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Panasonic Xtreme Power

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2010 01:39
      Very helpful



      A cheap but usable product

      These Panasonic Xtreme Power Batteries are a product we have recently replaced after having them installed in fire detectors around the home for some time. We bought 2 of these batteries over a year ago, installed them in 2 fire detectors and have only had to replace them recently as one of the detectors began to give off the tell tale beep, to let us know that the battery power was low.

      Considering that they have been in place for the past year, the batteries have remained intact with no leaking what so ever, which is very pleasing to note. This is something that means a lot when using batteries in such an important potentially life saving device and so its a definite plus point for these batteries.

      As I recall when we bought these they were very cheap, as we bought them in the local pound store. Having checked prices for them recently it seems we got a good deal at the time as they can sell for £2 plus for just one battery. Considering we got 2 batteries for that price, that have lasted well they were a good purchase. Trusting in a well known brand name seems to have worked.

      As they were installed in our fire detectors, we have tested them monthly, by pressing the correct button to do so on the detectors. Each time they were fine as the detectors came back with a reassuring single beep to let us know all was well. Recently though the tell tale on and off single high pitched beep was heard, telling us that one of the batteries was on its way out so we had to replace them.

      Having only used these batteries within one type of item I have to say that they worked well for the purpose we bought them for. We didn't have to replace them any earlier than other similar 9 volt batteries we have bought to do the same job. As we always replace the batteries at least once a year and check the state of play by pressing the button on our detectors regularly, I have to say they did what we bought them for.

      They are an alkaline battery so we felt they were fine for use in this case, but I would suggest that for items that are high drain including any digital items these would not be your best bet. As 9 volt or LR6 batteries go these worked well enough and so I have to rate them accordingly. As they provided us with working fire detectors for around a year and worked when we tested them every month up until then I feel these ought to get 4 stars. They won't last for ages in high drain items but for the job that we bought them for they worked well.


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