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Black & Decker 70 Piece Drill Accessory Set

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Brand: Black & Decker / Product Type: Others

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2014 13:11
      Very helpful



      A good option for DIYers

      I do a fair bit of woodwork - mainly bookshelves and similar projects - and so need a variety of drill and screwdriver bits. There are some sizes which I need far more of than others, for example small drill bits for pilot holes, which have a tendency to snap at any instance of inattention, and I buy those in packets of ten or so. Every so often though I need a different size for a specific purpose, and it's neither cheap nor efficient to buy them singly or in bulk. That's where a decent set comes in, you get one each of a large number of sizes, and whilst you won't necessarily use them all, it means you've just about always got one for the job in hand.

      My old set I'd had for years and quite a few of the bits had worn away, even some of the less commonly used ones. So, time for a little bit of shopping. There are numerous drill sets available, with with varying numbers of pieces and for varying prices. Experience has taught me that cheap tools are a false economy and that it is worth paying a bit more for quality. As I was well supplied with some of the more obscure sizes already I decided I didn't need an especially comprehensive set so I opted for this set, with 70 pieces. It cost £22.95, though a few months later I can see you can get it for a little less than this. As such, it is a mid-price set, made by a well-known company known for decent quality products.

      Sometimes companies include all sorts of odd things in the count of the number of pieces in a set - I remember my dad complaining to a firm which sold him a 150 piece set, 75 of which were tags of some sort! In this case, the 70 pieces consist of 23 drill bits, including 5 masonry bits, 37 screwdriver bits in two lengths (1 and 2 inches), 8 nut drivers, a magnetic holder and a countersink. So in this case, all 70 pieces are useful, potentially at least.

      They come in a black plastic case with a carrying handle. They slot into three sections which are hinged so you can get at them and then fold away so you can close the case. This is a neat system, better than the one in my previous set where the bits just got pressed into slots - they tended to get loose after a while so the bits often escaped. There is no chance of that happening here! The case is held together by plastic clips (yellow in my case) which so far have lasted the course - I do wonder if this is a bit of a weak point though as they don't look all that strong.

      The drill bits are of good quality, biting well into wood and (for the masonry bits) walls. The ones I use most often have become much less sharp, but this is to be expected after a fairly large number of uses. I certainly don't feel any of them have deteriorated at an unreasonably high rate. The countersink is a good size and produces the correct angle for most screws.

      The screwdriver bits I am slightly less happy with, the phillips head bits seem to wear down more quickly than I would like and make it awkward to drive in screws. It's not awful, but not as good as I would expect.

      I don't think I've used the nut drivers or the magnetic holder so can't really comment on them, though they look fine. All of the pieces fit very well into a standard chuck, with a hexagonal cross section - it would be amazing if they got this wrong but it's probably worth mentioning!

      All told, this is a reasonable set for an amateur DIY-er. It has a range of drill and screwdriver bit sizes, which are generally of good quality and should last you well. For the majority of jobs you wouldn't need any other bits, other than the most-used sizes where you will need spares.

      It's not the only drill accessory set on the market, nor is it the cheapest or biggest, but it will serve many people perfectly well.


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