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Pure ONE Mini Series II

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2 Reviews
  • Easy to use and very compact
  • Sounds clear with no distortion
  • Needs a seperate battery pack
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    2 Reviews
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      28.09.2015 09:03
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use and very compact"
      • "Sounds clear with no distortion"


      • "Needs a seperate battery pack"

      Crystal clear sound

      Although I have a huge music collection now that’s all stored on my iTunes with lot’s of playlists to suit whatever mood that I am in I still enjoy listening to the radio to discover new music plus I like to listen to the talk shows etc.

      I have a DAB radio in the kitchen that I like to listen to when cooking as I find it quite soothing. It is made by Pure and was a present off my husband to replace our previous radio which was playing up.

      I love this radio and it is so much better than the old days of radio when you had to tune the dial and most of the time it would sound crackly. Because this is digital the sound is much clearer and you don’t get the interference that you used to get with radios.

      It is such an easy thing to use as well. It is easy to set up and store the digital channels that you want and it only took me a few minutes to set it all up out of the box. The sound is crystal clear and it is a pleasure to listen especially when listening to call in shows and the like as it is much easier to hear what everyone is saying.

      The radio itself is so compact and portable that I was a bit shocked to begin with and didn’t think that it would be much good for listening to but I was wrong as even though it is compact it still sounds amazing. I was very annoyed though that you need a separate battery pack to be able to use it portably as I didn’t realise this and thought that I would be able to use it as a portable radio straight out of the box instead of having to always have it plugged into the mains.

      That is the only thing to complain about with the radio though as it is a really easy one to use and sounds fantastic and is a pleasure to listen to the radio without having any distortion.


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      16.08.2013 12:47


      • Reliability


      A worthy investment

      I received this radio as a gift in 2010 and can honestly say that I think it's fantastic!

      Because I live in quite a small flat, I wanted something that wasn't going to take up a huge amount of space and would fit snugly into my kitchen. I wasn't disappointed with the Pure One Mini. It really is a petite little radio that doesn't take up a lot of space and is quite happy to be tucked into a corner.

      The instructions for set-up were easy to follow and it was working in no time. The volume button is suitable sensitive and is worked through a dial on the side, rather than buttons, which I find works better for greater control over the volume.

      Perhaps my only small complaint would me that it isn't that easy to change between different stations. It's an odd combination of various buttons, and turning the dial. It would probably be easy to learn and remember if you change the station regularly, but if, like me, you have your favourite that you listen to a lot, you might find that you need to get the instructions out if you want to remember how to change the station to something else!

      Sound quality-wise, I'm very impressed with it. It's crystal clear. I honestly don't think the sound quality could be any better than it is. It sounds like the DJ's are in the room with you.

      In all, a lovely little radio that has fantastic quality in a small package!


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  • Product Details

    Pure ONE Mini Series II is a fantastic compact portable radio that merges quality and style with affordable price. It looks sound great and thanks to simple controls you can easily access many features that ONE Mini has to offer like digital and FM radio input for iPod/MP3 player and USB upgradability. If you haven't listen to digital radio yet start with Pure ONE Mini for easy and wide station choice and clear high quality sound.

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