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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2011 21:22
      Very helpful



      A much neede battery


      It would seem that most of the electronic game type gadgets we get these days are run on the less popular slim battery's. Calculators too seem to be switching to these instead of the good old AAA. I can see the logic in the switch, they are lighter, smaller and take up less space, and in some cases they last longer than the more traditional battery.


      Such is the case with the 2032, I have several devices which require the use of these compact power cells, none of them extremely intensive in the power war so these small compact little silver discs work perfectly. Some shops charge up to £2.49 for one of these but the average price is around £1.49. Looking to save money then Poundland sell this little car light which works from a 2032. One is supplied and you get a spare. Dump the crappy little light and you've got two 2032 batteries for a quid done deal.

      The only downside to having electronic gear which requires this type of power cell is that most of the time they are secluded inside and require a small Phillips type screwdriver to facilitate the changing. It's not a hard job or indeed a very technical one, just take out the tiny screw remove the cover and then change the battery. Reverse the process to complete the change.

      Since these cells are generally used for equipment, which does not consume power at a great rate they tend to last a long long time, so it is advisable to remember where you stored the spare. I think at £1.49 they are decent value, but at the end of the day if your unit requires a 2032 your either going to have to pay the price or get a new unit, which in all probability will be using a 2032. The time and some settings on your computer are stored in a BIOS chip which is powered by a small disc type battery, many of them are the 2032 type, so if you keep losing the time and things don't seem quite right with your PC maybe this often forgotten battery may be on it's last legs.


      These little batteries are efficient and normally easily available, although shopping around will get you a good deal. I'm not so happy at the rip off shops, which sell them for extortionate prices, but they've got us by the short and curlies................if you need one you need one. There are various manufacturers of these cells, but on having tried this Phillips version, and the Maxell version, I have found that as with normal batteries Duracell come out tops so although I would recommend this I would if possible buy the Duracell version first.

      Some of my units haven't had a change in years. The only other problem I have had is that sometimes they can be a bit of a problem finding, you would have thought that since they are required it would be easy and most times it has been, but off late they seem to have vanished. Curry's nearly always have them but they are one of the places charging way over the odds.


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        05.02.2008 14:29
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a very small battery than can be used in calculators, toys, watches etc.

        I recently bought the Phillips CR2032 for my calculator as I needed to use it in my business studies exam. I bought the Phillips brand because, I trust Phillips as a brand, they've never let me down on their products and their products are quiet durable.
        When I bought the battery at the first time I bought the wrong brand (CR2025 which looks exact like it).
        However, when I got the right brand which was not hard to find in the shop and Currys seemed to have a huge stack of them on the shelf. The CR2032 battery was very easy to open the package with hands, though a scissors is always the quickest method when opening a battery package which has a plastic cover on the front as it is rather hard to rip.
        The battery is very light and slim. I wouldn't say it's the smallest battery I've seen but it is one of the smallest.
        For you to insert the CR2032 kind of battery, you always have to unscrew your product. Therefore I had to unscrew my calculator, which proved to be hard as the screws were rather small and I did not have a small screw driver to suite them.
        The battery is easy to insert, If you however don't know how to insert the battery, your product should tell you how to insert the battery e.g. my calculator stated that the + side should face outward etc.

        After inserting the battery I was set to go, and I turned on my calculator. The contrast on the calculator was very dark, suggesting that the battery had a lot of power. Of course the battery is a 3V Lithium battery, which is not too powerful, comparing to other batteries, but powerful enough for these kinds of batteries.
        This battery can be used with many electronics including cameras, toys, watches etc. Though, nowadays a lot of electronics tend to be rechargeable e.g. cameras, solar calculators etc.

        Of course you can buy this battery from many electrical shops or even local shops. I however mainly buy mine from Currys and it cost me £4.49 the price may however vary depending were you buy the battery from, as you could find them on special offer or just cheap in general. I actually think for a battery that small, they are quiet pricey. I'm very certain that they are only pricey because of the Phillips brand.

        I wouldn't know the exact life for this battery though by knowing that it is a lithium battery, you would be expecting a lot of life from the battery, but judging from how long my calculator lasted before I had to buy a new battery was three years. Therefore you could say the battery last over two years. Moreover the battery life does vary again depending how often you use your calculator or other products such as cameras, watches, toys etc.

        I would definitely recommend this battery to those who want to make good use of their money on something that lasts long.


        ---The battery is not rechargeable therefore, if you want a rechargeable one (if they do exist) just ask in your local electric shop preferably the most popular ones like currys, comet, Jessop's etc.

        --- Changing this kind of battery can be very annoying as you always have to unscrew the product before you can insert the battery.

        ---Don't dispose the used battery in fire it's very dangerous (I do know this from experience, the battery produces a chocking smoke, which I think is possibly monoxide which clogs your lung and can kill you, and the battery will also produce this noisy sound like a gun shot (depends)).

        ---It's best you look carefully at the model number of this battery before buying it. This is for the reason that I got confused with the CR2025 which looks exact like the CR2032 therefore had to refund (saves you time).


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