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Uniross X-Press 150

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    4 Reviews
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      18.08.2015 21:27
      Very helpful



      Great charger, works well and has lasted.

      It may not be the most interesting piece of equipment to have in your house, but when you have numerous baby toys, boys toys, console controllers and over used remote controls, you need a good battery charger in your life!

      And the Uniross x-press 150is a brilliant battery charger.

      The charger is a basix grey large charger plug, with a red uniross logo on the front and "x-press 150" model details wrote just below in smaller text. With two little red LED lights on either side.

      The charger holds 4 AA batteries at one time or 4 AAA batteries. The device makes it very clear where the + and - sides are so that you place the batteries in the right way around. The charger also holds 9v block batteries.

      The charger takes both NiMH and nicd batteries so basically takes any UK rechargeables

      The charger ususall takes a good few hours to fully charge batteries, but if you are in a rush you can put them in for 30 mins or and hour and they will tide you over.

      The charger is family heavy and robust, and has lasted me for years and years, it was much cheaper than other branded chargers such as durecell but what more can an charger do besides charge your batteries well, and last throughout the years?

      I don't think I will need a new charger any time soon and I would recommend this charger to anyone looking for a bargain that works well.


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      24.01.2014 19:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      It may not look too interesting but it works great.

      I got this charger for Christmas a few years back. I kept finding I needed batteries and I tend to use a lot of rechargable batteries so it made sense to get a charger with 4 rechargeable batteries. I already had some Uniross batteries and they were fine so I was confident it would be a decent charger and the batteries would last.

      The design of the charger is fairly simple, although it's a slightly strange shape. Sort of a rectangular shape with rounded corners and thinner at the top. On the back is the plug so you can plug the charger directly into the plug socket and not have to worry about any wires which is great.

      Under the plug is a black sticker with white writing that tells you the input and output for different battery types.

      It is a light grey colour which is quite boring, but as it's a battery charger colour isn't really that important. It has Uniross written across the front in red which stands out and below that it states which range it is. Above the batteries are two lights; one on the left and one on the right.

      The charger feels quite solid and I'd say it's a good quality charger.

      Charging the batteries couldn't be easier. You simply slot them into one of the four sections. There is a + and - symbol although they're not very clear as it's the same colour as the rest of the charger, just slightly engraved.

      You need two batteries in a side for the light to come on and it to be charging them. Obviously this is annoying if you only have one battery (or three, which has happened to me before). However, most of the time I have two or four batteries so that's not really a problem.

      If you have a 9V battery rather than an AA or AAA then you can charge them using the connections at the back of each section. There are two connections for these batteries. Charging these two of these batteries does mean you cannot charge any AA or AAA batteries at the same time as these connections are behind the other batteries. I haven't had to charge a 9V battery yet so haven't had any issues there. However, if you do then it might mean charging a few batteries and then charging the rest later.

      Sadly there is no way of testing how much power batteries have or knowing when they are charged but this doesn't matter too much. I often use them for controllers so if the controller doesn't turn on I know the battery needs charging. I always leave them to charge for a few hours or more.

      The batteries:
      You get four silver AA 1300 mAh Uniross batteries with the charger. I already had three different types of AA Uniross batteries (and quite possibly some AAA ones too) and all work great and have lasted years despite being recharged many times. Obviously I haven't had these quite so long but so far I haven't had any problems (aside from placing them down and forgetting where they are!) so I'm sure these will last just as long.

      How long they last for each charge really depends greatly on if you have fully charged them and what you use them in. I often use them in the xbox 360 controllers and Wii remotes. I'd say they last quite a bit longer in my xbox 360 controllers. With the Wii being about motion I think it takes more power so the batteries die faster. Using them in something like a remote control car they probably wouldn't last long at all whereas in a torch or TV remote they'd last a fair while.

      The batteries have the usual information you'd expect from a rechargeable battery and the have a + and - on the end so you know which way to place the batteries into the charger and items.

      Apparently they are rechargeable up to 1000 times which is good.

      The charger is roughly 7.5 cm wide (at its widest point), 11cm in length and 3.5cm deep (not including the plug on the back)

      You can currently buy this charger with the batteries from Amazon for £8.97 which seems a decent price. My parents can't remember how much they paid for this but they reckon it was around £5 which is really good.

      Overall this charger is pretty basic but it can charge three different types of battery and up to four batteries at one time which is great for me. It's not a big charger and it's simple to use. Highly recommended.


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      05.09.2010 11:46
      Very helpful



      A basic product.

      I bought the Uniross X-Press 150 around four years ago now. I think it cost me around £6 and came with four AA batteries. It is still available and costs anywhere from £4-8; they still come with a pack of batteries, as I think most chargers do.

      The Uniross X-Press claims to charge batteries in 18 hours. This was pretty standard when I bought it although I know that you can now get 'super chargers' that charge batteries in an hour of so; they tend to be quite expensive though £25+, although this still makes the X-Press seem a little dated.

      One redeeming feature is that it is small and compact yet can charge three different types of batteries - AA, AAA and 9V.
      You can only charge one type of battery at a time and can charge up to four AA and AAA batteries and two 9V. The device is 11 x 7 x 3 cm and just sits in your plug socket, so there are no extra wires trailing around your house.

      There are two lights above the charging space that indicate whether the batteries are being charged (red light) or are fully charged (green light). When I first bought this, it charged batteries in 15-18 hours.
      Now, it struggles to charge them completely. I haven't seen the green light for around a year now, even when I've bought brand new batteries and have left them in for up to two days.
      It does charge them, although not completely, I'd estimate to around 80% power.

      Rechargable batteries tend to be on the same kind of level as Energizer and Duracell as they are powerful enough to power digital cameras and other high energy use products.
      This is the main reason I bought the X-Press; it costs a fortune to power a digital camera from standard batteries and I (rightly) assumed that this would work out cheaper.

      You get four AA batteries included in the pack, although you can buy them separately for not much more than your top range batteries - I think you can buy them for around £3.99-£5.99 for a pack of four.

      I find that, even though the X-Press no longer fully charges the batteries, they are still strong enough to be used in my digital camera; they just don't last as long.
      I think that I'm getting to the stage of needing a new battery charger; I'm quite impressed that this relatively cheap product has lasted so long (I use it quite a lot), although I wouldn't buy another one now.

      The charge time is quite excessive compared to some other models so I'd prefer to spend a little extra and get a quicker turn around as I can imagine it being quite handy - there has been no end of times when I've had to wait for the batteries to charge when, with a faster model, I could have been getting on with what I wanted to do.

      All in all, it's a good charger and has served me well over the years. It is a little dated now though and technology has moved on that much that it is on the verge of becoming redundant - who wants to wait 18 hours when you can do it in 1?

      However, if you don't mind waiting and would rather get a bargain than the latest gadget, I would recommend the Uniross X-Press. It's up to 4x cheaper than the 'super chargers' and still does the same job.

      My rating? It's half and half really... 3 stars.


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        06.02.2009 19:31
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great piece of equipment

        Although it is true that battery technology has come on leaps and bounds and they now last longer than ever, it is also true that the price of batteries has become arguably extortionate. We are not talking just a pound or two we're talking four or five pounds for the better-known brands with some pretty exceptional claims. So how can we save a few of those hard earned pounds? Well one sensible option is to opt for rechargeable batteries, and for about the same outlay as a pack or ordinary batteries you can pick up the medium range set of rechargables.

        The downside here is that you need a charger to recharge them so there is an additional expenditure. Fortunately this expenditure is a one off, once purchased it's going to last you a long time. It is probably going to outlast the batteries you charge with it, and those, well some at least can be recharged up to 1000 times. The charger I chose was the Uniross X - Press 150, which is currently available for around £3.99. All you need o do is plug in your batteries and recharge them a small leaflet comes with the charger to give times and indications of times for various types of rechargeable batteries. The reason for different types is that some are low amperage for radios and low power consumption devices, and the higher amperage batteries like the 2100mh are designed for high power devices such as digital cameras.

        The X-Press 150 has four battery positions which means it will charge 4 AA or 4 AAA batteries simultaneously. The battery holder is spring loaded to allow for the variation in the length of the two batteries. It will also charge the square PP3 type battery and will comfortably take two of these positioned in the two connections on the front of the back face. These are marching connectors for a PP£ type battery.

        On insertion of the batteries and the subsequent plugging in of the charger to a wall socket, red lights will illuminate. The number of lights lit will depend on the quantity of batteries fitted for charge, there must be a minimum of two of the A type batteries fitted at a time to complete the charging circuit. The PP3 type can be placed in individually if required.

        I've had my charger for a while now and have recharged countless batteries, with total satisfaction. As I previously commented on I have had to change one set of batteries which were no longer charging to full capacity, but this is not a problem with the charger, it just simple physics I believe, but I'll have to take the expert word on that not be a physical type of guy..........................lol.


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