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Roberts CD Cube CR9986

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Roberts CD Cube CR9986 - Brand: Roberts - Radio System / Tuner Type: - Audio System / Type: Clock radio

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2013 21:11
      Very helpful



      2 stars

      This is the little radio that I have had in my kitchen for 6 years now. I keep meaning to buy a new one to replace it as it is far from reliable.

      When I first bought it I was pleased with how compact it was, it was lovely to have a smaller model compared to what I had previously. It is for in my kitchen so it' snice that it doesn't take up very much space.

      It is a 'cube' design as it basically looks like a cube.

      It has a CD player built into it. The CD goes in at the top and it's easy to put it in with simply flicking the lid up to open it and popping it down to close it. This doesn't lock or anything so be careful if you have little ones- my grandson often opens it whilst the CD is spinning and I worry about it cutting his hands.

      The front of the radio shows the time or the tracks you are listening to on the CD player. This is quite big so you can see it from across a room, I'm forever glancing over to see what the time is!

      Beneath this LCD screen are the buttons to press for your CD to make it fast forward, rewind and so forth. These are quite big and easy to use.

      The side of the machine has all your dials for your radio tuning, the options to swap from radio to CD and so forth.

      Using it should be really easy but actually it is not very reliable.

      To turn it on you press a big button on and it should be straight forward enough to start a CD but it seems like sometimes I have to press play about three times as it pauses it so then I try to unpause it but then nothing happens so I press it again and eventually it works but then the next time I will use it I'll only need to press it the once so I'm not sure what is happening and it is a little frustrating. Also, the signal is rather poor, sometimes the radio is as sharp as anything but then the next time I'll turn it on it'll be dreadful and it will take me a good while to retune it. It is very frustrating and every time it does this I think about buying a new one.

      It does have an alarm but I've never had to use it. I'm not sure I would trust it really!

      It gets plugged into the mains and the length of the wire is fine for me, it may not be long enough for others though as it's not very long.

      There is no way to tune in the radio station and then be able to store it so if you knock it you have to go through the process of finding it again which is a little annoying.

      I don't recommend this radio as it's not reliable. I have put up with it for 6 years now but I think it's time to find a new one. It costs around £40.


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  • Product Details

    Roberts CD Cube (CR9986) is a perfect analogue bedside radio and CD player. Now you can wake up to the sound of your favourite radio station or music played from a CD disc. Dual alarm allows you to set up one for yourself and different one for your partner when necessary.

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