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Belkin Micro USB CLA

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2013 23:07
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      A cheap handy way to charge any usb device in the car

      BELKIN Micro Auto Charger
      Most of us who have a car now use our cigarette lighter point for so many gadgets now that really we need a second one in every car. My husband's car has two and a usb connector but my car is a couple of years older so I have just one lighter point. My old phone I charged through this using a special connector and lead specifically for my phone but when I sold it on Ebay I generously included that connector as it was useless for any of our other gadgets but very handy for that phone.

      I now own an iphone which as most people know has a very clever charger with a usb connector to a standard plug. This means I NEVER take my plug part when we travel as I can charge my phone through my netbook. I was however left with the decision as to whether to buy a car adapter for the iphone or not charge my phone in the car until I saw these in Halfords one day and saw that it solved my problem perfectly and in such a neat tidy way too. I came home to find out if Amazon had them and they did.

      This little gadget goes into the cigarette lighter hole in the car and fits flush so you don't notice it. Mine stays in my car almost permanently as I rarely need to put anything else in the hole. If I take my car and need the satnav then I can easily remove this and plug in the sat nav with no problem. I just wish the inventors of satnavs had the usb idea as it is so much neater than the big cigarette lighter connection.

      I now just need to pop the white lead with the iphone connection at one end and usb connector at the other and then my phone can charge while I drive which is cheaper than charging it at home and also means that if I am stranded somewhere my phone will never go flat and cut me off from being able to contact someone. In this times of snow and difficult road conditions that is reassuring for me.

      It works really efficiently as a charger and really no one else would notice it in my car. It will take any gadget that charges through a usb cable so children's hand held gadgets and the like. If you have a more modern satnav yours may also work through a usb charger but ours is a bit old now.

      The price of these seems to vary considerably but mine was about £3 from Amazon but others seem to be up to £11. My advice is mine has been fine and I have had it a couple of years now with no problem. You can get ones with two usb slots which if I had to buy another I would get a two slot one as then you can charge two gadgets at the same time so if the satnav worked on an usb I could also charge my phone and have the satnav too.

      I think possibly the more expensive ones have a cable too but mine is just the part that goes into the lighter and as the iphone is specific I didn't need a cable.

      All in all I have found this a very handy gadget. Not something I know I needed but since I have had it I use it at least twice a week. I never have to worry that my phone is low on batteries before a long journey as I know I can charge it as I drive and that is reassuring for me when travelling alone. I now know that provided I have my cable that my phone will never be without charge so long as I am in the car.

      This is a tiny invaluable cheap little gadget that has been a real help to me since I found it and it has taken a lot of stress out of needing to make sure my phone is charged before going out in the car.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

      Ignore some of the criteria as they are irrelevant but I had to put something


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