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2 Reviews
  • Simple to use
  • Good reception in every room
  • Lags after a switchover at times
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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2015 11:23
      Very helpful


      • "Good design"
      • "Simple to use"
      • "Good sound"


      • "Lags after a switchover at times"

      An excellent DAB radio

      This is my sister's DAB radio that I had the privilege of using while I was staying with my parents this week. By her own admission the only reason she bought this one is because her name is Elise and she liked having a radio to match her name.

      It's a very basic radio with DAB and FM functions, the sound is very good though and it's a model that is worth thinking about if you like the design.

      I like the style of the buttons being located on the top of the radio, this makes the radio appear retro as most DAB radios do but also makes it quirky and of a different era to usual. The buttons are fully marked so the radio is self explanatory right from the first time you come to use it.

      The display is in a prominent position and gives all information you may need to use and enjoy using both DAB and FM functions. There can be a slight lag when changing from FM to DAB but this is minimal and when expected does not cause any problems.

      Scanning through DAB channels is fast and the Elise picks them all up, unlike another Roberts digital radio I've used recently which missed lots of stations through the scans. There is the option to save your favourite channels and so avoid the need to scan each time you want to change station, this function works well and as it should with favourites channels being accessed immediately upon pressing the selection button.

      The sound quality is excellent, aided by the oval design of the speaker which offers good acoustic ability. DAB is obviously of a higher quality than FM but both are clear with good strong audio effects at any volume you choose to listen to your radio at.


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      20.11.2014 17:28
      Very helpful


      • "Good reception in every room"
      • "Choice of DAB/FM"
      • "Clear sound"


      Radio GaGa, can you hear me?

      Unfortunately, there is no image available yet for this radio but if you head to robertsradio.co.uk under the DAB range and Elise you will see an image of a white portable radio.
      It is a basic looking radio just to use in the garden and bedroom. We spent more on another version so if this was scratched or damaged in any way we wouldn't cry our eyes out.
      However, this is quite a tough little machine and we've had it for five years and not one little problem. It's been carted around the house left, right and centre and yet no damage, even the cat knocked it off in a wild frenzy and it didn't even dent. We used batteries in this and it lasted a more than a month but then it depends on how much you use it. We even had this in the sun [follishly] no problems! thankfully, but please don't try that!

      Our Elise Roberts radio only cost £50 with Littlewoods and we have insurance on it which came in handy. [The first one they sent the volume was set very high and it wouldn't turn down at all - the company immediately changed it asap and we were very grateful]
      Since then, no problems whatsoever.

      The radio has your basic
      DAB options
      FM Options
      Display backlight
      Favourite station button [on Jazz, just in case you were wondering x]
      Recalling a preset button
      Headphone socket
      AC Adaptor
      LCD Blue menu display[ time/ date/ shown]
      Rotary volume control
      Super long aerial [however you don't have to have it all the way up]

      The size is small [mm] 237[w]x141[h]x82[d] but the sound is mighty.
      This is available in black and white

      This is very easy to set up.
      On the FM station options, I have installed five prefered choices and on the DAB [whch I use more] has five preset stations plus a favourite button. Everything is literally at your fingertips.

      To set the radio stations is easy all you have to do on each button is tune into your favourite station using the tuner and on the button's marked 1-5 hold down for a few seconds and it's set, you know when it is finished because this little beauty tells you. Do this for each button and there you have it music at your finger- tips.

      The reception is great in any room in the house even in the garden I think this is one of the best radio better than bigger brands names to pick up receptions and not taxi drivers chatting on the radio instead, that's one thing I don't miss on FM.

      Again we have chosen insurance on this product so any problems we can exchange and Littlewoods is very good at providing the service as far as we have experience them.
      On robertradio.co.uk you have the customer service available for any help should you need it.

      This packs up when you want to take it to the beach very well because it is super light, which made us originally worried and doubt that we wanted it because I thought it felt cheap , but I couldn not have be more wrong. I am very, very glad I stuck with this radio and would happily recommend it.


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  • Product Details

    Roberts Elise is an elegant digital portable radio that will look good in any bedroom or kitchen. With favourite station button you can enjoy your chosen station just by one touch. Menu display rotary volume control and up/down tuning buttons make the Elise radio easy and convenient to use.

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