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Britax B-Dual Second Seat Unit

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2 Reviews

Brand: Britax / Type: Pushchairs

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 17:30
      Very helpful



      a must have to use the b-dual as a double

      B-dual second seat

      The britax b-dual is marketed as a double pushchair but in order to make into a double you have to purchase the second bottom seat seperately. In this review I will be reviewing the second seat only although I have reviewed the pushchair too so for more information on that you need to read that review.

      Most retailers that sell the pushchair will also sell the second seat to go with it. Its available both online and on the highstreet in shops like mothercare. We bought ours online with boots and paid around £100 for it. Like the pushchair the second seat is available in a few different colours. We purchased it in chilli pepper red to match the rest of our pram.

      When the box arrived the second seat was in one piece so no assembly was required. The only thing you needed the instructions for was on how to attach and detach it from the main frame. The main pushchairs instructions also cover this.

      Installation to the main unit-
      The seat attachs to the bottom of the pram where the shopping basket is and its extremely easy to do.
      On the seat there are 2 little clips that click into the grooves at the bottom of the pram its as simply as that! The seat then has 2 different positions which are altered by a handle at the back of the seat. It can be sat up for a toddler or more laid down for a baby. To push the second seat right out of the way when not in use you pull the handle on the seat and release a catch on the left side of the rail the chair is clicked into. It takes some getting used to to do this but you'll soon get the hang of it!
      The main pram can be folded with the second seat attached or can remove it reasonably easily. There are 2 buttons on the main chassis that you push in then release the catch you use to push the seat up and unhook from the rail. Again this takes a few times to get it down but once you have done it a few times its easy enough.

      The seat-
      The actual seat unit is adjustable into 2 positions like previously mentioned but then you can also unclip two clips at the back so that it lays totally flat, perfect for newborns.
      Its not has padded as the top seat but it has all the other features; a 5 point adjustable harness and a retractable hood that also has the UV net which is a real bonus.

      The bottom seat has a weight limit of 15 kgs but honestly I'm not sure a 15kg child could sit comfortably in the bottom as its pretty snug down there. If you did fit them in then their legs would take up all the shopping basket. Its definitely better for smaller babies and toddlers.

      Obviously its a must have to use the b-dual as a double and I like that it can also be totally removed for when an older child no longer needs a pram so you don't need a double. That said it was a bit of a pain to have to spend an extra £100 on the second seat.
      Like the rest of the pram its a nice design and completes your double pram.


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        28.01.2013 17:53
        Very helpful



        Functional pram for two kids

        This is a review of Britax B-Dual Second Seat Unit that fits on to the B-Dual pram to enable you to use it as a 'double decker' with two children inside. I have already reviewed the pram and the chassis and the seat that comes with this pram (and was happy to receive a crown for it!) so this review focuses on the second seat.

        First impressions
        I am not a big fan of prams for two as they seem so hefty or unsuitable. At first I didn't really want the style where the children sit one above another as I always think it's horrible for the one bumping along on the ground but when you need to get around with two children you have to face your fears with these things!

        To clarify
        The second seat is the one that we put our newborn in. It sits underneath the main seat which is slightly bigger. We also have the carrycot (another extra) that you can use on the pram for a newborn.

        Once you have erected the Chassis, the next step is to fit the second seat (second seat first, that makes sense hey?!). The seat slots in quite easily when you know where you are aiming for. To remove it you have to remember to click in a button on one side and hold in an opposing button whilst you yank the seat out. Not a move to be performed whilst holding anything else or trying to get on the bus. It's just not an option. Fitting the top seat, which is slightly larger, is a lot easier as it just slides in to two holding places on seat two and clicks in place. Don't forget to insert the baby in the bottom seat first before adding the top seat as it's a lot easier for access.

        In use
        Once the second seat is in place you lose a lot of your storage space on this pram. When they are tiny it is OK as you can stash your bag(s) at the end where their feet are. Once their legs get bigger this will be impossible. There is a zip compartment at the front and side that allows you to access your bags from the front of the pram so you don't need to disturb your child if they fall asleep.

        Pushing the pram with two children in situ is surprisingly easy. Once you get going it literally floats along the pavement with good suspension. Getting up and down kerbs is not so easy as there is no kick bar, you have to push down hard on the handle to lift the pram up and I worry that there may be too much strain on the handle when doing this with a full pram.

        The wheels at the front of the pram are slightly smaller than the back wheels making it a bit triangular shaped and I have found myself getting wedged in doorways with the rear wheels which are just that bit too wide I think. The wheels are removable though and easy to take off which helps when cramming all the parts in the car boot.

        My thoughts
        This does provide a solution to the conundrum of taking two young children out of the house. Because the second seat is smaller, it will only last a certain amount of time. Our two year old's legs are far too long for the second seat so it is limited if you were using it for children the same age. Whilst the seat is collapsible so you can lay the baby flat which is better for their back, they are so close to the floor I do worry about how bumpy the ride is for them, especially when bumping up and down kerbs.

        Extra bits
        The rain cover we have to fit the pram is extra to buy but you do get a hood which covers the head area. This also has a handy zip feature which you can unzip to view your baby through a net which is nice as they are facing away from you. Most of the parts on the pram and seat can be removed and washed otherwise they can be sponged down to keep clean.

        The seats can be purchased for around £99, which sounds a lot but there is a resale value on the pram and parts.

        Final word
        We wouldn't have this pram if it wasn't for the second seat option but I have been really impressed with the way it handles in general. Specifically, the seat is versatile and adjustable for newborns and is a great help if you have two young children or twins! I don't like the fact that it doesn't come as a complete kit to start with but this is quite normal for prams and 'add ons' so they are only doing the same as others with their pricing system for accessories. All in all I can recommend the seat as an essential piece of kit to make the Britax B-Dual functional for two children.


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    • Product Details

      The Britax B-Dual Second Seat Unit in Desert Sand attaches to your pushchair to make flexible and versatile travel option.Lets you add another child in the B-Dual Pushchair

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