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B&Q 500W Hammer Drill

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Manufacturer: B&Q / Type: Power Tools - Hammer drill / Speeds: 2800 / Power: 500W / Type: Corded

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2011 13:02
      Very helpful



      Cheap power drill from B&Q


      I'm not the "handiest" of people when it comes to DIY and generally struggle to put together anything resembling flat-packed furniture, I'll give things a go though and if I get to the point where I have to admit defeat then I'll call in some help. My recent move into my new home has seen me undertake some DIY work and it soon became clear that I would have to buy some essential items to help me complete certain tasks and a power drill along with a set of screwdrivers, a tape measure and other various bits and bobs found their way into my home.

      This review is for the drill I bought, I had to have something that would enable me to hang curtain poles and fix carpet door plates and I knew when I was looking around for one that it didn't have to be anything spectacular, at a little under £10.00 for a B&Q branded hammer drill I didn't expect much from this at all in all honesty but with similar products costing four times the amount if not more I decided to give it a go, after all I only needed a few holes drilling so how difficult could that be?

      B&Q Hammer Drill

      As shown in Dooyoo's accompanying picture the 500W Hammer Drill from B&Q looks just as basic in real life, it would never win any awards for its design and the plain white box it comes packaged in reminded me of Tesco's value range. It's a basic drill packaged in a basic box but it's cheap and that was the most important thing for me when I bought mine. The drill does not have a keyless chuck but you are supplied with one which is weighty enough to feel sturdy when held and easily adjusts the chuck part of the drill to allow you to fix whatever width of bit you want to use. The drill itself weighs a little under 2 kilograms and does feel well made, its weight is reassuring when held and the front and rear handles are comfortable to grip when the drill is in operation. It's a corded power tool with a wire of decent length although I had mine plugged into an extension anyway so I found it easy enough to manoeuvre where I wanted it to be and the drill has a single acceleration trigger which is located where you would expect it to be, on the back handle.

      The drill isn't complicated to set up, it only has 1 speed setting which is controlled by the trigger and is easy to use, it's simplicity is a plus point as far as I'm concerned as I didn't need anything too fancy instead all I wanted was a drill that would make holes and that's exactly what this does.

      In Use

      As mentioned I bought this drill specifically to help me with a few jobs I needed to do, I had to put up some curtain poles so once my drill bit was fixed in place and the drill was plugged in it was simply a case of lining up the bit to the marks I had made and set the drill in motion. In use the trigger is very responsive and depending on how much force you put onto it determines the speed of the bits rotation and I found that drilling into the wooden plinth where I was attaching my curtain poles was easily done. The drill is of course noisy, they all are but it feels remarkably powerful in use and I was surprised that it made light work out of making the holes needed, similarly in use on masonry the drill is excellent and my curtain hold backs that I wanted to fix to my walls were put up in no time once my drill had made the holes. Changing the bit from one fit for wood to one suitable for brick proved to be effortless with the chuck key allowing me to change bits over without much thought and very little effort and overall I have been very impressed with my basic drill from B&Q.

      It's not going to get a massive amount of use from me, I've used it on my walls and managed to fix my carpet door plates but other than that I can't see me using it very often in the future but for the price I paid I consider it money well spent. I doubt that any serious DIY enthusiast would give this drill a second look in all honesty though, it's perhaps a little too basic for many people and it lacks the features of higher priced drills but for me it was perfect and helped me with the jobs I had to do to set up my new home. If you're looking for something basic but is very well made and works extremely well but don't want to spend a great deal of money then this should be one to consider and it's on that basis that I would recommend this model to other people.

      Online this particular drill is available for £12.98 but I paid £9.98 instore at B&Q. It's their cheapest model and looks very basic and unappealing displayed amongst the wide selection of other drills that are available but it's a five star product as far as I'm concerned and that's the rating I'm giving it here, thanks for reading my review.


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