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Bugaboo Bee Plus with Baby Cocoon

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Brand: Bugaboo / Type: Pushchairs

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2013 00:35
      Very helpful



      love it but not worth the price tag

      I have owned my bugaboo bee plus since november 2011 when my youngest little boy was born, I had previously used a mothercare MY3 (never again would I use a 3 wheeler!!) I brought the complete package from an independent retailer online for £898, for that I got the bee plus, cocoon, hood, footmuff, maxi cosi carseat, carseat adapter, raincover and carseat raincover and carry bag I purchased the buggy board separate. The buggy was very easy to assemble as I only had to attach the seat, hood and cocoon.

      I chose this buggy after researching for months and months, I wanted to buy something I could use for baby no 2 and then no3. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it online, I didnt even try it instore I just ordered it the following week. I saw a few good reviews for it and decided to take the plunge. Im only 5ft 1 so wanted something lightweight and easy to push, this is a city buggy very easy to get around (even on and off of busses!)

      The frame itself is one of the most lightest frames ive used, its silver with a black handle and black wrist strap, the wheels and changing bag on the bottom of the buggy are also black (the wheels have white rims). The handle is very easily adjusted by the white clips on either side of the buggy. Unfolding and folding is also a doddle, to fold simple, place your foot on the brake, slide the 2 white levers up (located by the adjustment bit for the handle) while pressing a white button in (again, by rhe adjustments for the handle). To open the buggy simply put your foot on the break and pull the buggy up until you hear a locking sound. The seats face both ways and have 3 adjustment settings (doesnt fully lie flat). The seat can be left in the buggy when folding it down but the cocoon/footmuff will need to be removed.

      The wheels are small city wheels...no good to you at all if you want to take it off road, it has a spring above the wheel to make it comfortable for the child when being pushed. Ive never had any problems with the wheels letting me down (unlike a school mum who has to pump up her tires once a week!). The wheels make the buggy an absolute dream to push. Now my little boy wants to walk sometimes ive found the wheels swivel like crazy!! Having researched this last night after writing my review (I so desperately wanted to give it top marks, I decided to try and find a solution for fixing my main issue with this buggy). Anyway from reading online last night the swivel wheels seem to be common with these wheels, but apparently this can be fixed by adding some form of washer to the nut and bolt on the wheels...my fiance is an engineer so im going to order some and get him to have a go at fixing it. I will then update my review.

      The cocoon is to be used from newborn up to roughly 6months (obviously it depends on the size of your baby). And the footmuff from 6months up until the child grows out of the pushchair (around 5years). Both the footmuff and vocoon display the logo at the bottom. They both also have zips either side for easy access. The cocoon has a little pillow that can be removed for washing, it also has 3 sets of buttons to either keep the baby warmer or cooler by opening or closing the fabric. The footmuff has a little toggle on the front which can ve oulled to keep baby snug.

      The hood is quite a decent size and can be pulled open, pushed back a little or all the way back (very handy for keeping your purse in...not that im suggesting it!) The hool displays the bugaboo logo near the back.

      The storage under the buggy is ok, the bag comes off so can be washed, no good for putting big boxes in there as the 2 plastic sides limit what you can out inside. Ive shopped and sainsburys and have been able to put 2 bags underneath. Ive since found you can buy little clips to put on the handlebars for Ny shopping with if baby is facing you its a little awkward as the bags are directly in front of you so they end up bumping into your stomach.

      The carseat is maxi cosi...award winning, also comes with a raincover and raincover bag. The carseat adapters for the buggy simply slot onto the carseat.

      My little boy is now 2years old and sometimes walks, it was a dream having this buggy up until he decides he wants to walk, no weight in the buggy means its literally impossible to push, the wheels swivel like you wouldnt believe so I have to walk slower than a tortoise to push the buggy down onto the floor just to get it to move, from what ive read it is very common with buggys with these wheels but surely for the price they could come up with a solution.

      The 5 point harness is also a nightmare, my just turned 2 year old is small for his size yet the harness bits for his arms wont fit, they literally fall down his shoulders as they are to tight, ive loosened them but then they are too loose and my son pulls his arms out, ive had the buggy 2 years and simply cannot get them adjusted properly. Also with the footmuff, when the buggy is facing front its annoying having to keep lifting the bottom of the footmuff up to get to the basket, and when its facing you, you end up kicking the footmuff.

      I love my buggy and am gutted with the few things that really mark it down for me, considering the price tag. I hadnt really thought of all the negatives until i came to put this review together, its really made me think its not as amazing as I once thought.

      Bottom line, save as much money as possible (maybe 2nd hand) and prepare to buy a new buggy when your little one starts walking


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  • Product Details

    Save 5% With Promo Code BUG001 - Enter During Checkout To RedeemThis offer includes the Black Bugaboo Bee Plus and Matching Black Bugaboo CocoonThe Bugaboo Bee Plus in Black has all the same functions of the Bugaboo Bee but the Bugaboo Bee Plus has some great new additions!The Bugaboo Bee Black is the most compact, one - piece foldable pushchair made for life on the fly. Like the original Bee, the Bee Plus is still small and lightweight, but a bigger level of adjustability that enables the Bee Plus to grow with your child. The frame on the Bugaboo Bee Plus is a little wider, giving a wider seating space, which you can adjust between 51 and 59 cm; the seat height is also adjustable giving your child extra room. The new and improved backrest, sun canopy and harness are also all adjustable. The new and improved folding mechanism of the Black Bee Plus means that it folds completely flat, and the rearward or forward facing seat unit is simple to remove and replace. The Bugaboo Bee Plus also still gives you the option of any colour of hood you like, so you can make your Bee Plus look just how you want it to. Bugaboo Bee Movie

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