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Bosch PSB 500 RES Impact Drill

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Bosch / Type: Hammer Drill Kit

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    4 Reviews
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      20.09.2013 10:47
      Very helpful



      very good powerful lightweight drill

      The drill I have at the moment is this Bosch hammer / impact drill 500, mine has a hard case with it that just about packs all of the drills and chuck keys and bits back in there along with some raw plugs. It normally takes me a few goes to shut the case each time for some reason.

      This drill has is a medium range one which has enough power to go through brick walls to put up fixings on the wall, and also to carefully drill plasterboard and light chipboard with smaller drills at lower speed.

      They cost about £55 new now from online retailers or places or high street.

      It goes up to 3000 rpm, and has a reverse gear which is needed more often than you think. When you are drilling into concrete or brick and hit a tough bit, it can just be handy to reverse a bit then carry on, or reverse completely and look at the damage you've done !

      I used this when putting up a curtain rail into some plasterboard where there was no batton to drill into behind the board, that is what you get for buying a new flat, as well as no insulation in a whole internal wall !

      It states that this drill can drill 10 mm into masonry, it can drill a lot more than that, but it does start getting stuck, so you can just reverse it and go slow, it can take 20 minutes or so to drill into concrete just an inch or two but it can be done.
      The handle is really comfortable to hold and is made of a kind of soft plastic, that moulds slightly to your grip, so that you really feel like you have hold of the drill, which is of course important.

      I don't have a problem with the cord, my old drill I had for about 20 years was a corded one so I just got used to it. There are occasions when the cord makes it awkward to move the drill and it gets caught, you just have too allow for it and move slowly, and keep plenty of slack.

      It can drill 25 mm into wood ( minimum ) and 8 mm into metal.

      This drill has a 500 watt motor and an impact rate of 48, 000.

      The chuck is keyless.


      The only other drill I had was about 20 years ago, that was also a Bosch, but was less powerful no reverse etc, this is just as reliable and has always worked 100 %.

      If only Bosch would make printers.


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      07.01.2013 17:09
      Very helpful



      An essential item in any DIYer's toolbox

      We moved into a new house 4 years ago now. The first 3 years consisted of me using this drill weekly to put up shelving, pictures, hose guides, skirting and all sorts of other things - most of which I have forgotten now. This drill could handle all of them tasks and I expect also tasks even more demanding!

      I am not a DIY person but found this drill very easy to use. Although I did really struggle for the very high speeds that it can achieve, its trigger is pressure sensitive so you can drill as slow or as fast as you want - making it excellent fro novices and pros alike.

      The Drill has both a standard drill action and hammering action for use in tougher materials such as brick and concrete. This extra function works very well and pounds its way through even the toughest brick with ease but also very neatly and in a controlled fashion.

      The attachments which come with the drill, an additional grip and a hole measurer, make the process far easier as you can have far more control over your work and ensure that you make no mistakes.

      My main issue with the drill is that it is corded. I hate this as portability goes out of the window. it always seems as if the cord is slightly too short for the task you want to complete and have to bring out a 10 metre extension cable for just a few centimetres extra. The cable seems to love to tie around your legs and just generally get in the way when working, making the task far more frustrating than it has to be. The drill is also surprisingly heavy and this can make drilling tiring after a while.

      An advantage over a battery powered drill however is that this drill can be used on very short notice without any preparations needed whatsoever - just plug it in and you are going on full power straight away!


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      08.05.2012 22:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good quality drill

      My boyfriend and I did most of the work on the house. I'm not the sort of woman who lets the guy do all the heavy work and I pump cushions and hang curtains; I got stuck in and got my hands dirty too. Before moving into our home we did not really own many tools, we had various screw drivers and hammers but nothing electrical. Once you own your own home and you need to do the work yourself, the need for an electric drill is more apparent; especially when you have bought a shell of a house and you need to get it in a liveable condition. We picked the Bosch power drill as it is a popular and reliable brand. We picked this model because it was one of the cheapest in the market and still carried such a well known brand name.

      ==Price and availability==

      The drill costs £54.00 which is really decent price for a Bosch drill and it can be bought online in stores such as Amazon or you can buy it in DIY stores such as B&Q


      The hammer drill is quite a big piece of kit but it is not overly heavy and I can use it quite comfortably. It has a large base which contains the motor. The motor is 500W which is quite powerful although the drill does have some limitations. If you have a look at the technical details below you will see that you that there is a maximum drilling diameter for certain types of material, for example, 12 mm in steel. It will be very rare that a 500W motor hammer drill will be used for steel in the first place and the drill is far more suited to wood to ensure the best possible results. The drill has two handles, the one near the base where there lead comes from. This is covered in a soft spongy rubber so you can hold it without slipping off, making it really safe to handle. The flex leas that comes out the bottom is long enough for most tasks at 4 M. Above the cable is a sleeve that has a hole in it so you can hang the drill up if you want to. I always keep the drill in the box it came in but if you are a regular user you may feel more comfortable with it hung in the garage. The other handle also has a rubber skin in order to keep your hand on it and to absorb some of the shock when you are drilling. This handle moves 360 degrees so you can alter it depending on what you are using it for and the angle you are working on. There is a red locking switch at the side that locks the drill handle in place. Sometimes you could be drilling in tight spaces so the handle could be in the way. This is a good, useful feature. The drill has a keyless chuck that comes with a depth stop for more accurate drilling.

      ==Operating the drill==

      The drill plugs in to the main supply which you need to do before switching on. There is a lock on button at the side which should always be engaged as this prevents accidental activation of the drill. If the drill happens to get knocked or moved, it will not turn on as long as this button is pushed in. On the top of the machine is a function switch which allows you to switch between hammer and drilling applications. The button is located at the top so you cannot accidently move it whilst in operation. You have to stop and turn off before being allowed to switch the function. The operation switch located in the trigger allows you to quickly switch to reverse. This is really important if your drill bit gets stuck you can reverse the action to loosen the drill bit and bring it back out neatly without damaging the hole you have made. You can use this button whilst the gun it in motion and it only takes the flick of a finger to alter it. The trigger controls the power of the motor and it lets you vary this from 50-3,000 rpm. This gives you more control over the device and you can change the revolutions per minute depending on how you see fit.

      ==Technical details==

      Product type: Compact hammer drill
      Power: 650W
      No load speed:3000 rpm
      Hammer rate: 48,000 rpm
      Torque at maximum output power: 9 Nm
      Maximum drilling diameter in stone:14 mm
      Maximum drilling diameter in steel: 12 mm
      Maximum drilling diameter in wood: 30 mm


      The drill is really powerful and makes fast work of wooden structures. We last used the drill to put up a new hand rail on the stairs and drilled into the plaster board and wood. The drill made perfect holes within seconds so we could have our new handrail up in no time. It did not rip the wallpaper and the masonry dust and wood dust fell straight to the floor without being sent everywhere. I find the drill easy to handle as I am able to hold it with two hands.

      *Changing the drill bit*

      This is really easy to do and made so simple thanks to the drill spindle as it locks at the touch of a button. All you need to do is pull back the chuck and lock it into place. The drill does not come with any attachments. My boyfriend prefers this as he says you can buy much better quality drill bits where as when you get a complete set they are usually not the best quality.

      ==Hammer drilling==

      The hammer drill setting gives the drill that extra bit of welly to help drive the bit further into the work This setting is very loud and feels like it is going to take off in my hands. Luckily for regular wood and plaster board you do not need to use the Hammer drill and this has more success with concrete and harder surfaces. As a women I find it a little bit too giddy when I use the hammer drill so I leave this to my boyfriend. He has used the hammer drill when putting in a new wrought iron fence that needed drilling into the stone wall. This is probably the only time we have really used the hammer drill and needed it and the only time the drill has let us down. The drill is brilliant for wood and everyday household use but when we need to drill holes in the wall for some large screws to hold the fence, the drill bit kept stopped and jamming. It was like the drill just did not have enough power to do the job. I guess this is what you can expect for a 50 pound drill. If you want a more robust drill you should look elsewhere but for everyday household usage it is fine.


      You can use the drill as a screwdriver too but I have yet to see this in action. The drill comes in a plastic green box so it is easy to store away and I am pleased with it for the price. It is easy to set up and work and I would definitely recommend it.


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        22.03.2010 23:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Quality brand drill that will do everything that 99% of people will ever need

        My parents wanted some help putting up a load of shelves in their old stable, which is now used as a large shed for the usual assortement of tools, random 'stuff', and also a large assortment of camping gear for groups doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Girl Guides. The shed has concrete brick walls and I only had a cordless hammer drill. After about 5 holes the battery was flat, and with another 100 or so to go this was going to be a long job!

        I looked at various DIY store websites and decided to get the PSB 650 RE which was on special offer. When I got to the store however they had sold out, and not wanting to spend near £100 I opted for a cheaper drill, the Bosch PSB 500 RES Impact Drill available for around £40.


        Being a Bosch power tool you know you are going to be buying a well made, durable piece of kit, which is one of the reasons I decided not to go for one of the less well known generic brands. It definately seems to be well made, and feels very solid in the hand and not at all 'plasticky'.

        -------In the box-------

        The drill comes in a smart plastic case, which contains the drill, a front handle, a depth gauge and a chuck key. There are no bundled drill bits, but usually bundled bits are complete rubbish anyway. The drill is also lacking in any modern gadgets too, which if you ask me is great as there is less to break or go wrong. The traditional key chuck is reliable, durable and easy to use.


        There is a nice rubberised grip to the handle, which is very comfortable and helps absorb vibrations when using the hammer ability. The second handle can be adjusted through 360 degrees, and can easily be taken off completely. The drill comes in at a mere 1.5kg so is nice and light (my mum is very happy using it too).

        -------Power and capability-------

        This drill has a 500 watt motor, and the maximum stated drilling diameters are 13mm for concrete, 10mm for steel, and 20mm for wood. Obviously this depends on how tough the concrete is, and if it's oak or balsa wood you're drilling. I do a variety of DIY tasks, drilling into walls, building cupboards, making bird boxes and I've always found it to be plenty powerful enough.

        There is a reverse function, which is handy if you get a drillbit stuck, otherwise it doesn't get used much.

        This drill only has the one gear, but the variable trigger lets you vary this from 50-3,000 rpm.

        -------Hammer action-------

        The hammer action is good and strong, with 48,000 bpm being struck. The concrete block shed walls were quickly peppered with holes for afixing shelves. Putting up curtain rails is also a surprisingly tough job if you try drilling into reinforced concrete lintels, and again this job has been dispatched with ease a number of times.


        If you do a search for corded screwdriving on the Bosch website then it brings up this drill along with some other bigger drills. I havn't tried using it for this yet as it doesn't have the torque settings that cordless drill/drivers have, and it doesn't have as much torque as them either.


        This is a quality brand drill with a good spec in a light and compact product. I get the feeling from using it that it will last a long long time. Unless you have specific needs for drilling big holes, not deep remember but wide then this drill will meet your needs perfectly.


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