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Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

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8 Reviews

Brand: Baby Jogger / Type: Standard

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    8 Reviews
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      08.03.2014 10:08



      good value purchase

      We have owned this buggy for a few years now and have to say we are really pleased with it. It is easy to push and move around. It can spin around with one hand so you can get in and out of park gates really easily, the hood can be moved right over the front of your child so the sunlight can be blocked from your childs eyes, you can store a lot of shopping in the under mounted basket, it folds up really easily just be pulling up on a handle and it also unfolds easily, the handle is soft, it is easy to clean, it looks stylish, it is easy to clip your child in, the price of £180 was pretty reasonable, the tyres don't puncture. I can really think of anything bad to say about this buggy apart from it might be a bit of a rough ride over bumps as there is no suspension


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      11.11.2013 14:22
      Very helpful



      Great buggy to use with well thought out features

      The Baby Jogger City Mini is a great pushchair for around town.

      One of the best features on the buggy are the huge hood which covers right over where the sun shines in baby's eyes, this is great as it means that you no longer have to battle with arranging a parasol to shield baby. The hood has two viewing windows so that however open you have the hood baby is still visible.

      The buggy has a really simple fold, just pull up the strap which is located in the seat and it folds. To unfold its as simple as just holding the handle and letting it fold out. This is easy to do one handed. The fold is small, however it is quite wide, some people may find the long thin umbrella type buggies easier to store than this.

      The basket is large enough for shopping but can be difficult to access at times. There is also a handy pocket on the back of the seat.

      The buggy has a good brake, front swivel wheel and feels comfortable to push. The bar handle is fairly high so is good for taller people. The wheels can be removed easily for cleaning or to make the frame smaller for storage in tight spaces.

      The seat reclines to almost lie flat making it good for smaller babies and also sits up very straight for older children who like to look around. The seat is large and the straps can be made long. The seatbelt on the buggy has a durable clip and adjusts easily.

      All in all this buggy has been great to use and has been well thought out by the designers.


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      16.09.2013 20:48



      Excellent buggy for mummys on the go!

      Excellent buggy for mummys on the go!

      When our little girl was around 9 months we decided it was time to put her baby pram away as we required something that was easier to travel around with and that didn't take up too much room in the car. We accidently stumbled upon the Baby City Jogger and i am so glad we did. This is the best pushchair I have ever used and would highly recommend it.

      My little girl loves sitting in her buggy and the seat reclines to a near flat position meaning that it is great for nap times too. This is a very lightweight stroller that is very easy to manoeuvre and can be steered with one hand. The quick folding mechanism is brilliant and means that the buggy can be set up with one hand. I also really like the large canopy that covers the whole buggy, meaning that baby is protected from the sun, light rain and wind. This is a sturdy buggy and the frame is durable.

      The Buggy can be quite costly and I think the only downside is that it doesn't come with a lot of accessories such as rain cover or belly bar. However i have found if you shop around you can come across some discounts. We paid £210 for the buggy and this included a cosy totes, in my opinion this buggy is well worth this money.

      The Baby Jogger City Mini is an excellent pushchair which i cannot recommned highly enough.


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      16.09.2013 04:47
      Very helpful



      Light and easy to use pushchair.

      I purchased this as a spare/extra pushchair as it seemed an obvious choice for jogging/dog walking/off road use. I paid around £220 for the black model.

      What is it?
      The baby jogger city mini is a 3 wheel (though you can get 4 wheeled) pushchair designed for off road and jogging.
      It is a compact quick fold pushchair.

      I initially did not choose this pushchair because of its design or look, however.
      It has a very sleek look and comes in a wide range of colours. You can also get 3 or 4 wheel version, though I opted for the 3 wheeled version.
      It has a large bucket seat and a very large hood.
      We also purchased a footmuff which I thought improved the overall look and made it very warm and cosy!

      My experience
      Having purchased the babyjogger city mini as a second pushchair for my son, I found it very easy to get to grips with.
      We used it for walks along the cycle path nearby and walks near/on the beach.
      The pushchair has a very large bucket seat which looks nice and comfy especially when used with the footmuff. Easily fits my 3 year old!
      Also has a large hood with 'peephole' to help shade baby/toddler from sun or wind but you can still see them.

      Very light and compact pushchair.

      The best feature by far is its quick fold mechanism. There is a handle in the seat (under the footmuff if you have one) which you just pull and the pushchair collapses down. It takes all of 5 seconds and is BRILLIANT!

      I believe you can also fit a car seat on this pushchair but I never did.

      The ride was smooth even off road and it never failed to impress me.

      Would recommend!


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      15.09.2013 23:02



      A great all round pushchair that has a high feature list of the money

      The Baby Jogger City Mini is a lightweight and compact but sturdy and hard wearing stroller. It is suitable from birth as it lays flat and is a good size so can be used until your child no longer needs a pushchair.

      It has quite a low RRP but doesn't come with any accessories. You can purchase Car seat adaptors, Child Tray, Parent Console, Belly Bar, Rain cover, Glider Board, Footmuff, Carry Bag, and Compact Carrycot. I have personally had the both the rain cover and footmuff. The rain cover unzips to allow east access to baby without having to take it off the pushchair. The footmuff is well padded and allows that all important access to the folding strap in the base of the seat.

      What I like?

      The folding mechanism is amazing. One pull of the strap and its folded. This also means that just one quick flip and its up and ready to use again. There really isn't that many strollers you can put up and down with a baby in one hand and the stroller in the other.

      The huge multi position hood is great cover for the unexpected light rain shower. It has peak a boo windows which are very useful to see in when the hood id in the way.

      It is east to steer and lightweight. The lockable front wheel makes it great for going onto rough terrain.
      The size. It folds really small and compact and will easy fit most small cars.

      What I don't like?

      The break on the rear axle is easy it operate as a simple push down with your foot to put it on and flip it up to go again it has done a bit of scuffing to some of my shoes.

      The shopping basket will take a reasonable amount but it can be hard to access particularly when it is lying
      flat without unpopping the basket, which can then be a struggle if the content of the basket are heavy.

      Would I recommend it?

      Yes, I would and have recommended it to other people. It's hardwearing and compact, as well a great value for money. I would however recommend that you think long term about its use as I know that the fixed position handle bar can give issue when using with a buggy board.


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      10.06.2013 11:26
      Very helpful



      great pushchair....no bad points

      What is baby jogger city mini?
      The baby jogger city mini is a small and light, yet hard wearing push chair. It is suitable from birth as it lies flat, and can be used as long as your child is in a pushchair. It RRPs at around £250, but we got ours in a sale for £95. It doesn't come with any extras, so footmuffs, rain covers, etc are all extra. We also purchased the rain cover for our city mini for around £20. So all in we spent about £115 on this pushchair.

      Do I have to jog with it?
      NO! I don't jog but my fiancé does. He thought he would be funny one day to run away from me with our son in the baby jogger city mini. The result was the wheels going loopy and the pram tipping over. I find the pram is fine at a fast walk-slow jog but going too fast can be dangerous.

      Whats special about baby jogger city mini?
      The best feature of this pram has to be the quick fold. Basically this is a handle in the seat which when pulled with one hand completely folds the pushchair. I have found this invaluable on public transport. living in a rural area where buses are few and far between, this is so easy to fold up and carry on whilst also carrying my child.
      The front wheel swivels, but can also be locked in position. This wheel also has suspension, great because we live on a gravel road so our children haven't been shaken or stirred too much.
      The hood is VERY large, and almost covers your child completely when its pulled fully down. this helps to keep the sun off your child, or to keep it dark while theyre napping. There is also peek-a-boo windows in the hood so you can see your child when the hood is pulled down.
      The basket under the seat is large enough for most items to fit in. It also easily comes off so you can fit larger items in which wouldn't fit through the normal gap between basket and seat. There is also a useful pocket on the back of the seat, I find this is useful for papers/letters which need to stay flat, or to keep drinks in so theyre quick to grab.
      The adjustable harness simply clips onto loops on the seat so you can change the height of the straps as your child grows. this is easy and quick to do.
      The wheels quickly click on and off, this is very useful if youre needing the pushchair to fold even smaller.

      Does it last?
      YES. We bought this when our son was 7 months, we found our travel system bulky so decided to swap to a lighter stroller. We used it Until he was 3 years, and then put away until our daughter was born. She has been using the stroller now for 11 months. in total it has had 40 months of use (3 years 4 months) and I doubt I will have to buy another before shes finished. The seat covers come off and can be thrown in the washer, the hood has to be hand cleaned. It is slightly sun faded but that can be expected of anything which is almost 4 years old!

      Would I recommend?
      Without a doubt YES!! it is hard wearing, we've had it on walks over the moors, through mud, sand and puddles. Its easy to get on and off public transport as well as easy to fit into a small car. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend people buy it even at the highest RRP of £250, the fact I got this for under £100 shows what a bargain I got. I cannot fault it in any way. 5/5 stars all the way.


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        01.05.2013 19:47



        A great all-round pushchair

        The Baby Jogger City Mini is a great all round pushchair for those who are looking for ease of use, style and practicality.

        I brought this pushchair after searching for a long time for a suitable pushchair that could take the weight of my disabled son and would do so for several years. Although in this country the standard weight testing limit is 15kg, the pushchair definitely can hold more; my son is just growing out of it at 25kg, however it is still easy to push him in it, but he is just too tall now and his head hits the hood. I don't think the price is unreasonable, and in my opinion is worth the money.

        The pushchair is so easy to fold down and put up, one hand on the 'pull' handle on the seat of the pushchair and it's collapsed. It flicks open very easily too making it quick and simple to use. The three wheels all come off if you have a smaller boot (I had to take the wheels off to fit it in my old Nissan Pixo) but they come off very easily, again just a button to press and they pull out. The front wheel can either be locked or swivel depending on your preference, all with just a flick of a small lever above the wheel.

        There is a downside in that none of the accessories are included with the pushchair but I never worried about them, the material is fairly waterproof in itself so I wasn't concerned about having the rain cover.

        I would definitely recommend this pushchair to anybody and would certainly have another one - in fact I am now looking at one of their bigger pushchairs as a replacement for my son.


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        12.04.2013 17:13
        Very helpful



        The only stroller you will ever need

        There comes a time when most parents decide to get a smaller, lighter stroller for their baby, rather than the big bulky travel system - either to completely replace it, or to have "just for the car". This is typically around the 6 month mark, when babies suddenly don't seem so tiny and fragile, and like to sit up and look at the world around them.

        I have personally had two Baby Jogger City Minis (BJCM for future reference) - the first was a 3 wheel version as the product picture shows, which I bought for my third child when she was around 6 months old. The second (and current) BJCM I bought for my fourth child, and is the 4 wheeler version. Both 3 and 4 wheeled versions are essentially the same pushchair - just one has an extra wheel, which makes little difference other than perhaps making it feel slightly more stable (not that I found the 3 wheeler unstable in any way!).

        The BJCM is, I can safely say, THE best baby purchase I've ever made - the fact I've bought twice goes some way to demonstrate how much I love this pushchair. I should say, I bought twice not because I was in any way unsatisfied with the first, but because I wasn't planning any more babies after my third, yet typically fell pregnant after selling it!

        So why do I love it so much? These are the features that really stand out for me -

        1) The quick one-hand fold. This is quite simply, brilliant. You pull a handle in the seat that says "pull to fold", and voila! You cannot find another pushchair with a fold better than the BJCM.

        2) The frame is a sturdy flat folding frame, as opposed to an umbrella folding buggy, which gives it more rigidity and a definitely sense of quality. I couldn't go back to using an umbrella fold buggy after using this.

        3) The hood is fantastic - it pulls forward in 2 separate actions, completely protecting baby from the elements, and eliminating the need for a parasol. It also has 2 viewing windows so you can peek at your baby however far down the hood is lowered.

        4) The shopping basket - as far as strollers go, this is enormous! And later models (2012 onwards) have improved the access to the basket, by lowering a bar in the frame at the back, and elasticating the sides.

        5) The wheels are really chunky rubber, and even with very frequent use, do not wear down easily. You would be very unlikely to need replacements. They all pop off easily for cleaning or transport, and the front swivel wheel/s lock decisively to make it handle rougher terrain more easily. This is not an all terrain pushchair however, but grass, cobbles, shingle etc are all fine.

        6) The fabrics are water resistant and very easy to wipe down, or even remove and wash.

        7) At around 8kg, it's very lightweight and easy to transport - despite the solidity it's not at all weighty or cumbersome.

        8) The roomy seat and capacity to hold a much heavier older child if necessary. The BJCM will hold more than the standard 15kg (although officially UK safety testing don't test beyond 15kg).

        9) Finally, the customer service of Baby Jogger's UK distributors. They are always easy to get hold of and deal with everything very professionally - be it a problem with your pushchair (not personally had any issues but heard great things), or if you want to buy spare parts/fabrics.

        The BJCM comes with many accessories, including:

        Raincover (which has a zip so you can access baby without removing it)
        Belly/bumper bar
        Child tray (with an integrated cup holder)
        Parent console (which you attach to handlebar and has insulated pockets for drinks, snacks, keys etc)
        Liquid holster (cup holder)
        Glider board/branded buggy board
        Maxi Cosi car seat adaptors - brilliant as this is the most popular brand of infant car seat

        Unfortunately, none of the accessories are included with the pushchair - not even the raincover which is an essential, yet still needs to be bought separately. It is unfortunate as the pushchair is not cheap at around the £250 mark - however, each of the accessories are of such a good quality, that I can understand the reasoning that perhaps they are "too good" to be thrown in as freebies.

        The BJCM is lovely to push, with a fixed height rubber solid handlebar. It is quite a high handlebar, but the perfect height for both me at 5ft 6, and my husband at 5ft 11. The seat unit is really roomy, with many height adjustments for the 5 point safety harness. It will comfortably seat an older heavier child up to 20kg (although the UK only safety test up to 15kg), and even with a larger child, feels very light and nippy to push.

        Despite the extra cost of the accessories, I would highly recommend the fantastic Baby Jogger City Mini. It may be pricier than some, but it will see you through to the end of your pushchair needing days, and they have excellent resell value, which makes it a great deal long term.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is stylish and perfect for you and your baby every day of the week as you head out to explore the world. Features and benefits for Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Suitable from birth until 15kg, the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is ideal to keep your baby safe and comfortable Easy to manoeuvre and lightweight at only 7.6kg for your ease and convenience Multi-position seat means that your little one can sit up and look out at the world or snooze comfortably The patented quick-fold technology in the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller means that you can effortlessly move from outside to inside Padded seat and 5-point safety harness ensure that your baby is as comfy as possible Front wheel suspension and a rear parking break for ease of use, as well as underseat storage for your added convenience Dimensions: 77 x 64.5 x 31cm Free 2 year guarantee Mothercare Loves...?? The quick-fold frame, which allows you to compact the pushchair when not in use- perfect for public transport.Want To Know More?The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is stylish and designed to be one of the most lightweight and easy to fold pushchairs on the market.Suitable from birth until your little one reaches 15kg, the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is ideal for whatever you choose to do each day. For your benefit, the patented one hand quick-fold technology means that you can collapse the stroller in one easy move. The lightweight frame means that you won't struggle to move it from the pavement to your car, from the platform to the train, or from wherever else you need to be! The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller's front wheel suspension means that the ride is comfortable and smooth for your little one and for you, and the rear parking break is safe and secure wherever you and baby want to go. The clever multi-position padded seat means that your baby can enjoy sitting up, or relax and sleep whilst reclined at any angle, supported by their comfy five-point harness.Don't Forget...Take a look at our raincovers and UV parasols to protect your little one from the elements (available separately). Care Instructions: Wipe clean only Maximum child weight: 15 kg What's in the box: 1 x Baby Jogger City Mini Single

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