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Brand: Britax / Type: Carraige / Number of Seats: Double seat

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 16:22
      Very helpful



      a great system for one or two children.

      When we had our second daughter I had never planned on buying a double stroller as I thought our 2 year old would happily walk or stand on a buggy board, I was wrong! It was near impossible for me to go out by myself with both children as my 2 year refused to use the buggy board and would just run off. After putting up with this for 2 months we decided the only option was to get a double so I could make sure they were both safe.

      When we first started to look at doubles I had my heart set on the bugaboo donkey but I just couldn't justify spending over £1000 on a pram. Also after having tried to get it in my car it wouldn't fit so we had to rule out side my side doubles. When I first came across the b-dual I loved the funky look of the pram and the fact that the top can either be forward or rear facing.

      We bought the pram from boots in chili pepper red. Calling it a dual pram is slightly misleading as you actually have to purchase the second bottom seat seperately. If you just purchase the b-dual it is a single pram, therefore I will only review it in single mode. I will however review the second seat seperately so its worth reading both if you are planning to is as a double.
      We paid £269 for the main frame but this was half price at the time, usually you are looking closer to £500. In the box you get the frame (available in black or silver), the seat unit, the raincover and 2 clips to push the top seat out further to allow more room for the child on the bottom. There was minimal assembly required but all it involved was clicking the seat unit together and the instructions were nice and clear.

      Putting up/down- the pram is really easy to put up and down. To put up you unclip the bottom catch then the chassis flips up then all thats left to do is clip on the seat unit in either parent or forward facing position.
      To fold down you press the buttons to remove the seat unit then pull up two levers at the top of the chassis and it easily folds down.

      The seat unit- the main seat is suitable up to 15kg and my almost three year old has plenty of room. The padded sides make it nice and comfy too. The seat is easily adjustable by a handle behind the seat and goes from fully upright to totally flat making it suitable from birth. The harness is a 5 point harness that is fully adjustable to fit round baby and has removable padding at the top.
      The hood of the pram is a good size to cover your child from the sun and has a extendable part which you unzip. Once unzipped it reviels a UV net. Its easy to push backwards and forwards and is nice and sturdy.

      The pram has 2 large fixed back wheels which are covered by 2 guards to prevent the child in the bottom trapping fingers. The 2 smaller wheels at the front that can swivel or easily be locked into place by pressing the button on the top of the wheel. The wheels are also easy to removed.
      The large padded handle bar makes it easy to steer even with 2 children in and its lovely and smooth to push. Although the guards on the back wheels can make it difficult to fit it through doors easily but its still easier than a side by side buggy.

      Different combinations-
      The pram can be used in alot of different seat combinations which is a mega plus!
      It can be used with a carseat or 2 carseats, 1 or 2 carrycots, 1 or 2 seat units or any combination of the above. It makes it a truly versatile travel system.

      Things I love-
      The large shopping basket under the pram has plenty of room to put your changing bag in as well as any shopping. It also has a zip at the front and sides to allow easy access even when the bottom seat is attached.
      The seat unit has a fabric covered bumper bar which is really easy to remove and the pram looks fine both with or without it. Its great for my toddler and nice to be able to take it off when the baby is in there.
      I love that the seat can be rear or forward facing so it grows with your child.
      I love that it features click and go so you can easilu click on a britax infant car seat or a maxi cosi with an adapter, its something we used alot!

      Things for improvement-
      The pram is heavy so lifting it in and out of the car isn't particularly easy but it does mean its nice and sturdy.
      The raincover is huge so folding it up isnt easy and I've still yet to work out how it fits on the pram correctly!
      Also it wouldn't be a pram to fit in a small car. I drive a new punto and it takes up the whole boot. Very few doubles are compact though!

      A trendy modern looking pram that has far more pluses than negatives. I enjoy using and find it easy to use.
      Personally I think it should be sold with the bottom seat as well especially as its called a b-dual.
      Overall im pleased with our purchase.


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      08.01.2013 10:03
      Very helpful



      Good dual pram

      This is a review of the Britax B-Dual 4 pram which we have in 'Chilli Pepper' (red). We realised that there was not enough of a gap between our children and would need something to push them both in. Our two year old loves to walk and can go far on her feet but also has a tendency to run off so I knew I would need something to contain her when I was out on my own looking after the two young children.

      I had seen the 'two tier' prams whilst out and about and if I'm honest, I was not a big fan of them. I always felt sorry for the kid that has to sit at the bottom looking at the rear of the seat over them. However, when I looked at the options available for two seater prams, I knew a side by side pram would not work for getting through doorways and that we were not ready to have a step on the pram as our two year old probably wouldn't stay on it!

      In use
      The pram is a little misleading when sold as a two seater (or dual pram) as you actually only get one seat with it when you buy it. To make it in to the dual you have to buy the extra seat (at around £100) so this review really only focuses on using it for one child. I have reviewed the extra seat as a separate review so it's worth reading both reviews to get the full picture. We have used it for just the two year old prior to DD2 being born and whilst she is little and we are both out, one takes her in the baby carrier whilst the other pushes DD1 in the Britax B-Dual.

      We also have the carry cot which fixes on this pram and that is also available to buy separately (£129 at Mothercare). For the purpose of this review I am covering the seat that comes with the B-Dual as standard.
      The pram gives a real smooth ride and the seat is high up in the frame so your baby gets a great view whilst out and about. The hoods are great cover against sun and light showers and have a zip around them half way which you can open to have a viewing net of your child (when they are facing away from you).
      When going up steps (like shop doorways) you must always go forwards with this pram (I go backwards with my Silver Cross sometimes) and that can be a bit difficult if you need to open the door as well. I always try and rope in an innocent stranger to hold the door for my by giving them a pleading look (well, it usually works!).

      Prams can sometimes be a bit difficult to erect, with each of them being slightly different. With Britax B-Dual you have the frame which pops up into position pretty easily, holding the two handles near where you would push the pram, it slides up into position and clicks. To add the seat you sit it in the frame (at the right point) and it clicks in position. When in place it is a little wobbly but that is how it is supposed to be apparently. You can then use a clip at the back of the seat to adjust the sitting position. Underneath the pram is a huge storage area that all your shopping and baby change bag can go in to. This area is reduced when the second seat (extra purchase as mentioned) is in place. There is a zip to the front of the storage area which is great for access and also secure so it prevents anything falling out as you push your purchases on board.

      The frame
      After using a Silver Cross pram previously, I knew I wanted something with one continuous handle rather than two hooks. I miss the hooks for hanging light bags off but like the continuous handle as it makes the pram easier to manage when it has a lot of weight in it. The handle is also easy to adjust so will suit very short or very tall people so I think this is a huge bonus. I also wanted to mention that the wheels are easily removed on this pram which helps a little when putting it in the car. There is also a brake that is easy to click on and off and features a useful red or green sticker in a window on top of the wheel so you know when it is on or off.

      It has taken me a while to get the hang of dismantling this pram, just because it's a bit different to the Silver Cross pram I'd been using for nearly two years. The seat lifts off the frame easily by squeezing the buttons under the sides of the chair as you lift. Then the frame folds down by squeezing the handles and pushing downwards. You need to adjust the handle to a certain angle so it will stand up. I find it hard loading it all in to the car (plus the extra seat!) when I am on my own as I want the frame to go into the car first then the seat and it is hard to do this without putting the seat on the floor whilst you fold and load the frame. It all just about fits in to the boot of my Audi A4 which is a big car but it leaves little room for any bags or shopping. This is a major consideration for potential buyers as you need it to fit in your car really!

      - The cosy toes that came with the pram is no way near long enough for our daughter's long legs. She can never wear shoes in it and we replaced it early on with a M&P one that had a bit more room in it. It doesn't go with the red theme of the pram though!
      - A squeeze to fit it all in to my car boot
      - Sold as a 'dual' but you have to buy the extra seat or carrycot.
      - Quite heavy to push when two children and bags are on board.
      - Doesn't fit through all shop doorways
      - Straps are too short on the seat so we can't buckle our daughter in!

      - Majorly adjustable handle, can make it up to 5 inches higher / lower I think.
      - Smooth ride
      - Quite easy to move once it's all up and the kids are in it
      - A bit cheaper than other comparable prams on the market

      Other information
      The pram is suitable from birth to 15kg. you can have the pushchair in a lie-flat position which is best for baby's back at first. There is a five point safety harness in the seat so your child is clipped in and safe (if they don't find them too short as we do with our daughter).

      This pram costs £449.99 at Mothercare and is available in a range of colours.

      Final word
      I have enjoyed using this pram and feel it has been the right solution for the age gap of our children. I also think its life span will be short in our family as our eldest daughter is not a big fan of going in the pram now and will insist on walking most of the time. I know a lot of prams charge extra for accessories and extras like the spare seats and carry cots but this does annoy me a bit when you add up the cost of everything. We are still using the car seat that goes with the Silver Cross travel system (it fits on the frame of that pram) so I feel like we are bit cluttered up with pram parts and carry cots at the moment, although this time will be brief. I do plan to sell both prams when they are no longer needed by us so I hope to recoup some of the costs we have incurred in having our children quite close together.

      I think about whether I would take this pram on holiday if we attempted to go abroad with two small children this summer. I think the answer to this is no as it is just too bulky. I'd probably get another lightweight buggy to take rather than this model. I think this is great for walks, and to a limited extent car and shopping trips but I would not attempt to take it on the bus.

      Today I went out for a long walk with both children in the pram and after 3.5 hours (with a few stops and distractions along the way) I was a little tired but could have pushed the pram for longer. I think a lot of people don't realise when you have the spare seat on (underneath) as it just looks like the shopping area! Whilst this pram works for us, I don't think any one pram provides the complete answer to the dilemma of how to take more than one child safely out of the house, that is probably why there are so many options on the market. I certainly feel for mothers of multiples! I will review the spare seat and rain cover in upcoming reviews, but thank you for reading this one.


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    • Product Details

      Britax B-Dual Tandem Pushchair: The Britax B-Dual 4 Tandem Pushchair will convert into an intelligent modular Travel System offering flexible and versatile travel options for two children, from birth to toddler. The Britax B-Dual Second Seat (included). The Britax B-Dual 4 easily converts from a pram to a pushchair and is suitable from birth with lay-flat position – the healthiest way to transport your newborn baby. It has a lightweight aluminium chassis and puncture resistant tyres providing maximum versatility and style wherever you go. The compact folded size of this pushchair will fit in the boot of the car. The Britax B-Dual pushchair is also compatible with the Britax Baby Safe Sleeper and the range of Britax Baby Safe Plus SHR infant carriers (both available as optional extras). Features: Inline Tandem from birth Suitable from birth to 15kg Rearward and forward facing seat for option of eye contact with your baby Additional removable seat for second child (included) Lightweight aluminium chassis Simple compact fold with automatic fold lock Quick release wheels Puncture resistant tyres Spacious shopping basket Adjustable handle height 5-point safety harness Lockable/swivel front wheels Comfortable padded seat and chest pads In-built suspension Multi-position seat recline including lay-flat Detachable apron Detachable, showerproof hood with viewing window for newborns Soft grip handle Adjustable calf support Dimensions Open: 119cm (h) x 69cm (w) x 110cm (d) Folded: 30cm x 84cm x 69cm (without seat units) Folded: 53cm x 100cm x 69cm (with seat units) Weight: 10kg

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