is like standing in the middle of Grand Central Station and asking for opinions (about anything). Some would be wise, some would be mean, some would be crackpots.

      What Kind of Messages do you get?

      One E.V. P obtained via the P - SB7 warned me that someone who did something bad to me, would do it to someone else. With messages like these you have to take it with a grain of salt because since you cannot see what or who is communicating with you, it would hardly be wise to trust or believe anything that it is saying. If you thought it over too much it would drive you bonkers. I have a rule that if I hear something disturbing, something that does not make much sense, I just move on to analyzing the next one.

      Although after receiving this warning I broke the rule and I did ask on Spiritual Forums about it and received answers that put my mind at rest. One reply was referring to a woman who had something lying to her through E.V.P. It told her that she had a serious illness and this understandably caused her a great degree of stress. When she finally got the nerve to go to the doctors about it, she was given a clean bill of health and was told nothing was wrong. However, I saw another reply about a person who was warned about having cancer via an E. V. P and they did and in that case it actually saved the persons life because they got treatment early enough.

      A lot of the time we get the word "help" coming through and this can be upsetting. A lot of different voices can be saying it at once and they sound very unhappy. I have no belief in regards to Heaven and Hell. I never really believed in either, but since I got the P - SB7. I honestly am really beginning to question my own beliefs. I actually go out of my way to hide if I see people coming to the door with bibles, I do not like being preached to. "We are lost" Is another thing that frequently comes through. The best E.V.P we have recorded so far are as follows.

      "Paul (my Fiancé) can you hear properly? This was said by a woman who sounds to have an English accent. Paul wears a hearing aid due to difficulty hearing and so this was very weird. The E.V.P is very clear, but did not frighten us because the voice was not scary. She sounded concerned about him.

      "Murder" followed by a rather evil sounding laughter. I often listen over the recordings that we have but this one I do not. I read that in the right conditions being the atmosphere, mood, location. If you replay an E.V.P it can cause activity related to the words that were recorded and so you can probably understand why this one is no longer played.

      " We are Aliens" was recorded and It sounds like a child is whispering it. This is strange, very strange and made even stranger by the fact that the room was in complete silence as with every E.V.P recording session and there are no whispers on the P - SB7. Do I believe it is aliens we are communicating with? No, not particularly but then who knows?

      We asked what we believe to be spirits, if they missed things that they use to do when they were alive. We asked if they missed Alcohol, Money, People they knew and then Cigarette's and for some reason cigarette's was particularly popular. We received two responses, both from female sounding voices. One said " I had one today, wtf?, and the other said "I loved a smoke" and sounded like she was amused by the question.
      We have one that says very clearly "you're a witch." Possibly aimed at me because in the old days people who communicated with the dead were considered to be witches. No need for pitchforks ha--ha!

      In one a man can be heard saying "they're taping us"
      In another the response was *We can see you."

      Often we recorded voices saying "can you see us"?
      One is of a man who sounds to be between 20 and 30 years old saying "help little Francis." He is very polite sounding and comes through often.

      Another sounds to be a female saying "After they go."
      One is of a older sounding male saying " we want free,"

      Lastly, we have one of a young sounding man saying "time never heals." He sounds very sad.

      What Is The P - SB7?

      The P - SB7 which is also referred to as a Spirit Box is used to aid in recording Electronic Voice Phenomena. The voices are believed to be those of the dead. This is also referred to as ITC Research and is my main area of interest. When I first heard the term Spirit Box I thought it was a Gimmick but I am glad that I was proved wrong. The P - SB7 is a plain enough looking black handheld radio, but it has been altered to only work on either AM/FM mode or on some occasions both. It has a blue light that you can turn on for using in the dark. The battery life is very good and in my experience Duracell batteries lasted nearly a month. How long the batteries last depends on how much you use the P -SB7 though. It has an earphone output and internal speakers.


      The P - SB7 has an aerial like any other handheld radio. Some people choose to keep this on and some people decide to remove it.
      Some believe the aerial being attached allows more chance for interference from actual radio stations and so they take it off. However, we did not feel the need to do this when we were using ours because if you set the P -SB7 to scan at the fastest rate it goes so incredibly quickly from one station to the next that it could not possibly pick up whole sentences and certainly could not cause us to get the answers that we did.

      The P - SB7 was made popular by Zak Bagans from the popular Ghost Adventures series.
      Is This Safe to Use in My Home?
      When it comes to using something like this it is completely at your own risk. If you have any mental illnesses, this could make them worse. If you are of a highly nervous disposition it is not recommended by me or those who sell them. Similarly, if you are on medication for depression, I do not recommend this. Other than that in my honest opinion, it is very safe to use.

      Won't My House Become Like the Amityville?

      No, not at all and films like that breed the fear and stigma surrounding these things. I have used Tarot cards, Ouija Boards and everything that is said to be dangerous and not once have I been possessed or levitated around our room. If I did it would be funny to see Pauls face though. The worst that could happen is that you would see an apparition recreating a scene of something tragic happening, this would not be pleasant but you would not get hurt physically by this. It is basically just a memory of something bad that happened years before, just repeated in front of you.

      Risks and How to Avoid Them

      In assessing the risks, the only ones I could think of is the psychological ones. If you are religious, you may need some kind of reassurance. I recommend saying a prayer before and after using the spirit box and to ask the spirits to leave after every session. This should make you feel safe and reassure you.

      If you are lonely or living alone, do not use this to remedy that. Instead, go and make friends or talk to family, while using this at the same time. Never let it become your only form of communication and spend plenty of time away from it.

      I read about a man who lived alone and he became completely consumed by his obsession with contacting Spirits via E.V.P. He use to be very outgoing, but once he got into this it changed. Concerned friends and relatives would call to his door and get no answer and when they looked through the window, he was sitting there having conversations without any spirit box or E. V. P equipment. This can apparently happen. When you become open to listening to E.V.P, it is said that the floodgates open up, so to speak, and spirit can begin to communicate with you in real time just as though they are sitting next to you. I have not encountered this yet, but a lot of people say it has happened to them.

      Everyone has different beliefs, some will believe and some won't. I can see how this could be entertaining for both types of people. Skeptics could mock it or scare other people with it and believers like myself can use it to gain further evidence that the afterlife exists.

      Where can I buy it?

      The P - SB7 can be bought on Ebay, Amazon and other websites that specialize in ghost hunting equipment. There is currently a seller on Ebay selling them at £60 with free delivery.


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