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BabyStyle Oyster Black Chassis Pushchair

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Brand: Babystyle / Type: Pushchairs

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    5 Reviews
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      27.09.2013 23:10
      Very helpful



      Good all rounder

      I've had a fair few pushchairs over the 3 and a bit years since my first son was born, and this is one of the better ones. I had always fancied an Oyster, but had been put off by how low down your child is positioned. The sales people failed to point out that height adapters were available for the carrycot and carseat options. Maybe they weren't available back then, or maybe they just wanted to steer me in the direction of another model, I honestly don't know!

      Fast forward to the arrival of my second son and I found myself checking out the Oyster again. This time I took the plunge. I didn't bother with a carrycot as my little one was 5 months when I bought the Oyster, so I put him straight into the seat unit (the manufacturer recommends not using the seat unit until 6 months of age, but he had good head control and sat well with support, so I went ahead and used it). He certainly looked comfortable in there. The seat liner is beautifully cushioned and soft, as well as coming in a wonderful range of colours. The seat back has 3 different positions. The lowest is quite close to flat, so great for naps. The middle position is the one we use most of the time. It keeps my little one sat up but in a relaxed reclining position. The uppermost position is very straight, almost entirely vertical. This isn't comfortable for him now (at 9 months old) but will be great for when he reaches toddlerhood. So few pushchairs have a good upright position.

      The hood is one of the features that really attracted me to the Oyster. There's something really pleasing about the shape of it as well as the practicality of the sun visor. Again, there seem to be very few pushchairs which have this feature, when to me it seems like an essential. The hood does a great job of keeping the sun out of your child's eyes, but only if the seat is in one of the two upper positions. If it's in the lowest position it does very little. I opted to buy the sun shade net with UPF 50+ to protect my little one completely over the summer. It probably wouldn't have been necessary if we hadn't had such a hot summer this year.

      The basket is surprisingly roomy. It looks small, but I can squeeze two shopping bags in there, or the changing bag and my toddler's rucksack. The raincover fits neatly underneath the bags too due to it's small size. I am a bit concerned about how long the raincover will last us though. At 9 months old my son is getting annoyed by how restrictive the cover is around his feet, and as he grows it's only going to get worse. I may end up buying a universal cover of some sort that doesn't wrap around the bottom of the seat.

      The handlebar adjusts in height, but maybe not far enough for taller people. I'm only 5'5'' and find the highest position most comfortable. If I'm in a tight space like a cafe, for example, it's great to slide the handle right down and make it easier to fit between the tables.

      The fold on the oyster is fantastic, I love it! The seat unit folds completely in half, making it small and so easy to lift in and out of the car. It's easier for us to take the seat off and fold the chassis separately because of the shape of our saloon's boot. If you have a hatchback though the shape of the fold as a one piece will probably work better. It's compact either way and you can pop off the back wheels to make it even smaller.

      Maneuverability has been an issue for me. The compact frame is great in some respects, but the short distance between the front and rear wheels can make it difficult to get down high kerbs. I have to stick my foot on the rear bar of the chassis sometimes and forcibly push it down onto the road (be careful not to knock the wheel release if you do this though. I've done it without realising and then a bit further down the street one of the rear wheels has fallen off!). The small front wheels are a bit of an issue too. If there's a pothole or a wonky paving stone the wheels can get stuck and be almost impossible to move. It's also surprisingly difficult to steer considering how small and light it is. I find my wrists get sore after a while, particularly if I have to push it one handed so I can hold my toddler's hand. I still have the seat in parent facing mode most of the time though, which puts the centre of gravity a fair distance from the handlebar. It is considerably easier to maneuver in forward facing mode.

      One finally warning: the colour packs are addictive! So far I've had black, ocean and carrot. Babystyle keep releasing new colours and designs so there's always a temptation there.


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        15.09.2013 23:16
        Very helpful



        Easy to use pram that lasts a long time

        I've have now been using this pushchair for just under a year, for the first 4 months I used the chassis with the carrycot and from then on I have used the seat unit, I also have the maxi cosi cabriofix carseat with the adapters so I can use it on the chassis.

        The carrycot:
        When I chose the carrycot I picked out the lime colour pack for the carrycot, I wanted something boyish that wasn't the usual blue. We used the carrycot from my baby being newborn until he was 4 months old when he wanted to sit up and look out. It is a well sized carrycot with a comfortable mattress, the hood covers the baby well and the apron cover gives very easy access to baby. We initially did have an issue with our carrycot (it was setting off shop alarms) babystyle said it was a problem with a small number of carrycots and immediately swapped the carrycot for a brand new one which had no faults. The other thing that would of made the carrycot better would be if it was collapsible as it does take up a lot of room in the car and to store at home.

        The seat unit:
        As I previously said we have used the seat unit on the chassis since our little boy was 4 months old, originally we had the lime colour pack buy recently changed over to the vogue Aztec, the changeable colour packs are one of my favourite features about the pram. The seat unit has 3 different reclines, we use only use 2 of them, sitting up when he is awake and fully reclined for naps. The seat unit is easy to change from parent facing to world facing and very simple to remove, it folds in half using the recline lever and is compact when folded. The hood and liner are also easy to remove so that they can be cleaned.

        The chassis:
        I payed the extra £25 when I purchased my chassis to have it in mirror, very much worth the upgrade asi think the mirror or black chassis looks so much better than the standard silver. In the past year the chassis has only picked up a small amount of scratches through day to day use. Folding the chassis is very simple and the fold is very compact, we always fold the chassis with the seat removed as it makes the pram easier to fit into the booth of our car. The chassis is very light to push and doesn't make that horrible rattle you hear from a lot of other prams.


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        15.09.2013 13:11



        Wonderful pushchair

        I have two children, between them I have had five pushchairs and this one is by far the best. It looks lovely and pushes so well, it is easy to push one handed which is a plus as I have an older child to hold on to as well.
        The seat is forward and rearward facing which is lovely for younger babies and the hood has several levels of adjustment so it effectively shades the baby from bright sunlight. That is a major plus as I hate messing around with parasols.
        The handle has several levels of adjustment which is brilliant, I am quite tall and it is nice that is goes up to a height that is comfortable to me. It can also go quite low with multiple options in between.
        The seat reclines but not completely flat, it is fine for an older baby who needs a nap but not a newborn. There is a carrycot option for tiny babies though.
        The basket is medium sized, it fits the rain cover in and about one bag of shopping which is helpful.
        My favourite part of this pushchair is the compatible buggy board Oyster make (sold seperately), it attaches in seconds, folds completely out of the way when not in use and can be folded with the pushchair. Most importantly to me it has made taking two children out a breeze.
        Before I got the Oyster I used to eye up other people's prams with envy but I don't any more. I couldn't have found one to fit my needs more perfectly.


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        06.09.2013 19:48
        Very helpful



        a modern versatile pram, we loved so much we bought it twice.

        Stylish, modern and practical pretty much sums the babystyle oyster in 3 words. We liked it so much we bought it twice as we had sold the first one when we found out we were pregnant again. I first came across it when looking for a parent facing pram with my first daughter. It had fantastic reviews and I loved how it looked so it was what we went for.

        The babystyle oyster is widely available from baby retailers both online and on the high street. For the basic package of the chassis, seat unit, hood, raincover and colour pack you are looking at paying around £300 although prices differ from place to place.

        When you choose the babystyle oyster you have many options to choose from
        The chassis (frame) comes in three finishes; silver, black and mirror shine. We have owned it in both silver and black. Personally I prefer how the black looks but the silver doesn't show up scratches as readily.
        Then you can choose a colour pack which consists of the hood and a seat liner. The colour packs come in every colour of the rainbow plus some patterned ones too. The colour packs can be purchased seperately too so your pram can change its look with your mood!
        To make your pram snug for baby you can purchase,seperately, various colour aprons and footmuffs from babystyle. We have owned these and they are lovely quality.
        To make your pram into a travel system you can buy a carry cot which again is available with colour packs.

        Purchasing the carrycot makes the pram suitable from birth.
        For a truly versatile pram you can also purchase adapters to fix on your maxi cosi or britax carseat. The babystyle car seat is also compatible with the pram!
        There is even a buggy board for your toddler that clicks on too.
        As you can see there is a wide range of options for this pram which makes it really versatile. Now I've mentioned them I will continue this review based purely on the basic pack of chassis, seat unit and raincover.
        Putting up and down-
        As prams go this is super easy to put up and down, believe me ive had alot of prams!
        To put up all you have to do is unclip the little plastic hook that holds the top and bottom of the frame together when folded and pull the handle towards you. Then you choose if you want the seat forward or rear facing and click it into the plastic holder bits on each side.
        To put the pram down you can remove the seat unit by pushing the two buttons on the side of the seat or you can fold the frame with the seat still attached. To do this you just have to adjust the seat position with the handle at the back to fold the seat fully forward. Then pull the lever on the top of the frame and push the frame down to click into place. Leaving the seat unit on makes the pram longer so it may not fit in your car this way so removing seat unit first might be a better option. We certainly tended to remove it to put it in the boot of our citroen c3.
        The pram isn't particularly heavy so lifting in and out the car isn't difficult.

        The seat-
        As pram seats go I wouldn't say its very padded but my girls always looked really comfy in the pram especially when we added a footmuff or apron.
        The seat is fully adjustable using the handle on the back to manoeuvre it. Its doesn't however lay all the way flat so the seat unit is suitable from 6 months if you want to use from birth you need the carrycot which is a bit of a cop out for a pram that costs as much as the oyster does.
        The seat has a bumper across it thats either covered in foam or leatherette depending on the model. The leatherette is much nicer as baby can't pull chunks off like with the foam.
        The hood is really a nice feature as there is both a section to unzip to extend the coverage and shield baby's face really affectively from the sun and also a zip to unzip a UV net. The net velcros round the frame below the seat to keep in place and blocks UV rays from getting to baby. Its also good for if there are alot of flies about as it stops them getting to baby. The UV net can still be seen through.
        For when the seat is forward facing there is a small viewing flap so you can easily check on your tot, I really liked this feature.

        The frame-
        The frame is nice a sturdy and has two larger fixed wheels at the back and two swivel wheels at the front. The swivel wheels can also really easily be locked by pressing the button on top of the wheels. They are covered in a durable foam so no worries of them popping. All are really easy to remove too.
        There is a decent sized shopping basket under the frame which always comes in handy.
        The handle is a full handle and like the bumper bar is either covered in foam or leatherette. Again I prefer the leatherette as it has a nicer feel to it. The handle has 3 positions depending on your height and its easy to adjust with a button on the handle that you push in then pull the handle to the required height.

        Things I love-
        This pram is by far the easiest I've ever steered. Its lovely and smooth to push and turns really easily, perfect for in towns. It also rides pretty well over rougher surfaces, grass, gravel and sand.
        The brake is really easy to put on just by pushing it with your foot and it feels secure when put on too.
        The raincover fits perfectly over the pram and velcros over the frame to insure baby stays totally dry.
        The pram is really modern looking. I love how it looks and how easy it is to personalise it, many prams you don't have this advantage with.
        Having the option of parent and forward facing is a big plus for me and was the reason I bought the pram in the first place.

        Things for improvement-
        There honestly isn't much I can say here except I think the seat unit should lay flat. When you spend nearly £300 on a pram you shouldn't have to pay another £100 just to buy the carry cot so you can use it from birth.

        With only one flaw I can see this pram is a great buy. You and your child will love it and you won't regret the money. Its truly versatile and can personalised easily.


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        01.09.2013 16:19
        Very helpful



        Excellent pushchair!

        I purchased my baby style oyster whilst pregnant with my third child. I opted for this as I wanted a lay down carrycot for the initial few months.

        My purchase included ; black chassis, carrycot, seat unit, a rain over for each seat and a cosytoes. The carrycot clips easily on to the chassis from Newborn to around 6 months. The Car seat can also be clipped directly onto the chassis but if you opt for the maxi cosi car seat you will need to purchase adapters to secure to chassis. The seat unit can be used from 6 months plus, though I used it from around 4 and a half months as my (big!) baby was too long for the carrycot. The seat unit has a lay down and sit up position.

        It is very lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre. I push this pram one handed as I have to hold my toddlers hand with the other and have never struggled, even in the snow with a basket full of shopping!

        The colour packs are interchangeable and very quick and easy to change, giving your buggy a whole new look in minutes!

        The only downsides I have are ; the Velcro on the rain cover pulled off the first time I used it but I emailed baby style and they sent me a replacement within a week. Also the black chassis does show up scratch marks where it has been knocked against the boot of my car or against a wall.

        I am a compulsive pushchair buyer with my previous two children having at least four each however 17 months on this is the only pushchair my youngest child has had and I am in no hurry to change that.

        Excellent quality and we'll worth the money with lots of additional accessories to personalise it to your taste!

        Excellent purchase!


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    • Product Details

      The Baby Style Oyster Pushchair in Apple features an intelligent design and looks stunning. It provides you with much variety and choice, of the colour and the way your child faces, the Oyster also gives you a wide range of travel system options, as it can adapt to fit 3 different car seats (no car seats are included). The Oyster Pushchair on a Black chassis has an integral UV sun shade and net with extendable hood / sun canopy to give your child the best protection from the sun. The independent reclineable seat unit provides your child with great comfort. It has lockable front swivel wheels to provide you with the best manoeuvrability and has adjustable handle height for your comfort.  

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