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BabyDan Pram Seat

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Brand: BabyDan / Type: Stroller Attachment

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2009 19:27
      Very helpful



      A cheap alternative to a double buggy

      When I discovered I was pregnant with my 2nd child just 6 months after having my 1st I was shocked and stunned. But after that initial period I realised that I had to be practical and looked at the things that I would need.
      I didnt need much as the baby would be needing the things that my 1st had just outgrown.
      I knew that I would need some kind of transport for the two of them but wasnt keen to invest a lot of money in a double buggy when I didnt know if I would use it.
      I still had my big mamas and papas 3 in 1 pram and spotted these on ebay. My mum had something similar whe my brother and I were little. So I bought a second hand one for around £15. it was in perfect condition. The seat part is foam padded with plastic covering. It has straps to restrain the child and a metal handle on each side for the the child to hold on to. The bottom of these metal handles attach onto the metal bars that fit across the top of the pram. The have spings inside so that they stretch to perfectly fit the body of the hard framed pram.

      I used this lots when my 2nd child was born and lots of people asked me where I got it. I used it until my baby was around 6 months and then wanted to see the world without her big brother blocking her view.

      I loved the fact that it easily came off and fitted in the tray under the pram and could be refitted in seconds. I then resold this on ebay for a similar price.

      I think this is a great invention but make sure it fits your pram before investing in an expensive one.


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      03.12.2008 14:30
      Very helpful



      Great cheap option for transporting two children around

      This pram seat is not for everyone, but it is a much cheaper alternative to buying a double buggy when your second baby comes along.

      When we found out I was pregnant with our second baby, we started looking into means of transportation for the two children when I was on my own with them and needed to get out. The obvious solution was to get a double buggy, but financially this was not an option for us, and we also realised that our hallway was not wide enough for one anyway so even a second hand one would be a waste of money.

      It was during discussions with my Mum that she mentioned 'in her day' you used to get a seat that fitted onto the top of the pram for your toddler. This was when Silver Cross prams were all the rage and I didn't think you would still be able to get such a thing these days. But anyway, I did a search on the internet and found this BabyDan Pram seat, I think it's the only one of its kind as I could not find any different ones anywhere at all.

      So after reading a few mixed reviews we decided to take the plunge, it retails at around £30 so it's not really that expensive. We bought ours from Amazon, brand new, even though you can get them second hand on Ebay, but with delivery costs you end up paying as much as you would for a new one.

      When it arrived I was very eager to try it out because since I've had my first daughter, I've taken her out nearly every day, just so we can both get some fresh air. But since having baby number two, we've been housebound, unless I've had someone with me to push either the buggy or the pram.

      Anyway, it's a very simple design. The framework of the seat is metal with two bars across the bottom of the seat which have expanding sections & hooks on each end, which hook over the edge of your pram and hold the seat in position. There is a black lightly padded seat, where your toddler sits, with two metal arm rests either side (I say arm rests but really they are there to ensure your child doesn't slide off). There is also a 3-point harness which is not particularly secure but just gives a little bit more security, and will stop the child from sliding forwards.

      The seat is quite lightweight which is good because once your toddler is sat on it, the pram is quite weighed down at the front so if it was any heavier, then the pram has the potential to tip up (like when you have piled too many shopping bags on your handles... how many Mum's reading this have done that before???).

      I am really pleased with the seat, I love taking my two daughters out and about, and people always chat to my eldest rather than peering in the pram to have a look at the baby, which I think is great and she loves the attention. She also gets some one-on-one time from me because she is on my level and we can chat about what we see as we're walking along. This is such an advantage because we all know how much time a newborn takes up and your toddler tends to get sidelined for a while, so this is an ideal opportunity for me to give her some attention that she deserves.

      I haven't had a tipping up episode yet or any hint of my daughter falling off so I am quite confident that it is a safe seat for your child, unless you have a very wriggling person on it.

      Another advantage is that your toddler will shield your baby from the wind!

      The only drawback for me is that I cannot do the massive amounts of shopping I used to be able to do because I daren't risk hanging any bags on the handles due to the weight issue. And shopping baskets underneath modern prams are just useless, they hold 4 pints of milk and that's about it.

      Also, for your information, the pram I have is a Bebecar 2-1 (it's a flat based pram that converts into a buggy), and the pram base is slightly longer than most modern prams and this seat fits perfectly on it, but with not much room for adjustment. So I'm not sure it would fit on a smaller pram without causing it to tip up - you need the seat pushed as far back as you can to get the weight as far to the back of the pram as possible. The actual length of the seat from front to back is 28cm, which is something to bear in mind when considering this item.


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    • Product Details

      Fits many prams (41.5 - 52 cm). Holds children weighing up to 15kg. Easy to attach and remove.

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