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Baby Jogger City Series Double

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Brand: Baby Jogger / Type: Standard / Number of Seats: Double / Twin Seats / Twin Pushchair

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    1 Review
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      03.03.2009 15:23
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      Excellent if your looking for something good quailty

      As it came closer to the time of my second child's birth I really thought long and hard about whether I was going to buy a double pushchair. My daughter was 28 months and although she was happy to walk (when it suited her) the thought of being out with both of them by myself, with a pushchair and a 2 year old constantly running off swayed me into buying one.

      Then the huge decision of which one to buy!!! There was so much choice it was mind blowing. I wanted something that was going to be sturdy, easy to use and that laid flat for the baby. The Phil & Ted was a definite no as someone told me you feel like your putting your baby in an oven and to me it just doesn't look right!!! I discounted the bulk standard double pushchairs made by Maclaren, Graco etc as I didn't feel they were sturdy enough. A tandem looked like it was incredibly hard to push and the older child wasn't able to lay down. So then are left with some of the more unusual makes & models. There are loads and loads of websites that show some very attractive models but no one seems to stock them in a store where you can go, look and try it out. The Hauck Roadster was one in that category looks great, good price but no one had in stock to look at.

      Whilst we were trying some of the ones we could see out we made other discoveries that were must haves, e.g separate sun canopy's as my elder child doesn't particularly like having hers over whereas that's a must for a new born, another is a large shopping storage area. The separate sun canopies again ruled out a few good ones like the Nipper Double 360.

      So after weeks of research we decided to go for the City Series Double Twin Buggy by Baby Jogger in red. We travelled to Tring in Hertfordshire to see it on display (a 3 hour round trip!) at a shop called Little Groovers. We were very very impressed, so to save a journey back there again we ordered it through their website www.groovystyle.co.uk.

      I thought the best way to review the buggy is to go through each of the features and give you a bit of detail, so bare with me as believe me this thing has as many features as most cars!!

      Lockable Swivel Front Wheels
      I really though this was just a gimic but believe me it makes the world of difference if you are just out for a walk. You flick a switch on the front and the wheels will lock into a front facing position which makes it very easy to push in a straight line. The alternative option allows you to have front swivel wheels which make the steering so easy especially in crowds or shopping centres where you can be tight for room.

      12" wheels with built in front suspension
      To say the Baby Jogger is easy to push would be a massive understatement, it really is like walking on air. You look at what is a relatively large buggy and think it will weigh a ton but it really doesn't feel like it. The 12 inch wheels and suspension mean that it is a very smooth ride whether you are walking on the pavement or on grass, there really is no difference. The wheels also have thorn resistant tubes to allow you to go across all kinds of terrains avoiding punctures.

      Baby Jogger's patented Quick-Fold technology
      I will be the first one to admit that the buggy looks large but it is the easiest one that I have ever folded. Baby Jogger have a one handed fold technology which has a patent, this allows you to hold a handle in the middle of the seats and literally pull the buggy so it folds in half and that's it. Now I wont lie and say that the buggy is light because it does feel quite heavy when you do this, however you only do it when your putting in the car so for me the other features definitely outweighed this. If you have a bad back this isn't the buggy for you. The quick fold technology also means that it is very easy to open the buggy you literally flick it open once you get it out the car.

      Fits standard 30" doorways and is only 75cm wide
      As I mentioned before the Baby Jogger does look big, but appearances can be very deceiving. It will fit through the most amazing gaps that you just think wont be possible, all of my friends have said "it wont get through there" and to their amazement it has.

      Adjustable 5-point safety harness
      The straps that are on the seats have a 5-point safety harness which allows you to feel safe that your little terrors cant escape and are safe. They were a bit stiff to undo at first but after a while they have loosened up well. You also have lots of height options to ensure that the straps aren't uncomfortable and fit securely around the children.

      Deep reclining seats with extremely comfortable pillows
      One of my must haves was lie flat seats and these are great. Controlled by a toggle behind the seat you are able to adjust the height to whatever you like which is a real benefit. I thought I would have to get blankets to line the seats with but they are so padded that the baby fits very snugly and looks extremely comfortable. The seat covers, canopy and baskets are also machine washable so you don't have to worry about grubby finger marks.

      Multi-position handle
      I am 5 feet 3 and my husband is 6 feet 2 so the multi-position handle has been fantastic as its allowed us to both push the buggy comfortably. Its very easy to adjust by pushing in buttons at either end.

      Multi-storage pockets and a large under seat storage basket
      This is a godsend because you have no free hands when you are pushing the buggy!! The whole bottom of the buggy is storage and behind each seat there is a mesh cover to store more things in. Also there is a zipped pocket on the back of each seat so you can put valuables in there. There is a metal bar along the inside of the handle where if you tend to have lots of shopping like me you can get hooks to hang bags on so they are out of the way. One thing to remember is that if the seats are reclined it can be difficult to get into the under chair storage.

      Rear parking brake
      The brake is extremely effective and it really has to be for a buggy this size. It is literally a one foot lever at the back of the pram that locks all wheels, very simple.

      Multi-position sun canopy
      The buggy has individual sun canopies that can be pulled down a long way to ensure that the children are protected from the sun. Each canopy has 2 clear windows so that you can see the children whilst pushing the buggy, each window also has a cover to stop the sun. In addition to this there are side ventilation panels to ensure that if the canopies are down there is plenty of fresh air able to get in.


      Height 46cms Length 81cms Width 75cms

      Height 114cms Length 121cms Width 75cms

      Weight 15kgs

      Suitable from birth - four years

      Price - approx £349.00

      Available in Cherry Red or Jet Black

      Accessories available - 2 x matching Cosy toes £80.00
      Rain cover £24.00
      Carry bag £55.00

      All in all I am really happy with my choice of buggy the City Series Double Twin Buggy by Baby Jogger. It is heavy when you lift it there is no denying but there are so many benefits that really isn't a concern for me. It is incredibly well made and I have no doubt that I will get plenty of use out of it, although its at the higher end of the price bracket I think its totally worth it. Most importantly the kids love it, even my 34 month old wants "to watch TV in it because its comfy"!! So it cant be bad!! Alternatively if you are swayed by celebrities then Brad & Angelina and Brooke Shields have one to!!


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    • Product Details

      Suitable from 6 weeks to 4 years. Amazing, one-step patented Quick-Fold technology, Adjustable 5 point safety harness and reclining seat Swivel front wheels that can lock into place for a standard front wheel foot brake 100 lb weight capacity. Ergonomically shaped handle reduces strain on wrists. Heavy duty frame. Back wheel brakes.

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