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Bruin Sprinter Stroller

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    2 Reviews
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      22.10.2011 23:59
      Very helpful



      A nice buggy whilst it lasted.

      I bought this online from Babies'r'us back in 2004.
      My son was born October 2003 and I think it was Christmas 2004 that I did buy this. I had previously been using a large Cosatto pram and needed something smaller and whilst looking online for Christmas presents I found this on offer for £24.99. It came with a raincover too so it really was a bargain. I have it in the blue colourway however not the pink as shown above.

      It arrived in a large, long white box and I opened it up to find the pram almost completely put together with only the hood needing to be attached, this just clipped on either side of the metal frame.

      It looked quite attractive as it had a nice stripy seat but the hood was plain navy with a pale blue band around the edge of the hood.
      The raincover also had blue edging around the edges and simply popped onto the pram using poppers.

      I started using this pram straight away and found it really nice to push. It was nice and light especially compared with what I was used to!
      However after a few months use one of the front wheel 'tyres' (foamy stuff around the plastic rim) came off! I was pushing it along and the foam just rolled along in front!
      I stuck it back on using no more nails but it never lasted more than a few weeks especially in the wet British weather!

      It was a nice buggy whilst it lasted.

      The style is very traditional no fancy inset smaller wheels at the front just a standard buggy, to recline you have to lift two plastic bars at the side and it would lay back, it didn't have many positions though so probably suitable from 6 months onwards.

      It was only 3/4 months ago I actually got this from the shed and took it to the skips! And that was only because I was moving house!

      It folded umbrella style so was nice and small when folded.


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      04.10.2006 07:59
      Very helpful



      An average buggy but better out there.

      My husband ended up in Toys R Us one day after work, looking for Christmas presents and he came home with a new buggy instead. We had been using the buggy portion of a Graco travel system for my daughter but it was large and cumbersome, especially for the quick walk to school with my son, so I was pretty pleased with his spontaneous buy.

      A four-wheeler seems a little old fashioned to me now with all the new styled three wheelers about but I do prefer them for the simple stability element. I am sure the three-wheelers are stable but it’s like riding in a Robin Reliant – you’re never quite sure! This version of the four-wheeler has two front wheels that are lockable, so if you want to make them fixed in one position as opposed to being able to swivel you can. Personally I can’t think of any reason you would want to lock the wheels because no one ever walks in a completely straight line all the time. I always have mine on the swivel option, which allows me to turn corners without lifting the front wheels off the ground to change direction. Much easier. I do find if you have been standing still in one position for a while and then go to move off, the front wheels have invariably moved in opposite directions making a bit of a shove needed to get going again.

      The brake is located on the rear wheels and is a locking bar that spans the width of the buggy. It requires a peg on both rear wheels to be pressed down and clicked into place for the brake to be on properly. This is a real pain sometimes, as I much prefer to have one single lever to press down in the centre of the system. The brake pegs themselves are very stiff to click into place properly and this has nearly been cause for a potential accident where they have not locked properly, user error definitely but if the locking process were softer and more sensitive it would have been much easier to apply the brake.

      The handles have a soft, foam gripping on each one, which is very comfortable to hold and push, although I have found that the edge of one of them has a small split in it, and my fingers find their way to this section every time I push, so it won’t be long before it is split too much to stay on. The design means that the grips wrap round the handles but in a similar style to a tubi-grip on a wrist. It would have been better if it had been like a glove and wrapped completely around the end of the handle to avoid weak sections as mentioned. I do however like the fact that it is a two-handled buggy, instead of a single bar going across the width of the buggy. This is for the simple fact that I can put all my bags of shopping, school bags etc over the handles and the buggy is strong enough to accommodate this, although will tip over backwards if my daughter gets out shifting the weight balance. Obviously this is not a design fault as it is not meant to be for carrying shopping that way, but it is something to watch out for. The handles are ergonomically designed, meaning they are slanted so your arms, wrists and shoulders are in a natural position while pushing and I have never suffered back or shoulder pain since we have had this so it must be doing something right.

      When the reclining seat is fully laid back, you cannot access the basket underneath and this has been a real pain in my experience. I usually store my handbag in the basket underneath and there have been countless times when my daughter fell asleep in the buggy, I laid the seat down, and then could not access the basket to get my bag, having to wake her again by lifting the seat up. The seat has four reclining positions altogether covering various stages of lying down. It does go almost horizontal so is appropriate for very young babies as well as toddlers like my daughter. It is very easy to recline the seat, although you do need two hands. A simple bar on either side of the buggy dictates the stage you want it to be on.

      There is a rain cover that came with our package and although it is not the best on the market it has been adequate for my needs. It’s a very simple design with loops and poppers in the four corners to loop round the buggy frame and the top part hooks over the hood of the buggy but only at the front, meaning the material part of the hood gets soaked. I would have preferred it to be slightly more encompassing, as the sides are quite “flappy” and my daughter can get her arms out very easily into the rain. We have been caught in a few down pours and although it has remained dry inside the buggy you will need to let the material on the hood etc dry out completely before collapsing otherwise mould and mildew could form and this is very hard to get rid of.

      The hood itself is detachable. I have found positive and negative things about this and to be honest I would prefer it if it was just attached securely to the frame to stay on at all times. I use it in the summer for a sunshade so it doesn’t really need to be detached. However saying that on the occasions I have taken it off, it does give a very clear view of my daughter and it has been nice to be able to communicate with her, without having to stop and go round the front of the buggy to see and hear her properly. However, invariably it is on due to British weather, but it is only attached to the frame by two small clip style pegs, either side. This is just about sufficient if left alone but my daughter is the type to constantly pull and grab at things. This means she is always pulling the hood on top of herself, and while it doesn’t seem to hurt her, it is a real pain to keep having to clip it back on.

      The harness is attached to the back of the buggy carcass and again to the sides, with the portion that slides up between the child’s legs being attached to the bottom of the buggy. This is a very secure harness and extremely sturdy, and I would go as far as to say child proof. My daughter certainly can’t undo them, although I will advise you to mind your fingers when clipping them shut as I suffered a nasty blood blister when not being careful enough. They are adjustable too so will keep any size child secure in the normal five-point harness.

      The whole material part of the buggy does come off for cleaning but it requires a screwdriver and a lot of patience to do it. I am pleased that the material is secure on the frame for safety reasons but it does make it tough if you needed to really give this a good wash. So far I have made do with sponge washes with warm soapy water, as I will never be able to fit it back on if I ever managed to get it off.

      I would say you can’t really collapse this buggy one-handed as the lever release mechanism that needs to be switched down, located on the side of the buggy, also needs a segment in the middle to be lifted up at the same time, allowing it to collapse in an umbrella fashion. I like that it folds up so small and neat and takes up a minimum amount of room in the car, however the clip they provide to hold it all together is far from adequate and needs to be re-designed as it does not hold the two ends of the buggy together and it all to frequently falls open in a V shape. This in turn has been a danger for trapping fingers in the frame as it moves when removing it from the car. I do like the fact that you can collapse the buggy with the hood and rain cover on though. As long as the hood is in the folded up position it will bend with the buggy and be enclosed inside it.

      I wouldn’t call this a particularly cosy buggy in the winter as it has a very open element to it, with no sides and a small cotton seat. It comes with a small cosy toes that can be strapped into the seat with the harness but this is very small and my daughter grew out of it in one winter, leaving her legs exposed after this. She has a blanket over her if it is really cold but it could perhaps benefit from having a longer cosy toes portion to encompass the age range it has been designed for, which by the way is from 3 months + up to a maximum weight of 15kg. My daughter is now nearly 3 years old and the space is enough for her but her legs are beginning to be slightly too long to fit comfortably on the foot rest, so it won’t be long and she will be relegated to the pavement to wear out some shoe leather.

      The overall strength and durability of the buggy is pretty good. When we first brought this we attached the Seat 2 Go buggy board onto the frame using the square framed attachments and although this buggy seemed a little too narrow for the buggy board width it was just about adequate for our needs (although I would test prospective buggy boards in the shop before purchase to make sure they fit) and happily pulled my son along while my daughter lounged on the seat. It has constantly been bumped down curbs and crashed into lamp posts, courtesy of my daughter’s driving abilities at times when she has been helping mummy push! But it has remained in good form and has not suffered any negative impact to the rough ride it has been given so far.

      Despite all my negative niggles about this buggy; I have been using it for the last two years and have been very happy with my experience on the whole. The hood bugs me, as does the foam grip on the handles but the pushchair itself is strong, sturdy, durable and a good economical buggy for a baby or toddler. I am giving it three stars as I do recommend it but there are probably other buggies out there that are as durable but without the niggles I mentioned.

      Available from Toys R Us at £39.99 in pink or blue, (although we got ours in grey I don’t think they are available anymore) with the rain cover & hood pack an extra £14.99.

      Conforms to BS: 7409


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