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Sony CFD S35CP/S

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2011 20:11
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      A blast from the past

      Talk about a blast from the past this "Boombox" as they call it has a tape deck, I don't think you can even buy tapes anymore, not everywhere anyway.

      This was a good loud system, I didn't use it anywhere except my house, bedroom to be exact. I had a tower of Cd's, hundreds of them and would pop them in and out as needed.
      This was an unusually shaped flattened egg-like sound system. It looked good then and looking at the nostalgic picture I think it still looks good now. With its silver body and large eye-like speakers on each side. As was always the case with these sound systems the tape deck was right in the middle. This was a single tape deck, as the best ones always had a double deck so you could speed dub from one deck to the next.

      In order to record to a tape, to give to a girl I wanted to impress or for whatever reason, the length of the procedure was ridiculous. First I would have to load a CD into the top mounted CD player. It would open simply by pushing on the top of the door, I used to love how smooth and slow the hinged oyster shell door would open. Then pop in the CD, wait a few seconds as it would start spinning with a whizzing sound. Then I would know when it was ready as the track numbers would appear on the amber screen. Loading times for the CD were great, it literally only took around three seconds to load from the moment the CD player door was closed to the numbers appearing on the screen. As the digits were in black and the screen was amber, it was very easy to read even from the other side of the room.

      Once the CD was ready to go I would have to press play then pause on the track I wished to record. Then I would move on to the tape deck. Having already loaded a blank tape in to the deck I would have to hold down the play button, then at the same time press the record button. Then go back up and press play on the CD. How things have changed, at the time I thought this was simple, but looking at it now, it was a bit of a procedure. There is no way I would have remembered the dimensions of this machine but luckily they are provided under the technical details tab above this review.

      There was a button right below the CD door just to the left of the LCD screen that was the "mega bass" button. Without this on I always thought the music sounded good but I never played a CD without this on max and the volume almost making the system shake on my bedroom table. This was the best thing about this system. The sound was great, it was clear and crisp, it made Cd's sound how they should. And the base was fantastic for a portable boom box.

      There was a clock on it but I never set it as I would unplug it after every time I used it. I would occasionally use it to listen to the radio but that was very rarely and only for a minute or two at a time when my favourite song would come on. There were lots of presets available for both FM and AM stations, my sister used these more than I did, but having the option of pressing a button over scanning through the stations was always handy.

      There was a big problem with the radio however, when I did use it the sound was good, but if I went too close to the system the signal could become a bit crackly and if I went right up to it, the sound would go crazy to the extent that I couldn't make out a thing. I must add that this only occurred when the telescopic aerial was extended, unfortunately it had to be extended to the max in order to pick up the FM stations.

      There was a small handy grey remote control with this but the buttons were a bit too small for my liking and I lost it about five thousand times. So most of the time I'd still have to get up off my bed and change the track by hand.

      The main system took batteries as well, I remember my dad had put them in for me when he gave me this as a gift. But I never used the batteries always used the mains power. So when I eventually opened the back panel all the batteries had began to leak and everything was rusted. It took loads of those big square D batteries, like the ones that you put in fire alarms. What a mess.

      Eventually like most CD players I owned, this began to skip as the laser went out of alignment. The CD would just spin and spin but the track listing number would never appear.

      I think it's kind of sad that these aren't easily available anymore, but maybe tapes will come back into fashion just like LP's are at the moment.

      This can be purchased online at :
      for £89.60 + shipping.


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