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Energizer Value 1300mah Charger

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2011 16:00
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      Well worth the money and the savings will be almost immediate!

      Although i don't operate many gadgets on batteries nowadays I still find that buying new batteries can be a very expensive affair, and rechargable batteries are clearly the smarter choice. The Energizer Value Charger costs around £10-£15 and can currently be bought for £10.29 on Amazon.co.uk. The charger comes complete with 4 AA 1300mAh batteries, which are the standard battery size for most alarm clocks and TV remotes etc etc. Before I bought this charger I realised it were great value for money, as a back of 4 standard AA batteries would cost at least a couple of pounds, and with rechargables you get a lot more life out of them. Obviously you have to plug the charger in and therefore pay to power them up, but the savings are clear to see.

      The Energizer Value Charger is a simple product. The charger plugs directly into a plug socket and has a totally sliver finish to it which is in-keeping with the Energizer brand. There are two small LED's above each set of two batteries, and this indicates when each pair of batteries is recharged. You can charge all four batteries at once, or just use it to recharge a couple if you like. The charger also takes AAA rechargable batteries, so you aren't just limited to recharging some of your batteries. The charger has a built-in timer switch-off function, which ensures your rechargable batteries are never overcharged, and that you will save energy due to this also.

      Depending on the type of rechargable batteries you are using, the recharge times vary as follows;

      AA Energizer recharge 1300mAh: 8.0hr
      AA Energizer recharge 2000mAh: 11.0hr
      AA Energizer recharge 2450mAh: 14.0hr
      AA Energizer recharge 2650mAh: 14.0hr
      AAA Energizer recharge 850mAh: 10.0hr
      AAA Energizer recharge 1000mAh: 12.0hr

      Instructions are complete with the charger pack, but it is very simple to operate this charger. The automatic switch-off function is very useful for myself, as I usually recharge batteries through the night. The batteries themselves are also of a high quality, as I have used them for a number of months now and they are holding their charge very well indeed. The charger unit is showing no signs of wear, and I use it at least once a week. The general signs of wear I would expect is for the springs to lose their 'spring' and the batteries to take longer to recharge and not to last as long. I am yet to notice this at all, and the times stated above by Energizer themselves are still true as far as my charger is concerned. With no need to keep an eye on the unit whilst recharging I find the product so simple to use, and just to forget about it until the recharging period is over. The price is extremely reasonable. There are a number of chargers available to cover a wider variety of battery sizes, but these are a little more expensive. Overall I am more than satisfied with the savings that the Energiser Value Charger has given me, and I can't imagine needing to buy new rechargable batteries just yet.


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