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Argos 500W Hammer Drill Kit

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2 Reviews
  • low low low price
  • depth guide and second handle
  • motor over heated after a while/melted casing
  • Not up for constant use
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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2014 12:32
      Very helpful


      • " (I Can't spell cheap)"
      • "low low low price"
      • "corded so no loss of power"
      • "depth guide and second handle"
      • "powerful enough"
      • "Nice to use"


      • "motor over heated after a while/melted casing"
      • "Not up for constant use"

      No wonder Argos sell this for a low price..... you get what you pay for

      This looks like any other corded power drill, being about 210mm high, 270mm long and about 70mm wide, weighing in at just under 2kg. It is a single gear motor offering 500watts of power and, as it works off the mains, it never drops any of that power.
      The handle is to the rear and houses the trigger on the front of it with a small red button near the trigger that locks the motor 'on' so that you can release the trigger without the motor cutting off.
      Toward the front there is a small red sliding button type thing, this is the directional control, forward or reverse, which is something not all corded drills offer.
      Further forward there's the 13mm chuck, with its metal teeth which means that it needs a key to unlock/lock the bit on place, so it's a good job you get one in this pack. You also get a detachable grip handle, a depth gauge and a single drill bit.
      This detachable handle wraps around the front of the drill, just behind the chuck, and gives you a better grip on the drill for those tougher jobs. The handle on this grip is very comfortable indeed. The depth gauge slides though the top of this handle and, using a little screw, locks into place easily, so you can drill many holes at the same depth.

      This drill is on sale at Argos for about £15 …. yes, £15... one-five. Which is a great price if you need a drill in a hurry and aren't planning on using it on a regular basis.

      For me this drill was fine to begin with and drilled through what I needed it to, but, after a while it was just not up to the longer, tougher jobs as the motor seemed to become too hot and, at the end of its life, started to deform the plastic housing around it, near the back of the drill. I know it was a low price so I really wasn't expecting years of use from it, especially on a regular basis, but for a motor to begin to melt its plastic surroundings does not sit right with me.
      At the end of the day you get what you pay for and for £20 you can't expect to drill for oil.... but it will drill holes for a few shelves to go on the walls …. just not on a regular basis.


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      03.11.2012 17:56



      For the basic needs we had, it was perfect

      I bought my fiancé a dartboard a year ago and gave no thought to how we would fix said board to the wall!! (That's what you get for being female!). This is when we decided that we needed a drill of some description. We turned to the old faithful Argos book and searched the drill section.

      We have no great need for a drill at any other time and it has only been used a further two times since we bought it. So the Argos Basic range Hammer Drill seemed perfect. It was £14.99 but having a £5 giftcard from previous purchases, we paid less than £10.00 for it. The box is nothing dramatic, a white box with a drawing of a drill on the front! The drill itself is black with the odd red detailed bit like the trigger etc. It has a 2m lead which is ok, 500 watts, and it comes with one masonry drill bit. It is quite lightweight, easy to handle and use.

      The drill was only used for drilling 5 holes in a wall to put up the mentioned dartboard, we have also put up two lots of shelves with it and it handled all these tasks with ease. It isn't that noisy, I wish we had put it to other uses because then I could have given it a better review. If all you need a drill for (like us) was to drill a few holes to put up a shelf or coat rack etc, then this drill is perfect.


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    Corded: yes / Argos 500W Hammer Drill Kit

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