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    1 Review
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      01.04.2011 23:27
      Very helpful



      ** Sony CD Radio Cassette **

      ** Sony CD Radio Cassette **

      My son wanted a few years ago a CD player for his eighth birthday, my brother got him a Sony CD Radio Cassette CFD-S01. O Sony the company was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita and it was called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. The first product was a rice cooker. Later they looked for a better sounding name and then opted for Sony.

      Components of the device:
      * CD player
      * Radio
      * Cassette player

      To play a CD you need to press push open / close and the lid comes up and you can place the CD (label side up). Again press open / close the container and closes again. The buttons below the display you can pause, stop playback, go to the next track, previous track to a certain point audible search, find a specific point on the display. The display can be seen: the total number of tracks and playing time. By pressing the display button shows you: the number and playing time, number, and the remaining time, the number of remaining tracks and the remaining time of the CD.

      The button mode you can choose several things: One track, all tracks repeat, Random play music, music programming (up 20) and repeat programmed tracks. To listen to the radio you need to press the button for radio and it turns on. Tune with + and - and you can set the frequency, this can be seen in the display.

      Playinga tape you need to press the appropriate button (square with triangle) to open the cassette holder. Insert the cassette with the side you want to play. You can only type 1 (normal) tapes. Close the holder. You can then use the buttons above the container: start playback, pause playback, playback, fast forward or rewind, tape eject.

      The device has two speakers. The sound quality is good compared to the price paid for the device. The high and low tones are pure sound and sound very good. You can enhance the bass by pressing the button mega bass. The sound is really clear and I'm quite impressed.

      My son has this device over two years now. He was very careful in the beginning and soon he broke the antenna of the device, but in normal use, the antenna is strong enough. He doesn't use cassettes but the deck is easy to use. He barely even listens to the radio, but he uses the CD player very often and without any problems. It is a sturdy machine, anything except the antenna.. The sound that comes from the device sounds clear. The device looks beautiful in black, dark grey and silver. It is more compact and does not take much space. Overall a great gift, for I believe just over 50 pounds. My son uses the radio hardly but I use this for example as I'm cleaning his room. Even without the antenna it's still producing a good sound. In the instructions you can find all the information you need. Only downside is that you cannot play MP3 and especially the whole cassette player is very old fashion.


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