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    1 Review
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      02.08.2004 00:56
      Very helpful



      ---Introduction--- I have had a couple of mini portable radio's over the last few years. They have all been Sony products and I have decided to buy my latest radio from them. I like to listen to the radio when i'm in bed, going to sleep. It is also very handy for when you are in the bath or shower. Sometimes you may want to relax to some music and this is a safe way to do it, because you can't give yourself an electric shock. When I go camping, I need an alternative to my Boombox and Hi-fi system. This is perfect for me in every way, as I will highlight in the paragraphs below. *************************************** ---Radio Quality--- The quality of the radio is superb. You can pick up a huge range of stations with the aerial. There is relatively little, if not any, crackle or interference. Once the aerial has picked up your station you shouldn't have to move around to keep the freqeuncy. I have used this in the New Forest, which is relatively remote and the quality and reception has been top notch. Another thing, is that a lot of radio stations can be found in a wide range of reception so it allows you to pick various stations up very easily. ************************************ ---Sound and Volume--- You wouldn't expect the sound quality, to rival any of the radios or hi-fi systems used in the home. The quality of the sound and its clarity, is very good on this model. It is far better than any of my old ones, mainly due to the shape of the speaker. The volume is very good, because you can turn it up very loud if you need to. It seems to have an added amount of 'power' that generates the extra level of sound. It is useful if there are lots of people listening to the radio at the same time and you can't all gather round closely. ********************************** ---Range of Features--- The range or number of features on this product is r
      elatively little. It has the two basic functions of FM and AM radio. You do expect the radio to have these standard features. One minor thing that I have noticed, compared with other similar radios, is that there appears to be a greater range available on both the FM and AM bands. The small 'ring pull' style plastic stand on the back of the radio is, however, a very handy and well thought out added feature. It allows you to stand the radio up if you are unable to hold it. On some of the other portables that I have had, the stand has often been to weak and has lost some of its strength as time goes on. The 'auto lock' mechanism seems to fail after a while on most, but this one seems to be very sturdy and strong. If you want to use the radio privately, you can insert a set of headphones into the side. There aren't any provided in the package, but they are relatively cheap to buy. The quality is probably better through headphones, as you don't get interference from outside sources. **************************** ---Durability--- As I have said previously, I do take this portable readio with me when I go camping. It is very hard wearing, as it is well protected by a tough outer shell. You would have to place a lot of pressure on it, to cause any sort of damage. I did drop the radio on the dry and rocky bed of a dried up stream and the only damage was a scratch to the battery cover. The aerial is fairly strong and sturdy, but it does offer some flexibility to prevent it snapping in certain situations. I think that I will still be using this radio as far ahead as 2015, as there are no possible problems that I can forsee. Sony make good products and I don't think there will be any electronic faults with the radio. Anything that I have bought under the Sony brand name in the past, has never let me down in any way whatsoever. ************************************ ---Reccomendation---
      If you want a really handy little radio, for around £15 of your hard earned cash, then you should seriously consider this one. You get a strong and sturdy product, from a top brand name, as well as good sound and volume attributes. This can also come in handy if the electricity cuts out, as it is battery operated. I have found that the 2 x AA batteries required, do last for a very long time. I would say that you get around 70-80 hours radio play out of standard Duracell batteries. This is pretty good so you won't have to keep spending money on new batteries. A must have in my opinion!


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