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Duracell CEF22-UK

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2014 16:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An affordable way to obtain a constant supply of batteries

      We go through a considerable amount of batteries, which is probably the situation for many households especially with the mountain of remote controls, cameras, children's toys and various other gadgets. I was fed up with having to repeatedly make purchases with Duracell always being my brand of choice. As a result, my husband and I decided to invest in a battery charger, which would not only cut down on costs, but it would also reduce the amount of used batteries that we would need to discard.

      Researching such a product was fairly easy as the first one that popped up in my search results was one manufactured by Duracell, namely their Rechargeable CEF22 Multi-Battery Charger. Despite using Duracell batteries for more years than I care to remember, it is only on purchasing the charger that I discovered that the company belongs to Proctor and Gamble.

      As the majority of the batteries that we use are AA and AAA, the charger perfectly suited our needs as it is suitable for charging both of these types in addition to being suitable for C, D and 9V. We have owned the charger for approximately five months and already it has almost paid for itself with this review discussing my thoughts.


      The oblong shaped charger offers measurements of 20 cm in length, 10½ cm in width and 6 cm in depth and is fairly lightweight at 449 grams. It has been constructed from an extremely robust black and pale grey plastic with the familiar Duracell logo being displayed on the slightly curved upper section. I like the fact that the underside of the charger has four rubber feet to prevent it from scratching any surfaces.

      The charger is accompanied by what Duracell describe as an "instruction manual" although in fact, this is actually a piece of glossy cardboard measuring just 7 cm x 15 cm. However, all the relevant instructions for use are displayed albeit in a very small black on white text and for me, they are impossible to read without glasses, which I discovered I required a few months ago.

      You should be aware that the charger is solely for the rechargeable variety of batteries; none of which are provided, so they need to be purchased separately and Duracell advise that only their own brand NiMH rechargeable batteries be used. Also contained inside the box is a Duracell AC/DC adaptor and we are strongly advised only to use the one provided due to the associated risk of damaging the charger and batteries


      The upper section of the charger offers a robust hinged lid and despite opening and closing it on numerous occasions, the hinges remain perfect intact, so it clearly has been manufactured to a high specification. Located inside are eight different sections for recharging batteries and unlike a charger that I owned many years ago, different types of batteries can be charged at the same time. However, I would point out that there is only one slot for a 9 volt battery. The batteries are easily slotted into the corresponding slots where one to four D cell batteries can be charged, one to eight AA or AAA or one to four C cells.

      Once the DC power cord is connected to the charger at the rear of the unit and the AC adaptor plugged into the mains, the LED indicators at the front of the unit will illuminate red to indicate the fact that the charging process has begun. I favour the fact that there are eight indicators with each corresponding to each individual battery.

      Once the batteries have reached their full charge, the corresponding red indicator will change to green. There is also a warning sign, which is indicated by the red light flashing red, which alerts the consumer to the fact that there is a problem with the battery. This has not yet occurred in our experience although the directions for use advise that this is the case when the battery reaches the ends of its lifetime.

      It takes approximately six to eight hours for eight batteries to be charged although this timescale differs dependent upon the type of batteries that are being charged. Batteries can be used over hundred times and they will hold their charge for up to twelve months. However, we tend to leave only eight batteries fully charged at any one time


      The battery charger operates with a 15 V input and a 5.6 V output or 550mA per slot in respect of AA, AAA, C or D) and 104V in respect of 9 V. The power supply operates with a 100 - 240 AC input and 15 V output.


      We shopped around for our battery charger with the best price being at Amazon and at the time of writing, it is still the most competitive at £19.99 inclusive of postage and packing.

      As previously stated, the rechargeable batteries are not supplied and need to be purchased separately with a pack of eight Duracell AA batteries costing £17.98 inclusive of postage and packing and a pack of eight AAA costing £19.99 postage and packing.

      A reduction can be obtained if you sign up to Amazon's Subscribe and Save service where you can select the interval that you require further supplies. Please be aware that when you purchase Duracell's rechargeable batteries they are sent to you already charged and ready to use.

      I cannot fault Duracell's Rechargeable CEF22 Multi-Battery Charger, as whilst it is initially a costly outlay, it soon pays for itself especially as we go through so many batteries with the various gadgets throughout our home. Throughout our experience, my husband and I we have found that the batteries last just as long as a normal Duracell battery although this is obviously dependent upon what you are using them for and how often. For any consumer who goes through a lot of batteries I would highly recommend this product, as it's so easy to use and will save you a fortune over the long term. Due to the reasons discussed above, I can award nothing less than five stars.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.

      Please ignore Dooyoo's Quick Rating criteria, as it doesn't all apply


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        30.10.2013 20:01
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a multicharging battery unit

        At work I am constantly going through batteries with my wireless mouse and keyboard, it got to the stage where I was throwing batteries out all of the time and so I finally decided to buy a good sized battery charger. We use Office Depot and so after researching and looking at which was the best one, I opted for this Duracell CEF22 Multi-Battery Charger which is a great size and by a reputable brand that I trust. I had the rechargeable batteries and so this just needed to be plugged into a socked and then it was ready to use. I had a pack of AA batteries which are the normal type I use in this but it can charge a range of batteries.


        This charger is quite big, it is a long dark grey rounded rectangular shape and it has a plastic see through lid which has a cut out hole so that you can see the batteries inside. The Duracell logo is on the side and so are the lights indicating red or green, whether the battery is fully charged or not. The power cable runs out of the back and there is space for batteries inside to slot them into the provided space as you push the holders back to squeeze the battery in. The charger weighs 590g which isn't too bad but the cable is not the longest so it is best to keep this sat on your desk to monitor them.


        What is great about this charger is the fact that it doesn't just charge the one type of battery and that is what makes it such a worthwhile investment. It charges 1 x 9V battery, 8 x AA/AAA batteries or 4 x C/D batteries, I always use it mainly for AA batteries and it is brilliant as I can be using some batteries but at the same time have 8 on charge so that I never have to worry about running out of power. It is also great as my whole team use wireless mice and keyboards so this charger seems to be a big enough size to last us all fine because with it holding 8, it is exactly what is needed.

        The batteries once charged last a long time and they are very good quality, normally once I fully charge a battery it lasts a good month or longer and even moreso for the keyboard. You can charge different types of battery at the same time also which makes it even better and there is an LED indicator light on the side of each battery. It flashes red while charging and once charging is complete it will keep as a still green light but I keep the batteries sat in the charger even when the light is green until I am ready to use them so that they keep at full power to make life easier.

        These batteries need to be placed into the slots on the holder as if they are not placed in properly to the point where they click then these will not charge. The downside to this charger is the fact that you will need to buy your own batteries but it is worth it as they last such a long time after and it saves you having to keep buying packs of batteries all of the time. Normally, for a few AA batteries, this will charge for a good while until the light turns green, it does give an estimated 6-8 hour charging time which I'd say is about right but the fact that these batteries last so long once fully charged, it isn't a long charge time at all.

        If you are using wireless devices or even a digital camera etc that uses a lot of battery power then these are definitely a great recommendation as they will make life easier. This isn't a cheap device to buy but I wouldn't look back now as having the space to charge 8 batteries is too good to get used to. It is such a relief knowing that when my monitor flashes up with a low battery sign for my mouse or keyboard that I know about 4 batteries are sat in this charger fully powered and ready to go. It has saved me a lot of time and money buying this and it is so reliable that I haven't any complaints.


        This can be purchased in Office stationery catalogues but Amazon sell this for £19.61 with a 2-4 week dispatch time but it is about the same price that Office Depot charge.

        The official Duracell website is http://www.duracell.co.uk.


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    • Product Details

      This Duracell Multi-charger is suitable for charging AA, AAA, C, D and 9v rechargeable NiMH batteries. The charger has a LED indicator that lights up red for charging and green to shows that charging is complete. The unit is able to charge 8 batteries at once.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Duracell CEF22-UK - battery charger
      Product Type: Battery charger - 8xAA/AAA, 4xC/D, 1x9V
      Weight: 605 g
      Localisation: United Kingdom
      Voltage Required: AC 230 V
      Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty