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1 Review
  • Good kit
  • Sound not great
  • Poor signal sometimes
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    1 Review
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      15.01.2015 20:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Good kit"


      • "Poor signal sometimes"
      • "Sound not great"

      As good as portable digital gets - which isn't great

      I already own a Pure desktop digital radio (a big white plastic brick) after the BBC insisted we bought into digital by threatening to turn off AM/MW signals by 2018. They backed off that government backed idea when digital radio didn’t really catch on and now there are no plans to turn off AM/MW. In short digital radio isn’t great and so not that popular. With AM/FM radio, the interference generally means an irritating crackle or a noisy static thunderclap when a motorbike goes pass your house but after that the single quickly returns. With digital it either cuts out completely so you have to get up and retune or you get that stuck needle effect. Either way it’s overrated. Yes you get more channels but like Freeview they are extra channels you rarely use. Christian radio appeals to me as much as Radio One does.

      Now, I like my cricket and that means I have to have a long wave or digital radio on my person to get commentaries on the Tests, ODIs and domestic cricket. As you can imagine carrying a chunky LW radio around is so not cool and so you need a portable one that’s not visible on ones person. As from 2015 Radio Northampton – my local station – moved their cricket coverage of Twenty20 matches to their digital station and so I have had to retool and get a portable digital radio for when I am on the move, the appropriately named Move 2500 mums Christmas present to me.

      It a Pure model again and the most popular digital brand out there and cost over 50 quid. I don’t ask people how much they pay for my presents, especially the old dear. The cheapest ones on Amazon start at about 35 pounds and they are often reconditioned models by Amazon marketplace traders. I’m guessing prices are high because they are now classed as a luxury novelty item now people get digital niche radio through their Smartphone’s.

      It’s about the size of a ten pack of Pall Mall fags and fits snug in the top pocket of your evening shirt or jacket pocket or the back pocket of your jeans, ideal for the summer for tunes on the way back from your day out or the pub. It has FM radio to. It has separate bass and treble controls and high-quality in-ear, noise-isolating headphones for your music stations. The supplied rechargeable ChargePAK M1 battery provides up to 14 hours listening per charge (so they say) and can be recharged using the supplied mains adapter or from the USB port on a PC or Mac, a free charge at work if you are canny enough. I would say 14 hours is the best out there. The later is important as they have limited battery capacity and could be flat by the end of the day. Portable digital radios are real power hogs. This one features a regular LCD screen which shows battery and volume level, and the station name, of course, as well as DAB signal strength and scrolling text associated with the broadcast when in DAB mode. You can alter the display in the radio’s settings to show a different signal strength indicator or the broadcast data rate in place of the scrolling text. I can’t see the point of that though. You can preset 20 stations and receive double that number.


      • DAB digital and FM radio
      • 20 presets (10 digital and 10 FM)
      • In-ear noise-isolating headphones supplied
      • Separate bass and treble control
      • Includes a rechargeable ChargePAK for up to 14 hours portable DAB listening

      The sound isn’t that loud and the ear jack provided also doesn’t sit snug in the lug, leaking even more sound. If you are out jogging I would get some of those small black ear foam things to keep it in your ear. REMEMBER, the earjacks are the aerial and so pick up the actual signal.

      ===Box Contains===

      Move 2500 Radio
      PURE earphones
      Power supply
      ChargePAK M1 (installed)
      User guide
      3 year warranty


      Signal strength is not great indoors and any electrical interference and you lose the station or its Norman Collier time (ask your dad). This is not uncommon; the nearer you get to town centers and built up zones the more interference. As I also said they use up battery power quickly. It’s a very good idea to check what batteries you will need. Some take those smaller AAA ones that don’t fit in your regular chargers and so you may have to buy a new charger and chargeable batteries. Buying fresh brand name batteries would be very expensive over the year. Some portable digital models do have built in chargers. Most have a battery life of around 8 hours, pretty horrendous in this modern technological age. The Move 2500 has a built in rechargeable battery, why I wanted this model.

      Looks and feel pretty durable and a good selection of channels. You can only save ten digital channels and have to split it with 10 FM channels. There is dial thing on the front to drop in those channels and adjust volume and that bass. I don’t know anyone who wants 10 FM channels saved. It locks into the channels nicely so one nil up on MW there, the Punjabi station not blending in badly with the Breakfast crew on Three Counties Radio anymore. There seems to be a lot of drumming in Indian music. It’s one of those technologies where you have to accept problems.


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    • Product Details

      Move 2500. Rechargeable Personal DAB Digital and FM Radio. A compact, light personal DAB digital and FM radio, Move 2500 is ideal if you love radio on the move. With its sleek aluminium fascia, mirror finish casing, recessed controls and the latest in-ear headphones it might seem a shame to hide Move 2500 in your pocket. Not only does it look great but Move 2500 sounds fantastic too thanks to its in-ear, noise-isolating headphones and separate bass and treble controls. Move 2500 is ideal for the commute or a trip to the gym and if youre off on holiday its an ideal travel companion as its multi-standard digital tuner will pick up local digital stations wherever you go. The supplied rechargeable ChargePAK M1 battery provides up to 14 hours listening per charge and can be recharged using the supplied mains adapter or from the USB port on a PC or Mac.

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