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    1 Review
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      31.07.2010 23:16
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Worth it in the long run

      As anyone with one of the older digital cameras that hasn't got its own dedicated charger will know, finding a good quality battery that can work well with high drain items like that is a matter of trial and error. Some batteries work better than others and it can be frustrating when mid way between pics your camera refuses point black to take any more.

      Very often you are better spending a little bit more to get a set of good quality rechargeables and a small battery charger. We bought some of the Uniross Encore AA rechargeable batteries which were amongst the cheaper priced AA rehargeable batteries we could find at the time. They cost £3.89 for a pack of 4, which when compared to other similar batteries seemed a good price. They turned out to be really good and were worth the money we spent.

      Batteries were also available from Uniross with a small charger which could charge just 2 AA batteries in one go. The cost for the set was just over £10 which wasn't bad value. If you want to be able to charge more than just 2 batteries per time, that product would not be suitable for your needs.

      Our batteries are a distinctive bright light green with blue highlights on the last 1/4 of the battery tube. They came in a simple clear plastic fronted pack with a thin cardboard backing sheet and you could clearly see what you were getting for your money.

      The beauty of using these Uniross Encore Batteries in your digital camera is two fold. Not only do they tend to be good for high drain usage, but they are rechargeable which means that you can always be prepared for those under powered moments, by carrying an extra set of fully charged AA spares. Its so very easy to just whip out one set of the Uniross Batteries as and when they run down and install the next fully charged set and keep on snapping.

      In the past we have often relied on buying one use batteries for one particular camera, which was proving very costly and meant that we tended not to use it as much as we would have liked. Although we also have a Kodak Easyshare camera which has its own charger, we still wanted to be able to use the other camera. It is nice to have a variety of cameras that can cope with different needs, but to be able to maximise their usage good batteries such as these are a must.

      As far as I am aware these Uniross Encore Batteries are 2700 mAh which means they are amongst the more powerful capacity AA batteries. I can't pretend to know all there is to know about these batteries, but I do know that makes them a really good value buy.

      They are good for use in cameras, camcorders and a multitude of high drain products and devices. They do last a bit longer than the cheaper standard AA type non rechargeables and they can be recharged at least 1000 times, which means they are well worth considering.

      If you stick with this type of battery for use in your high power drain devices, you will be saving quite a lot over the course of the life of the rechargeables, even when you factor in the cost of getting a charger and the electricity you use.

      These batteries are suitable for all sorts of uses as well as being used with digital cameras. They will power games controllers, remote control cars, kids toys, clocks, remotes etc with ease. We have stuck with using them in the camera as thats why we bought them.

      We still pick up the cheaper offer packs of lower capacity non rechargeable AA batteries, such as the Kodak ones that you can buy in Poundland for just £1 for 6. Although we don't use those in cameras as they run down far too quickly.

      Since having these Uniross Batteries, we have considered that it may be better in the long run to invest in a few more sets of these in the future. After all the initial outlay is not all that much when you consider what you get back in terms of longevity of the product.

      The quality of these Uniross Encore Batteries has been good so far, they have been recharged a good few times already and if the manufacturers info is to be believed they still have many more recharges within their capacity.

      They seem better than we thought at first and we have been pleased with their performance, with that in mind I feel they ought to get a 5 star rating.


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