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Powerfix Drill Bit Set

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5 Reviews
  • Good selection
  • kept together in a lovely simple case
  • not clearly market whats for what regarding materials
  • none
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    5 Reviews
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      24.12.2014 00:48
      Very helpful


      • "great selection of drill bits "


      • "not clearly market whats for what regarding materials"

      great drill set for the house

      This drill bit set comes with 46 different pieces in a great case that will stand up to the do it yourself life

      The drill pieces seam to be well made and of good quality The case is very strong and All the pieces fit in it easily and can be removed easily when you want to use them this is one of the best things i like about this :-) sounds daft but i have had many a sore finger getting the drill bits out of a case lol all the bits have there own place so not hard to mix them up which also means not hard to find the right size your looking for for your job There is a great selection of different sizes.

      The case is easy to open and close and again sounds silly but stays closed when snapped shut

      as for the drill bits they work very well and so far have not had any complaints regarding quality

      i would not hesitate to recommend this product to the genral house hold not sure if its for the professional but so far done great around the house for day to day jobs


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      31.10.2014 12:40
      Very helpful


      • "kept together in a lovely simple case"
      • "lasts a long time"
      • "well made"
      • "Good selection"


      • none

      A must for budding DIYers

      People who do a bit of DIY and own or use a drill will have bought some form of drill bit, or sets of bits, or, in this case, a mix of drill bits and driver bits.
      The case is about 220mm by 185mm by about 50mm thick and is made of plastic and the lid is hinged onto the base section with thin plastic slithers that act like hinges.
      The bits are housed inside the case, both on the lid and in the base which, when opened, shows all the bit in one place.

      Open the case and you're presented with two trays of bits. On the top there's three flat drills bits, 16mm, 22mm and 32mm, together with five wood drill bits, 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm and 10mm. Then there's five masonry bits, the same sizes as the woods bits.
      On the lower tray there's 13 metal drill bits, ranging from 2mm up to 8mmm (in ½mm steps)
      also on the bottom that are the screws head bits 18 in all, kept neatly in rubber moulds, ranging in size and either flat or cross heads. There's also an adaptor for using these bits in your drills chuck. Finally, there's a counter sunk bit.

      These are not too bad really considering that they are not that expensive. The wood bits are great and, due to the sharp point on the end of each one, they hit the spot without bounding off at all.
      The masonry bits are OK, although mine have had their day now after many times drilling through brick work and concrete, but they lasted longer than some bits I've used.
      The metal bits are still going strong, although to be honest I don't often drill through metal, I'm more a wood worker with a bit of masonry work thrown in.
      the driver heads are brilliant. I expected them to shear off, especially when I came across an awkward screw that wanted to stay in place, but these bits are as tough as they come and are still going strong.

      The whole lot come in a basic but handy little case which keep everything together. And the cost of all this comes at less than £10, which is great value for money considering that one drill bit alone can set you back a fiver.

      If you do DIY and own a power drill then this is worth investing in


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      15.02.2014 20:35



      Good selection

      This drill bit set cost me £12. For 46 different pieces in a really sturdy case, I think that is excellent value for money.

      The drill pieces are all chunky, sturdy and well made. The case is extremely sturdy. All the pieces fit in it easily and can be removed easily when you want to use them. The fact that they all have a slot to stay in means that you can easily find the exact bit that you need. Also, because of the layout, you can compare sizes so find the next size up or down without any fuss at all. There is a great selection of different sizes.

      The case is straight forward to open and close, without clasps hurting your fingers, as can sometimes be the case. It stays shut once clipped.

      In terms of the tools themselves, they are strong and hard-wearing and do an excellent job. This is, obviously, the most important thing!! They fitted both my power drills easily.

      All in all, this is a total bargain for a really great product. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this product. I found mine in Lidl on one of their specials.


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      07.10.2013 11:10
      Very helpful



      a good starter kit

      My drill bits were worse for wear and many of them were rather curved and broken. If you use the wrong drill bit on a specific surface you will find that they bend. As a DIY love-to-give-it-a-go, but not-really-any-good-at-it sort of girl, I decided on a whim to replace the drill bits with this fancy case that was found at Lidl for a bargain price. I popped in for the cheap foreign chocolate and ended up having a look round, they had loads of these left for £11.99.

      ==Price and availability==

      This is £11.99 from Lidl, it is a bargain as it has 46 bits in it. You will find that this is not always going to be for sale here and they get a lot of one off bits and pieces.


      This is a great set as it keeps all your bits in one place and you can carry them around with them slipping and falling. Everything has its place and it is organised. The case measures 22 cm by 18 cm and it is 5.5 cm deep. The case and everything in it costs 976g. I really like the case but it is only plastic. As you open the case, the bits are displayed like a book, the top of the case has three sets of drill bits and the base holds one set of drill bits, the driver bits, a countersink and the bit holder.

      ==My experiences==

      The case feels trustworthy as it is made chunky moulded plastic and it has some strong brackets on and hinges so if you look after it, it could last a long time. I have used some of the drill bits and they are made from strong metal that is coated in anti-rust formula. I am being much more careful with these and the surfaces I choose to use them on so they will last me much longer. I think the nice thing about this is that all the items are neatly displayed, they clip in and they stay in. The case is organised which makes finding what you want much better. It also means that when you loose something, you notice it straight away as there is a gap in the case.


      This is a good price, it is cheap and it has 46 pieces in, when you work out how much you are paying for each item you paying pence for each bit. I think the case is one of those things that will stay with me for a long time. It has everything I think I need so far and everything is displayed beautifully. I recommend this, especially for the price. I know that other brands sell items like this for double the price, this feels and appears no difference so I consider it a complete bargain.


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        21.08.2013 11:27
        Very helpful



        The bits may have a limited working life but the case will be good long after the original have gone


        I firmly believe that each and every hobby, whether it be gardening, baking, knitting, philately, making music, or working with paints, clay, wood or soil, is very relaxing and therapeutic, giving an overall feeling of well being.

        One of my fair-weather hobbies is using wood, more often than not discarded wood, to construct something useful. That in itself is so satisfying, knowing that the timber has been saved the wasteful fate of destruction by fire.

        For example; not so long ago some roofers were working on several houses in our area and throwing huge amounts of wood off-cuts into the skips. Some were as short as 2-feet, others as long as 7 to 8-feet. I loathe waste at the best of times, so with the permission of the roofers, I salvaged most of the usable wood and plastics they had discarded. Some of which I used to construct a simple gate to replace my rickety old one which, had I bought the wood from a merchants, would have cost me in the region of £20.

        I have learned through observation, trial and error that a set of good tools is essential when being creative. They will save time, energy, and frayed tempers.

        This was one reason why I invested in the Powerfix 46 piece Drill Bit Set. The few drills I had inherited were ancient, well used and frankly blunt, making drilling into soft wood feel like I was drilling for oil through granite.

        As usual, Lidls have frequent special offers on Powerfix tools, so I did not have long to wait before a drill kit was again among the many weekly offers.


        For £11.99 I purchased the 46-piece drill set, neatly held in an organised manner in a strong, black plastic case.
        Grey plastic, hinged holders for the drill bits, swing out to allow the selection of an appropriate drill bit. (Those are the bits used to drill holes in wood, concrete or metal.

        A small picture of the type of material on which the drill-bit may be used, is printed in black on the hinged holders, along with the sizes of each drill-bit

        The two rows of driver-bits, which are short metal pieces used to fix screws or other fittings into the wood, are held securely in a black rubber-like casing. On the side of each casing, an image of the shape of the driver-bit head is printed in white.
        A countersink and Bit holder (for the driver-bits) sit in separate recesses.

        Details and list of contents

        The case and contents weighs: 976g
        Measures 22cm x 18cm x 5.5cm.
        The lid contains three sets of drill-bits; the base holds one set of drill-bits, the driver-bits, countersink and bit-holder.
        Cost at Lidls £11.99.

        Five silver coloured brick/concrete drill-bits. 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
        Three gold coloured wood-milling drill-bits. 16mm, 22mm and 32mm ... These are the spade shaped drill-bits for drilling large holes.
        Five black coloured wood drill-bits. 4mm, 5mm,6mm,8mm and 10mm.
        Thirteen gold coloured, metal drill-bits. 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm,4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm,6.5mm,7mm,7.5mm and 8mm.
        Two rows of 9 driver-bits (18 in total)
        One countersink.
        One driver-bit holder.

        My opinion:
        What I like about this set is that all the drills and bits are so well organised in the case. Each piece has its own position where no other will fit; it is easy and quick to select the appropriate sized drill-bit and driver-bit without having to remove them from the case first to check the feint markings on the drill-bit shafts or shape of the driver-bit heads. Not only that, of course, if there is a need to replace any of the bits, they will fit exactly into the slot of the lost or discarded bit.

        I was particularly pleased to see the 32mm size wood-milling drill-bit, important for making the correct diameter holes for sparrow nest boxes, my present project.

        I have not used the metal drill-bits yet, but the others have bored holes easily and efficiently in the materials for which they were designed.

        I cannot express an opinion of the quality of the bits, but it is recommended that they be protected with anti-rust oil. However, for the DIY(er) I would certainly recommend this kit.


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