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Worx 24V Hammer Drill Kit

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1 Review
  • 2 batteries
  • cordless
  • long charge time
  • long
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    1 Review
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      20.02.2015 12:23
      Very helpful


      • "2 batteries"
      • cordless
      • powerful
      • "good sturdy machine"


      • " long charge time"
      • " long"
      • long

      This would worx better if it had a quicker battery charge time ....

      This looks the part, even if it is orange, but it looks well built, nice and solid in the hand, which is what you need with a drill of this kind. But sometimes looking the part is not 'being' the part.
      It is the standard shape, pistol shape, with the battery at the bottom of the handle, used as a counter weight in order to make this feel comfortable in the hand. This means that the drill will not fall backwards or forwards whilst you're using it, unless you want it too. Some drills of his kind that I have used tended to fall over when I placed them on the ground, resting them on the battery. But the weight was not central on them and the drill would fall forward, landing on the drill bit. I've lost several 'smaller' drill bits that way and dented a few work services with larger bits. But this one stands up proud on the battery.
      Up the handle there is the trigger and the now-standard directional button, both in easy reach of the trigger finger and the thumb, this means that you can change direction if say your bit gets stuck in a hole.
      This one has 22 torques settings which allow you to screw into things without piercing through the other side as the correct torque setting will kick in and stop the chuck from turning any further. You do have to find the torque setting but that's a matter of trial and error. Start low and work your way up.
      The chuck itself is keyless and locks in place, which means that a bit can be put into the chuck using one hand really.
      The battery is a Li-Ion type which means that it holds the charge longer, but this one take a good five hours to fully charge, which lets it down slightly as five hours is a long time, even if you do get a spare battery in this kit. A fully charged battery can last an hour, maybe three, depending on what you're doing, so you're going to be without a fully charged battery for a good few hours. This is the main thing that lets this one down really as everything else about it is fine.

      This drill sells for about £90, which is not too bad considering the power you get and the fact that you get a second battery. As I said, the only thing that lets this down is the charge time for the batteries.


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  • Product Details

    Corded: yes / Worx 24V Hammer Drill Kit

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