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Baby Jogger City Mini GT

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    4 Reviews
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      02.11.2014 11:02


      • "good design"


      • none

      nice stroller

      This stroller was created for use in the urban environment.

      Primary features
      This Baby Jogger stroller IS made from 43% polyester, 47% nylon and 10% other stuff providing you with security and resistance for your youngster and you. The stroller additionally makes use patented fast-fold technology which allows for simple fold of the stroller with just one hand.
      It is a fantastic add-on for fathers or mothers that be BUSY with kids . Another popular feature contained in the Baby Jogger city miniature GT single stroller is the flexible handle which can be moved down or up to accommodate just about any parents' height.
      This really is this type of feature that is popular because women are not generally taller than men, and the handlebar height can certainly be corrected dependent on who's shoving.
      The leading wheel has a suspensor for added smoothness and protection for the youngster in the seat place above it. The leading wheel could also be locked on longer trips for added security measures and also to avert the danger of throwing the stroller over.
      The seat features additional padding for child comfort, along with the seat may be completely reclined to permit your kid to rest in relaxation. A retractable net top and weather cover allows for considerable air flow in spite of the weather cover expanded.
      Eventually, the stroller features a sizable sun canopy which can be fixed to various places with respect to the place in the sky of the sun. This keeps the dangerous UVA and UVB rays off your kid's sensitive skin, plus their eyes are shaded by it in the sun, preventing harm or potential damage.

      Here are just some of the greatest advantages we saw when reviewing this stroller.
      Security - Every parent would like to ensure their kid will stay safe during an excursion and Baby Jogger takes security very seriously on every stroller they make. In addition, the framework won't crumple or bend in case of a crash and is quite strong.
      Relaxation - The seat is flexible and completely cushioned, and the weather cover may be retracted completely in case . There's a mesh screen when riding in the stroller which allows maximum air flow to your kid.
      Freedom - Since this stroller could be folded up with only one hand, it is hardly difficult to carry in a vehicle, or to just put away for storage.
      Dependability - Baby Jogger consistently takes pride in their own building, as evidenced by the top quality building featured through the entire stroller as well as the Baby Jogger city miniature single stroller is constructed with reliability and endurance in your mind.
      Quality building -This goes alongside dependability - the building of the stroller means it'll continue for years and years, letting it be utilized as they age with all your children and get larger.

      There's no obvious cause except building that is defective. The great news is that the replacement wheel could be gotten at no cost by describing your difficulty by calling Baby Jogger customer support.

      Presently, the perfect place to get this product is Amazon as a BIG DISCOUNT with this stroller running. And you merely will not find any other location that offers more advantages when purchasing than Amazon itself!


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      13.10.2014 18:43
      Very helpful


      • "easy to fold"


      • none

      a stroller,easy to fold

      Let me begin by saying I have gone through several prams lately, attempting to find one which fulfills all my requirements, including - appropriate for extended walks outside and on many different terrains, light/compact and easy to fold and is comfortable for my little 13 weeks old daughter. I initially bought the regular city miniature, but soon realised that it didn't do that excellent on terrain
      And long grass Dwelling close to the beach I encounter many sidewalks and trails that aren't the smoothest of surfaces. I decided the GT would be perfect to meet these needs and was worth the additional $100 for those eternally atmosphere tires.
      Here will be the developments within the regular Mini that are, for me, very much worth the extra money.
      - more lavish and padded seat
      - higher weight capacity
      - hand break
      - adjustable handle
      Not to mention the GT, eternally atmosphere tires!!
      Other favorable areas of the stroller include:
      - the ENORMOUS canopy together with the two peekaboo windows
      - the very simple recline mechanism, and the button is super simple use and to press although it is a strap system. I possessed a Bumbleride Indie earlier this year, and although I adored all the other features, the recline button was SUPER difficult to press and stuck ALL the time - which drove me insane enough that I sold the stroller!
      ~ also the level recline is wonderful and my daughter sleeps all of the time in there.
      - the net opening at the back of the seat is very good for hot days and air flow
      - the one step superb easy and folding system is amazing. Just pull on the middle strap in WAHLA and the seat!
      - the harness is quite easy to work with and i enjoy the way that it's 5 points, and so I can choose when I would like to use just the side straps or the shoulder straps.
      And now concerning the basket -- people have complained before that it's difficult to access, if the seat is completely reclined and yes it is in the BACK. I access it from the sides and find it VERY EASY to get things out and in and honestly you can fit SOOO much in there. Recently I had a pretty large diaper bag, plus several jackets in there and shoes from my children playing in the shore and it all fit quite nicely.
      - also, being you basically can not leave a stroller lining in there that isn't fastened in place.
      OVERALL - the GT really is a one handed stroller if needed It rides smoothly over all sorts of surfaces and also the GT wheels do make a difference. I love how the weight capacity is not so high and at times my solid built 3 years old can hop in for a ride.


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      07.10.2014 18:59
      Very helpful


      • "good value for every cent"


      • NONE

      this stroller is great buy

      I had been searching for this pram for a couple of years . I had probably built it up in my mind for way too long, I was concerned that it could be a let down when I finally got it. I almost bought a City Mini before my daughter was born, but decided against it during the time. She is a toddler now, and occasionally you still need to have a pram, while she walks virtually everywhere. It surely wasn't an affordable pram, by any means, but I feel that for the quality and simplicity of use, it had been worth every cent. There are no doubt cheaper strollers available on the market which could accommodate a toddler, the majority of these are umbrella strollers that I dislike for several factors: they're long when folded and take up a lot of space; miniature, inaccessible baskets; usually unable to be properly used from newborn; and poor sunlight protection for the occupant.

      I have not been disappointed by this pram. It is relatively easy and light unfold and to pick up. The seat is nice and deep, and the harness is simple to adjust. I love the handbrake. I can't consider how much of a difference it makes to using a pram.

      It's very simple to push. I presume the pneumatic tyres add to this ease, plus the general lightness. My toddler is 13.5kg and I can still push and steer this pram with one hand. In addition, I love the adjustable handle on it. I am not super-short, but I find that numerous non-flexible handles are uncomfortable for me.

      The backrest on this pram is pleasant and firm, plus it places completely flat, meaning it is suitable from birth, should we must use it for another child in the future (though I have been told it is best to get a head support, or buy the bassinet and/or capsule connection for quite new infants). When the backrest is level, there is net for cooling in the head end /viewing, and also a flap that folds down to cover this component if need be. Plenty of sunlight protection and privacy for the little one, with two viewing windows for the parent, though I would favor the covers for these were held in place with magnets, not Velcro. I really could see a baby being woken by these.

      The folding mechanism on this pram is brilliant.

      The basket is one of the things which turned me off the City Mini - and I do agree, it seems still to be not quite there with regard to design. It's much better to reach from the sides than the back, a bar is on the other side of the back which prevents you from pushing larger things in or removing them immediately. But the sides of the basket are very flexible and my nappy bag that is large ish fits in there quite readily. There's also a large, net pocket in the rear of the seat for added storage. I'd rarely need to lay my kid down in this pram for now, so for me it's set in the place it must be and won't want adapting for a while. There is no choice for the child to handle the parent. Not a huge problem for us, having a toddler who fairly enjoys seeing what is happening around her. There are accessories such as bassinets and capsule clips which make it possible for you to face your little infant toward you, if that is an issue. Lastly, I have been told that being a three-wheeler, the pram might be a bit bit tippy going up and down curbs, but I am yet to detect this.

      There are many accessories readily available for this particular pram, however these must be purchased separately and can not be a little cheap. I do not see us wanting a lot of them at this stage, and there are a few other brands of accessories which fit it and are much cheaper. As an example, I purchased the Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy for holding drinks and other items that were smaller (it straps onto the handlebar) for under $20, while the Baby Jogger-branded caddy is over twice the cost bought new. We may require other accessories in the future, probably capsule adaptors and/or bassinet if we have a second child, and there are lots of secondhand that is available or they may be purchased from infant stores.

      For people, this has been a great buy. I will see that my daughter will fit into for a while, it will be appropriate to get another baby.


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      02.02.2013 17:12
      Very helpful



      A great buggy for day trips and all terrain quick to fold and takes up little room in the car

      With our first son we had used our Silver Cross 3D all the way through from a baby till he no longer needed a pushchair as it was great for a toddler too. However our 3D was staring to get worn in the handles, wheels and was becoming a bit cumbersome to put up and down. We decided to change to a stroller when our second son grew out the pram section of the 3D. When we started to look for a stroller we had several criteria - it must be adjustable so if he fell asleep as we knew would be likely on school runs and I want him to be able to lay flat. It also must be easy to fold up and down and not take up too much room in the boot as we now had 2 children space was more of a premium than it had been when we just had our first son. We also want it to be easy to push over lumpy terrain such as gravel paths and muddy paths when we go out as a family for walks. We went to a local store Paul Stride with these criteria and they immediately recommended the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. As they felt this was the one which best fitted all of these needs. They recommended the GT over the normal City Mini for its suspension and wheel design as these are more suitable for more rugged terrain. My husband actually was the main one who wanted this buggy as he immediately felt it was easier to push and manoeuvre than the 3D my only concern was it totally blew our budget at £350 but having had it now for 6 months I wouldn't swap it for any other buggy out there.

      The buggy was really easy to assemble it took me around 15 minutes to get all the wheels on, the hood attached, figure out how the harness worked and getting the settings right and be ready to go. The instructions with the buggy were really easy to follow and understand.

      The seat on the GT is actually quite deep so initially when my son was 5 months old he did actually look a little lost as he was sat there with oodles of room. Now that he is nearly a year he still has plenty of room but certainly fills it more. This gives me great faith that the buggy will last till he out grows it at a pre-school age as there is plenty of both leg and body room before his head can get anywhere near the hood of the buggy. The seat itself is very well padded all around and compared to the padding on our 3D it certainly looks more comfortable. I like how the padding goes right to the edges so even as the child grows they are well supported. I would personally say that though they recommend that this buggy can be used from birth I personally wouldn't be happy using it without the carry cot you can buy as whilst it is padded there is no head support which a baby would need.

      Reclining the back of the seat is done via a toggle this means that you can have it at any height you wish rather than designated heights on some buggies. The toggle is easy to lower with one hand and really does just glide down and I am generally able to do this without waking my son when he has fallen asleep. Putting it back up is a two hand job as you need one hand to adjust the toggle and the other to push the seat up whilst this sounds fiddly it is very easy to do and something that I like about the buggy.

      At the rear of the seat there is a mesh material that is vented so when the seat is lowered you can not only see your child through it but so there is plenty of ventilation on hot days so they don't over heat inside the buggy and we never had this problem even on hot days during the summer. It also has a retractable weather shield attached to it that can be pulled down and fixed in place by Velcro. This has been very useful on cold winter days to keep my son cosy especially when it has been windy to stop him getting a draft. It is easy to use and when Velcro into place looks very neat. This is attached to the seat and can either be down or if not being used rolled up and stored via a toggle to the top of the seat.

      At the rear of the seat is a large mesh pocket for useful items such as a mobile phone a few small toys or a snack I don't currently use this that much but do see a future when this will hold a snack and a toy for my son on trips to the shop as he gets older and needs more distraction than he currently needs as he enjoys just watching it all at the moment. It is easy to access and get bits in and out without waking my son too.

      The harness is a five point harness and clicks in and out of place very easily and the buckle has a protector on it to stop it digging into children. The strap itself is actually quite long and sometimes this means for me at least it can get a bit twisted however this does un twist just as easily without too much tangles. There are 5 harness height settings so there is plenty of scope for adjusting these to the height of your child. They are easy to clip in and out of place and stay there very securely I find without digging into the child. The height adjust is great as my son has recently moved up to the second one and this feels much more comfortable for him and I feel sure this will continue to grow with him to enable him to be held securely in place but comfortable.

      The hood is one of the more noticeable features on the pushchair as it is so large there are three large panels that come out. Two of which have windows in them so you can see your child inside the pushchair if you need to. The hood is easy to move backwards and forwards depending on whether you wish to shield your child from the sun or as I do when he is sleeping lower it to make it a bit darker inside for him. The windows are made from a clear plastic and make it very easy to see you child. The covering over the windows are held in place via Velcro we have never had any issue with them flapping but they are a bit noisy when you unstick them so I tend to if I have lowered the hood for my son to have a nappy roll the cover up and hold it in place open via the Velcro strap so I don't wake him opening and covering the flap. The fact that the hood is vast is great and acts as a perfect sun shield and my son never has had the sun in his eyes at all with the hood fully open. It also acts as a great weather shield for the wind and drizzly rain when I don't put the rain cover on. So for me a bit of noise on the Velcro is definitely outweighed by its weather shielding abilities.

      The handle on the buggy is height adjustable which is great for accommodating the differences in height between my 5 foot 2 height and my husband's 5 foot 11 height so we are both able to have it at a comfortable level for ourselves. It is easy to operate by a push button at either side of the handle. The handle itself is rubber covered with a texture to it that makes it easy to grip even when wearing gloves in the rain and snow.

      The basket underneath the pushchair is actually deceptively big as it is quite deep. It is easy to access from both the rear of the buggy and at the sides. It is made from a soft material that is padded underneath for strength and I find that it copes well with a trip to the shops and has had underneath held a full weeks' worth of fruit and vegetables with no difficulty. At times it can be a bit tricky to access the basket from the rear if the seat is fully reclined but then you just get the bits easily from the side so problem solved easily.

      The fold mechanism is one of the main selling points of the Baby Joggers range of buggies in that you can do this one handed. It was this whizzing fold that sold it to my husband as we used to struggle with two hands to fold our previous 3D pushchair. With this it is a simple matter of unclipping the safety straps on the side of the pushchair then lifting the fold mechanism and it's collapsed down. I find that I can do this whilst holding my son in one arm and fold the pushchair with the other so it is nice and quick. It is also easy to do in reverse one handed too. Once folded it does take up very little room in the boot of our Ford Focus and when we went on holiday last year we could fit the pushchair and several soft suitcases and bags in the boot of the car so it fitted our small fold criteria very well. There is an auto lock to keep the pushchair folded when collapsed I tend to make sure this is on when I am putting in and out of the boot of the car as it makes it easier for me to handle it. However on the few times I have collapsed it on the bus I haven't as this has allowed me to very quickly to put it up again for use at the other end.

      There are three 8.5 inch wheels to the buggy with the front wheel having suspension and this wheel can be locked into position. They also can be taken on and off easily if you want more room when it is folded down in the boot. Baby Jogger refers to the wheels as "forever air" and they have sealed ball bearings inside. What all this means is that it handles like a dream across all terrains that we have tried so far. As the pushchair is nice and light it makes it very easy to steer around obstacles on smooth surfaces for example in shops I can just use one hand leaving the other hand free either for another child's hand or a shopping basket. We have taken the GT on various family outings to different places with a variety of terrains this has included muddy paths, pebbles, grass and it has coped well and allowed my son to be pushed in comfort and at times fall asleep. Pushing the buggy over these terrains has been very easy and not taken much effort at all and the wheels and suspension has been great. In the recent snow that we have had I was interested to see how the GT would handle this terrain as our previous 3D pram really struggled and made it hard work to push it. In contrast the GT coped well and it glided really well on freshly fallen snow and I found it easy to go over this. On slushy snow it was a bit harder work it took a bit to get going but once it was it was not as hard work as the 3D and whilst I got warm pushing I certainly didn't break into a sweat. Steering the GT is really easy and we have no problems controlling or steering it in all conditions we have used it in. Turning it around and over bumps or to avoid hazards on the path is really straightforward and it takes minimal effort and responds well.

      The brake for the pushchair is a hand brake at the side of the frame I find this very easy to operate and I like the fact that it is easy to tell at a glance is it on or off. When on the brake is very powerful and I find it virtually impossible to push the buggy with it on which is great as a safety feature. The brake works well on hill inclines as we found on a recent visit to Castle Howard when we pausing on various hill inclines and the buggy remained fixed in place.

      Accessories are not really included with this pushchair which is my one gripe really I would of liked to seen at least the foot muff or the rain cover included instead you do need to buy these additions which takes the cost up further.

      Overall this is a great buggy or stroller depending on which phrase you prefer. It is nice and light making it easy to control and manoeuvre around. It copes well with various different terrains such as muddy woodland paths pebbles and the cobbles of York. The large hood gives great protection against the sun and other elements. The seat is nice and large and comfortable for the children. The harness allows for growing room and is easy to use. The quick fold makes it great for public transport and to collapse the buggy whilst holding your child. The hand brake is easy to use and works a treat. I would definitely recommend this buggy if you like as we do day trips to National Trust properties and woodland walks as it is easy copes well with the terrain and folds easily for transport. I would have given it 5 stars but the tight Yorkshire person in me is deducting a point due to the fact you need to purchase the additional accessories such as a rain cover and a foot muff. It is available from Mothercare John Lewis for around £330.


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